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Fri Feb 07 08:51:05 2014 +0000
1ca0ce406aad20597a7f22603611ff400b2242d4Phil Ringnalda — Back out e386c02b4b9a (bug 963324) for timeouts in the reftests it added
e550cbd8d393e0375c18ab4499e69b3a93f79de0Brian Smith — Bug 921893: Verify key usage extension in insanity::pkix, r=keeler, r=cviecco
c1829adc0388e3a2335e885853315505e7e99335Brian Smith — Bug 921892: Check basic constraints in insanity::pkix, r=keeler, r=cviecco
3b87641dd2f831b85c796fec38a078e787c46866Brian Smith — Bug 921891, part 3: Add basic building and verification, r=keeler, r=cviecco
3c925e73a1d0184420c3f57e9a5736addc6c5b4aCameron McCormack — Bug 969099 - Initialize nsPresContext::mIsChrome eagerly. r=roc
d7c466f72d2a1d1dafc7c4d591b1100a8494f141L. David Baron — Back out changeset fc09c90aaab1 (bug 966885, enable audio level RTP extension) for sdp_unittests failure on all platforms, on a CLOSED TREE.
7695a5275a0e1613254507d46e3eaf11ad672dd3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 965927. [StoreInSlot] and [Cached] getters should use the reflector as the scope obj when wrapping the return value. r=peterv
0e28e7bc8b05a8baf740d4de7558621fdf915f63Boris Zbarsky — Bug 968665. Get rid of MainThreadDictionaryBase and the dictionary bits in DummyBinding, since we now codegen a single version of dictionaries for both mainthread and workers. r=khuey
55bc35c4c65f0a1c1659610159daeb7504985700L. David Baron — Bug 91419 patch 9: Fix comments and debugging output referring to "special" frames. r=mats
a1731313882e1673319ef2a547194219ebdeda39L. David Baron — Bug 91419 patch 8: Miscellaneous function and variable name changes. r=mats
3edd2f23e9926742c8084bdc2923ecb451fde53aL. David Baron — Bug 91419 patch 7: Rename everything with SpecialPrevSibling to IBSplitPrevSibling. r=mats
6a724b647685d0712faed6ffd9bc99f63154eaa2L. David Baron — Bug 91419 patch 6: Rename everything with IBSplitSpecialPrevSibling to IBSplitPrevSibling. r=mats
26b793631c6e9c0c652bb49a83ec227d8797659cL. David Baron — Bug 91419 patch 5: Rename everything with SpecialSibling to IBSplitSibling. r=mats
070e165dd4c9243740b8002b0e74fabcf02869d7L. David Baron — Bug 91419 patch 4: Rename everything with IBSpecialSibling to IBSplitSibling. r=mats
28819a9890136b812a4dce3f9d1b15627dd36ba9L. David Baron — Bug 91419 patch 3: Rename everything with IBSplitSpecialSibling to IBSplitSibling. r=mats
82bf6b59e47767d5706ba30e924136563cb123f1L. David Baron — Bug 91419 patch 2: Rename IsFrameSpecial to IsFramePartOfIBSplit. r=mats
e8dbff705562eebecd90b91e983d29c0d0aac074L. David Baron — Bug 91419 patch 1: Rename NS_FRAME_IS_SPECIAL to NS_FRAME_PART_OF_IBSPLIT. r=mats
74351fad6539910810942b8cae703dea2a50cfa4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 968118. Make nsCSSProps keyword tables be int16_t instead of int32_t for a small space win. r=heycam
706a4e2b081c0e4b44af01784dc6b6af58231540Robert O'Callahan — Bug 967587. Back out this hunk of bug 946502 part 3 until we can fix the regressions. r=mattwoodrow
707c231b203f62b69af03644830cbccf9a56e7d1Jeff Gilbert — Bug 968617 - Refresh GLConsts.h as of Feb 5, 2014. r=bjacob
90c872abb2bef84bcfb8d58ef9595d66ea5f9eb8Jeff Gilbert — Bug 968617 - Fix the file name in the GLConsts.h update script. r=bjacob
fc09c90aaab15c821fe095c95665d9fb567da3b0Gustavo Garcia — Bug 966885 - Enable audio level RTP extension. r=jesup, r=ehugg
eee6439dac176919b0d535f02814093ca775d788Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 966446 - Handle GrallocBufferActor::ActorDestroy for new texture. r=nical
37795f73f9c79795eba4b077328cd3f208930d0dDouglas Crosher — Bug 965245 - ARM simulator: Add support for the VFPv3 instructions: vmov.f32 imm, and vcvt with fbits. r=nbp
144fdb05d6e76d88822ae570187d1dcad4746b5bDouglas Crosher — Bug 965240 - ARM simulator: Check that callee saved floating-point registers are preserved. r=nbp
e07aa56cc5df8c98bd8db0f505ccc36d42f3f8edDouglas Crosher — Bug 965236 - ARM simulator: Add support for the udiv instruction. r=nbp
e386c02b4b9abc86c9634010d06dae3c08c9cd39Frédéric Wang — Bug 963324 - Import mismatch menclose reftests from the MathJax testsuite. r=karlt
69bae68bfc68c9ec312ac89b43b0b63455d050f7Rick Eyre — Bug 881976 - Part 3: Refactor TextTrack classes. r=rillian
a7126bb1c91a1a41ea3fd6762abe81294c7f319dRick Eyre — Bug 881976 - Part 2: Expose TextTrackList's MediaElement to chrome JS. r=rillian, r=bz
43437cbeca1a78b37d4884831dc1019788a10870Daniel Holbert — Bug 969147: Compute (and sum) the cross sizes of flex lines as we go, to make pagination easier. r=mats
e4ad64c0053729ab0a8243ede7527f11bd089758Ted Mielczarek — Bug 968351 - Allow test manifests with just support-files. r=gps
774f7cb40af55e76ad310161344c6f35f3870e51Ted Mielczarek — Bug 968321 - Make manifestparser keep track of DEFAULTS in manifests with no tests. r=jmaher
480f92acc0872c83952ed67cbe678805163a9fd3Ted Mielczarek — bug 903620 - rework JS shell packaging as a Python script. r=glandium
d37dcd149e8c5606f24469110781de4da26215c1Mike Hommey — bug 903620 - Make ExecutableFile support being put directly into a jar. r=gps
85767afc495b166a725a5a023d8836b4d5ac1facChris Pearce — Bug 968603 - Add screen WakeLockListener on Win32 to disable screensaver. r=jimm
ac822915b6912a04edd08ee098f876e4ab2fc349Jim Mathies — Bug 968774 - Don't set XUL_APP_FILE on metrofx startup. r=mbrubeck
da6cdcc7b7b32e5b609c1e7594366766ac11cd13Nicholas Hurley — Bug 964563 - Remove custom node binary. r=ted
7cb8a9d072a664e471582abd8be91ff68e1ecb13Sean Stangl — Bug 968524 - Add atomic_inc32(), atomic_dec32(), and atomic_cmpxchg32() to x86/x64. r=bbouvier
ef1d09ac296a5136500348038affc0acdab6eb55Ben Kelly — Bug 960873: Part 8: Use AudioCompactor in android PluginMediaReader.cpp. r=cpearce (DONTBUILD for re-land)
22d8506380098f22a8f909f9e2d5198565a947c6Ben Kelly — Revert Bug 960873 Part 8 (de00c8bfc9b9) due to missing r= in commit message
477e7d2eb1d787ca25a7ab0c0892b2e1688ba3ecTimothy Nikkel — Bug 965593. Only use large z-index on root scroll frames to make overlay scrollbars draw above other content. r=roc
de00c8bfc9b99d1be6620a6155109412303ccbc5Ben Kelly — Bug 960873: Part 8: Use AudioCompactor in android PluginMediaReader.cpp.
a6b5e42fb847a7e383406b60c7d90a9f4d8c7472Olli Pettay — Bug 967236 - Evict touches more aggressively, v3, r=wesj
5f78749e0f42ee3271b5a2bb5339bf7deff48dc9Olli Pettay — backout bug 967236
810ff6004dcf06e579d81df9a5f860f0189dd196Daniel Holbert — Bug 967287 part 2: Adjust indentation after removal of nsPresContext* args. r=mats
3072f01555157ab7d187f4ec497e81fd8765da1aDaniel Holbert — Bug 967287 part 1: Remove unnecessary nsPresContext* argument from functions defined in nsContainerFrame.h. r=mats
0d56242338e8759cc65ecd237d5460ebdfecb319Olli Pettay — Bug 967236 - Evict touches more aggressively, r=wesj
41fbeb789ade7200c1941a174aa1dd71249ef309Olli Pettay — Bug 964462, simplify ipc offline resource refcounting, r=mayhemer
2558a3801c1c938d26642ac754827ce7201446e1Geoff Brown — Bug 945395 - Disable testSessionOOMSave on Android x86 for too many failures
8f626ee3e7edf9bdf268649ea2256744ec94910cGeoff Brown — Bug 962121 - Enable testPasswordProvider, testFormHistory on Android x86; r=dminor
c01608290c65b31137736ac36ed2975cd5699b19Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound on a CLOSED TREE.
7dbb42dd1cf419798559b05c1aa31196e41ace84Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 5d1c157bbb46 (bug 940554) for changing the Marionette script timeout message in a TBPL-unfriendly way.
a012aba17f199f36e114c0b40f449915eed5985cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 968879 - Use [Pref] annotations to enable web speech interfaces; r=smaug
fbc5502870bbf1dd8717f3f8a42a198bc0b98fbbAndrea Marchesini — Bug 968883 - Don't expose the ArchiveReader and ArchiveRequest interfaces. r=bz
be8ad29ffc6961bf00400f3fe714e46927cbaba2Alex Henrie — Bug 968029 - Use unprefixed box-sizing in content/, dom/, layout/, and widget/. r=dbaron
36459508cdacfba542c4f799d280ddf1dd948a4cAlex Henrie — Bug 968029 - Use unprefixed box-sizing in browser/extensions/pdfjs/. r=bdahl
8b95c94994745a7868132d8ffe58288d1898fcd5Alex Henrie — Bug 968029 - Use unprefixed box-sizing in mobile/android/. r=mfinkle
6960aec45b205000f13088cb52d0ff90e40e6e2eAlex Henrie — Bug 968029 - Use unprefixed box-sizing in browser/ and toolkit/. r=dao
fb87577b522199202d49bdcb41bb1932514940e0Viktor Stanchev — Bug 965837 - Add bool support to mozilla::Atomic. r=froydnj
799c9a7716ef5af9e4a6592d98384c6ea97aac61Andreas Tolfsen — Bug 941158 - Honour expected failures in setUp or tearDown. r=jgriffin
2e3eaecb79926f12f548b9abb9ca694b141481ccAndrea Marchesini — Bug 958642 - MozActivity must fire an error when the selected app is killed, r=fabrice
e0a7e0c9124649ae3d9341ce2fec0da0cc9e106bNathan Froyd — Bug 968281 - pull helper function out of HasAttributeDependentStyle; r=bz
82b1710a243f5f3b4622a583c64a49c63c247bd0Steve Workman — Bug 444328 - Enable TCP Keepalive for short and long-lived HTTP Connections (exc. SPDY, WebSockets) r=mcmanus
d4b5aac253d28191e814cc6a8cfa8271f3d0f589Steve Workman — Bug 444328 - Add support for TCP keepalive in the Socket Transport Service r=mcmanus
4c04bfa359e4b88aaf36a77e98b4be333e76cf03Steve Workman — Bug 444328 - Suppress spurious warnings in PRFileDescAutoLock constructor r=mcmanus
6cc6bec9eeb3dc9d13c4cfd5f8de247c60754b66Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f4c91d9262f1 (bug 965373) for test_profiler_activation.js timeouts on Windows debug.
cff3bc2d153888cbaa095ef372ff53283ae58230Andrew McCreight — Bug 967215 - Fix r=njn DONTBUILD
8b74966f80daccafc7086779524bdf9f6e4ccd7eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 944800 - Move the information about delay loaded DLLs into; r=gps
9bb6f487c55faf5e24f8823e9d88e753531233f7Daniel Holbert — Bug 968634: Fix broken inequality comparison in SpeechRecognition.cpp. r=ggp
e7b7825f65dd537f0843d165660e95459020ea21Myk Melez — bug 967218 - interpret result of NativeApp:IsDebuggable as string; r=mfinkle
197880d71d9dbc4ad4e7d02bac7c452bc42e7672Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 968643 - Part 2: Remove the [PrefControlled] WebIDL annotation; r=bzbarsky
20a329b254aed056453d859c65a13639c293d433Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 968643 - Part 1: Stop using [PrefControlled]; r=bzbarsky
7ec2f01992186924d9bfa9864c55b52ecf7dc4eaDan Minor — Bug 967467 - Jit-test basic\bug698584.js timesout on Windows XP test machines for debug builds; r=terrence
f81160e35839a982a094b95f3571efb3f16e5395Andrea Marchesini — Bug 967414 - Enable DataStore API in B2G for certified apps only by default, r=bz
6a16178f4c089b3affbfb6c0e9124ffe78006297Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 7abb50d91618 (bug 962325) for bustage.
b3579b7bd49e29a3f7926f98fa65fb6b1e349bedRalph Giles — Bug 966311 - Calculate frame size for stereo wave. r=doublec
f4c91d9262f190f704ed6809f2f2fd9ff6df341bViktor Stanchev — Bug 965373 - When the profiler stops it doesn't stop the EventTracer thread; r=bgirard
7abb50d9161836ea7a6f1458c905c3260d2a5991Viktor Stanchev — Bug 962325 - Add filename to profiler I/O markers. r=bgirard
c743811fb2697c2ae8aa9ec07169d74b138902cfGregory Szorc — Bug 875562 - Part 5: Document crash events for initial implementation; r=bsmedberg
fc823ce7f913634de5e6bc81644a144390a7d031Jacek Caban — Bug 859751 - Don't use DOS encoding for popup-aero.css.
c669ccc6e0558397f13f57fdde8c545cfc8596e4Jacek Caban — Bug 944905 - Fix char16_t/wchar_t mismatch in xpcom/ r=bsmedberg
d813ac5f8e2d31aea445bdb9047accad3ea03e0aGregory Szorc — Bug 875562 - Part 4: Add Support for crash event files to CrashManager; r=Yoric
2785a168194e5f8fe258d128ed264230a180a093Nathan Froyd — Bug 907812 - define kProxyType_FOO as char[] rather than char*; r=jduell
de2092967a4a9ee702cd4a748228339dd172fdb5Andrew McCreight — Bug 968234 - Remove trailing whitespace from nsHashtable.{h,cpp} rs=bsmedberg
1e103b2d431dce44e8e8687803452952870fc0cdAndrew McCreight — Bug 967931 - Remove some unused forward declarations in XBL. r=bz
8b72cbfcdbfd6f73c3d8a987aa4819b331f75634Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 967443 - Upgrade SQLite to version 3.8.3 - Mozilla changes. r=mak
f33a4a05b6bedc5ee21b445440241c1afc6722c9Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 967443 - Upgrade SQLite to version 3.8.3 - SQLite changes. r=mak
e920cee471d4f019eb22df0d257f0c1acdae5366Tor Arvid Lund — Bug 968746 - Remove unused CanvasLayer::Data::mSurface. r=nical
8bfdadae80bb0067afb69e3417de2cb87ed03948Douglas Crosher — Bug 966878 - ARM Simulator: Increase the bit length of the instruction counter to 64 bits. r=jandem
312f7e5a89ced6c8d5aba3cc65c3248dc46920daJames Kitchener — Bug 964239 - Check for special baseURI value for view-source:about:srcdoc. r=hsivonen
b16e90588530c67ba089754351e78daee847449bJames Kitchener — Bug 964239 - Give sessionrestore awareness of srcdoc base URI. r=ttaubert
c0e3b8b4e441a02d43b9719a3d5e8a71da1424f0James Kitchener — Bug 964239 - Pass the parent document's base URI when loading a srcdoc iframe. r=bz
bdf66d134585e55e8220bfd465395bab3b2b943aJames Kitchener — Bug 964239 - Docshell and session history changes to add baseURI information to srcdoc loads. r=bz
710e2f5dca1c99f8b370ffa556cb2d8738485b6aJames Kitchener — Bug 964239 - Give selected channels awareness of srcdoc base URI. r=bz
028dbae2c819f404c166aec3f013fbbec45681d5James Kitchener — Bug 964239 - Ignore invalid URIs rather than stopping completely. r=hsivonen
72da2b2f029cfaf832dce62401467d50f9e84c18Alexandre Poirot — Bug 963258 - Prevent exception when using webconsole in alarm code. r=gene
5d1c157bbb466a54c0fca2503976c149f4b87b2fAndreas Tolfsen — Bug 940554 - Fix Marionette's newSession to return capabilities. r=mdas