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Wed Apr 22 12:57:00 2009 +0000
0b355aff0abdb772438f68cc8d7481755eec8cc9Neil Deakin — Bug 404798, assertions when root element is removed from xul document during inline script, r+sr=smaug
d02c0b3b889475b09862ab168b0d2458afe5f7c0Neil Deakin — Bug 454407, use offscreen buffer instead of image buffer for drag feedback, r+sr=roc
d0699dd384f0ed6c4577b3f7730dccc8c5c44130Neil Deakin — Bug 487631, fix a number of xul tests which were disabled in the past due to not working on some platforms, these are tests for bugs 474149, 416390, 212750, 409242, r=gavin