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Wed Nov 27 09:57:23 2013 +0000
2e3d89ed5dc740f67f3ed0b7f21326f09b3ecf2fLuke Wagner — Bug 929236 - Don't waste time caching small asm.js modules (r=sstangl)
5387d9c92201b3fa6a712b5287af0f3b3a1cb734Luke Wagner — Bug 929236 - Cache asm.js compiled code in Gecko (r=janv)
3e6abaea8f5893b7af3dd466174c73f69b073fa4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 943712 - Build parts of dom/mobilemessage in unified mode; r=gene
c3b13e75034a494c17505ea42299edcc08a9b32eBrian Smith — Bug 898431: Update NSS to NSS 3.15.4 beta 5 (NSS_3_15_4_BETA5), r=me
9849749f362326a0c48b53712e9444c424211aa1Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 076bf878c59a (bug 942432) for build bustage
b66f95073899a41c3882dbb69efcb813e0b4007fEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset db836ecd7746 (bug 943613) for build bustage
3964ce61dacf3d514b083268f2391548a6ed34b0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 943554 - Extend the checks added in bug 941854 to all unified files; r=gps
c5714ab2828b715e2fa2bbb6c5a9867b4dadcbcfBrian Hackett — Bug 942984 - Set native stack limit for JS worker threads, r=billm.
62e94f70b2cde5ccda5bf6ed00eacc07e56d890eBrian Hackett — Bug 939088 - Add a cache for fetching the names associated with ALIASEDVAR operations, r=luke.
551b2064b705b3ce77e00bf072229dd2001af305Shu-yu Guo — Bug 937763 - Don't emit MIR marked as emittedAtUses immediately when redefining. (r=jandem)
db836ecd774677c67cf55bccf2f70025c3d9ae59Olli Pettay — Bug 943613 - Notify JS implemented Event Target when an event listener is added / removed, r=bz
076bf878c59a38a4f1739ed90d30f5007fcb6d48Olli Pettay — Bug 942432 - Remove nsIJSEventListener::mContext, r=bz
37040bf16c84c65ae910dd8637de6460f4d5a6c3Stephen Pohl — Bug 943542 - Fix JS error from clicking on URL bar in Metro. r=jimm
48cf9fbabcc18cbcf59342e3689f7d4055992991Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound
efa24f666f429e909582318d6fac54386f74c035Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 53c0f65599fe (bug 938803) for asserting too much
2739604442925ba1ca755886ee82faf484981531Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 8a25ee567449 (bug 938803)
41f0055dd60fa72f2385076916ddaa65da390eb5Seth Fowler — Bug 867183 - Don't recursively notify in FinishedSomeDecoding. r=jlebar
006af69ddb287ccc7fe3ed0bf1e15d115ef7206bDaniel Holbert — Bug 943509: Explicitly check for unconstrained availableHeight, when checking whether bottom padding fits, at end of flex container reflow. r=mats
94f742b1da8c94d767f8144b320321ddac97e964Masayuki Nakano — Bug 300710 part.2 PresShell should allow to open context menu even on XUL menu on Mac r=smaug+enn
1c77baa4ac3e8ea723207c924b152a283caf313eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 300710 part.1 Specify context menu for bookmark items to bookmark toolbar items r=mak
f73da8ab5911e12d6e6586962f98e10b7a6f4d5aMasayuki Nakano — Bug 940843 Don't consume keydown event in content of print preview because following keypress event may be handled as access key or shortcut key r=mats+smaug
b61e4769b8ed0c17b01481a607aaf9a91d2c3a0bEitan Isaacson — Bug 942994 - Introduce clicked sound. r=marcoz
3f0cc26c7baf6393c5a1caeb46d4db9a345b6074Eitan Isaacson — Bug 942991 - Updated virtual cursor navigation sounds. r=marcoz
c7d5134d355f0bd73688979a2bbd5bd19c62e080Jonathan Griffin — Bug 943240 - Pin virtualenv version, r=m1, DONTBUILD because NPOTB
35014d18ff1fb350c7f59c6ce284d998cce77bbaNicholas Cameron — Bug 932888. Rename ThebesLayerBuffer. r=mattwoodrow
d0ac87065f1a715992ddd36866f2ed2764dd1132Nicholas Cameron — Bug 932888. Remove some now unnecessary includes. r=mattwoodrow
c38b37bee01545f02c4fc7117e55d46ff13b4933Nicholas Cameron — Bug 932888. Azurify some intermediate surfaces in BasicLayerManager. r=mattwoodrow
95f3ce0b7c96b20c28bf68dadb79cd467b6deef8Nicholas Cameron — Bug 932888. Remove thebes paths from ThebesLayerBuffer (part 1). r=mattwoodrow
c9ff42335f8a7859bdcce58c6b7d56a0227ed1faJohn Schoenick — Bug 941892 - Take an early return if nsPluginStreamListenerPeer gets passed an unknown stream. r=bsmedberg
8a25ee567449a6bdbd7d041b1a69092cc0b6d810Steve Workman — Bug 938803 - Cancel DNS refresh requested in classes implementing nsAHttpTransaction r=mcmanus
53c0f65599fe8747e115196470da47bbb1e9ad58Steve Workman — Bug 938803 - Cancel DNS refresh requested in nsHttpChannel::mCaps r=mcmanus
fc7b76d9da1ec1b461410baf1553687441c94b64David Keeler — bug 929617 - disregard expired stapled OCSP responses, acquire fresh ones r=briansmith
e781364ed4f8ad008659a0076dd3f73ebabfd621David Keeler — bug 943115 - return early in CreateCertErrorRunnable for non-overridable errors r=briansmith
c6f465d6cfb04e96a5391ca776cff67eec86933cWes Kocher — Backed out changeset a8808a02a661 (bug 880625) for PSL test failure
778a10a2b497e72536d1e7449cc9cd378a02661aL. David Baron — Bug 940446: Log a variable that's guaranteed to exist, so we don't throw an exception from the exception handler and break the URL bar and search bar. r=smacleod
288b02c2e5d1cce0d4e8a88ff7c6e394d5322308Patrick McManus — Bug 942729, Part 2: Remove unused expected symmetric cipher mechanism, r=briansmith
e2f70138f5aaf7d3a0576354c87d0e15d752f20fBrian Smith — Bug 942729, Part 1: Re-enable TLS False Start, r=mcmanus
caec531a513b17ad54c8c131cbcc4e6fea4bf064Dan Gohman — Bug 942258 - SpiderMonkey: Don't create an LDivSelf when the division can't divide by zero. r=bhackett
e14cd09c843e14c3a32305dcd08c48ff32d3d894Dan Gohman — Bug 942236 - IonMonkey: Unsigned optimizations for MMod, MDiv, and MUrsh. r=nbp
1fb0d84b5210790fc8dadd82d0e0c69e7d84dd6cDan Gohman — Bug 941877 - IonMonkey: Extend MMod and MDiv to be full replacements for MAsmJSUMod and MAsmJSUDiv. r=nbp
df21e1d3eaa28000b8539d85ddf7891ed1101ff6Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 935723. Part 1. Decouple ICE state with ICE gathering state r=ekr,abr,jesup
765f15f432c8f973cf03bd0fb7d2aa65858c0036Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 906990: Part 10. Webidl and implementation for WebrtcGlobal. Encompasses things like global stats and logging. r=jib,bz
41e6b65a12a619217c5fda4f55f862c5a58aee20Andrew McCreight — Bug 937966 - Clean up scan safe assertion in Suspect. r=smaug
623708981907522405aca59408aaf17e533954efDouglas Crosher — Bug 928350 - IonMonkey: Replace collectRangeInfo with collectRangeInfoPreTrunc and called it before removing the beta nodes. r=sunfish
4704a41581c6ba49604ac185710a0f80c3274739Ben Kelly — Bug 902121 - Do not normalize missing referrer URIs. r=Yoric
a1523aeef7d8268d99538c230814de03b2780702Bas Schouten — Bug 943351: Make sure to clear any existing paths before getting the glyph path off a context. r=BenWa
5e8a05a828fa4a6897eb64aa8c085a09e5478088Jed Davis — Bug 943141 - Set up breakpad symbol path for ./mach mochitest-remote. r=ahal
9cc147e1d2225f76f598f901b6d97b80ff406260Jed Davis — Bug 941340 - Avoid forbidden content-process mkdir in marionette listener. r=mdas
eb9997a792247d209e269ecb42f9f7694f0be67eJan Beich — Bug 942921 - Explicitly include unistd.h for getpid() for non-Linux debug builds. r=smaug
705729c6c67459a137f5c8090119fa4b11537899Simone Carletti — Bug 941675 - Reformatting comment entries. r=gerv
15a153e4dc624a462a2d754c268c10747313d9f8Simone Carletti — Bug 941670 - Remove from PSL. r=gerv
091024cffba19bc292b50e40755270c766877ad4Simone Carletti — Bug 941665 - Update PSL for .MT. r=gerv
a8808a02a6616aa7458e6019f832ed428eae4a34Simone Carletti — Bug 880625 - Updates to the PSL (A-C). r=gerv
4ace9f82b6719a09d76f50722cba2127f9d59d52Shu-yu Guo — Bug 942346 - Fix AutoDebugModeInvalidation for builds without Ion. (r=bhackett)
39bfcadd6492d0a482430caeb7cb7c75aad5fe8fHannes Verschore — Bug 942105 - IonMonkey: Remove the inlineUseCountRatio option, r=jandem
c37889c21d9f5d5020a3a362e79abf79e7c70799Timothy Nikkel — Bug 943248. Enable image visibility on b2g. r=mats
aa0066b3865c3d19fc278880e6297c6b9acfe649Nicholas Cameron — Bug 924403. Linux users who had previously opted in to OpenGL get OMTC OpenGL. r=mattwoodrow
d04193bc1627e0ed3523216b1cfcb7cb82bfcc56Nicholas Cameron — Bug 924403. Rename OGL shaders files. r=mattwoodrow
caa48441db53ab84116ce9a23a58a57040ea030bNicolas Silva — Bug 924403 - Send non-OMTC GL layers into oblivion. r=nrc