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Fri Jun 11 01:47:44 2010 +0000
63f5ac31b8c487a1391d493a6a003d89a0d06875Ben Parr — Follow-up fix for bug 562760 to allow language packs to show up in the add-ons manager. r=dtownsend
0d404b63f71ba57ea633ebee489165fe7101c9edDave Townsend — Bug 570200: Errors aren't passed sanely from getInstallForFile. r=robstrong
cfa94c2a57e95823d47752144adb7655eed2d719Dave Townsend — Bug 570977: xpinstall tests get confused by multiple load events. r=robstring
9ec599d9a1f0c6530cecbcfb6cd2bd924d1bcbb3Dave Townsend — Bug 570173: Errors from findUpdates aren't passed out to the listener correctly. r=robstrong