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Mon Aug 10 16:00:21 2009 +0000
1ddf399b4c26f20a9434301ff7220bf984912db9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 508050. Make sure to reparent views when pulling overflows from our prevsibling. r=roc
cf95f5eee70324c0ba8bc452b8d6bf34f14fccc7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 509170. Correctly invalidate the canvas frame on resizes of the root element. r=roc
2a3fd282e4725dd97763367b42365ad6fbf9dbfdBoris Zbarsky — Bug 508819. Stop relying on getElementById returning anonymous nodes. r=gavin,dietrich,davidb
375b3e7328c7577ba2b3612a7fc9a49eb19682e7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 509155. Don't store outline structs in the rule tree if outline-color:inherit is set on the root element. r=dbaron
64d9f32cf21e77d58b72db90d552fa4721c169e1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 509156. Don't assert on GetUniqueStyleData calls if we're using our parent's struct before the call. r=dbaron
8c51693240d5576e9b225079b02d2db738363044Boris Zbarsky — Bug 508900. Fix assertion due to us not unsetting all the bits we should unset. r=dbaron