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Fri Aug 17 13:46:30 2012 +0000
d9923f7b8930db545de2549c18aaea2b2bb242d8Ed Morley — Bug 783515 - Re-enable falsely blamed native Android M3 tests now dom/indexedDB/ipc/test_ipc.html is disabled; r=gbrown,jmaher
cfe2fedf15f19461a0b90d723617f1c2ee97f47bEd Morley — Bug 783509 - Disable the newly created test_browserElement_inproc_AppWindowNamespace.html on Android for permaorange timeouts; r=jmaher
3bb770efb7730d6fff4f499a6216f32ec2094cd3Ed Morley — Bug 783513 - Disable dom/indexedDB/ipc/test_ipc.html on Android for mochitest-3 permaorange due to OOMs; r=jmaher