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Thu Oct 18 21:53:44 2018 +0000
7b0a8e47d25608312af369290db040fa9009ddcfMark Striemer — Bug 1499944 - Don't show detail view when changing plugin state r=jaws
9a404545425a2d59f36f3acadc99f1a55c366429Mark Striemer — Bug 1499504 - Always include search icon in search boxes on Mac r=dao
228e7fe1545959bf5cedfe6e25c5e8dd91ec0a1aHenrik Skupin — Bug 1494229 - [marionette] Advertise Phabricator for submitting patches in the docs. r=ato
17432131026dfd5e16a8a2935fa4421c56be585eHenrik Skupin — Bug 1494229 - [marionette] Improve documentation for new contributors. r=ato
55724db90e3e23b09e946681067567c489023249Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1499057: webdriver: remove known web element cache; r=whimboo
b5b389d5788ed89f7e666c4de6e80e6a3cb99a19Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1499057: webdriver: fix element comparison assertions; r=whimboo
9782e0b1657da7b2742e693222f8ac912920b521Henrik Skupin — Bug 1493796 - [mozprocess] Revert poll() behavior on Windows due to regression. r=gbrown
740c3623a44aed64203d830a03682e14f90917f9James Willcox — Bug 1496745 - Allow GeckoResult to be used without a Looper r=agi,jchen
50cc3c94b20d7ba104fc24b887e15064cad69d41Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1499188 - Make accessibility entry input type an int in bundle message. r=jchen,Jamie
b786be7eb3b5fc1acf0cb38d85cf7104ae2f274cPatrick Brosset — Bug 1497181 - Display sizing info for text nodes too; r=gl
d7795bc645ac0e3aa47cd4e1112b89887e941bf1Jason Orendorff — Bug 1499877 - Part 3: Import latest test262 tests. r=khyperia
4519ce7c5c84341c97375d572f595b2930df389aJason Orendorff — Bug 1499877 - Part 2: Mark failing tests. r=khyperia
25be011e674c5a4cb1acfbfaeb68e757a2979236Jason Orendorff — Bug 1499877 - Part 1: Add names of new features we don't yet support. r=khyperia
99d43f9d3918d1bddf2be683e9b9d8c9de6d688fLuca Greco — Bug 1499363 - Fix userScript test failure on beta due to runWithPrefs not restoring the initial prefs values. r=robwu
545ff4f7bc5ca0cd013eda97efb96e5a5759c810Luca Greco — Bug 1495855 - Rework the about:debugging webextensions tests to do not use symlink-ed test addons. r=ochameau
b815b16f74a14ce0173bae0000f47ebf5e277e17Martin Stransky — Bug 1498499 - [Wayland] Implement triple buffering at Wayland, r=jhorak
1635530c393a0f80512a3cf695fe968eb53562f2Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1375861 - [mozlint] Globally exclude paths listed in tools/rewriting/ThirdPartyPaths.txt from our linters, r=sylvestre
6b1ecbbb842712c0a40d78dd39d5aea0ea615d15Mark Striemer — Bug 1479008 - Install related dictionaries after a langpack is installed r=leplatrem,aswan
8fc40677cc0eff1eb03a17169ea6997666136b75Johann Hofmann — Bug 1496243 - Show "Tracking Cookies" label in the control center when only tracking cookies are blocked. r=Ehsan
084f6e60778f01d66bee26657e0e459f8fddcc3eJim Chen — Bug 1498352 - Apply root resolution when sending mouse events from child to parent; r=kats
a58112b87de672f400dc5d23ad8bac80d292a2fdCiure Andrei — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
a6b4461eadf0622f4d4f6ea1ee8389d1c655b336yulia — Bug 1495387 - introduce async front instantiation; r=ochameau
3a70a65a75cf9bf30152ebd0e69ccbde3a913f00Patrick Brosset — Bug 1499755 - Select the right inline stylesheet on rule-view source url click; r=gl
26c0053b13cb7ea1cce71210709fc30472f68671Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 77d3179f96db (bug 1479008) for browser_browser_languages_subdialog.js failures
665fecc387403fd9336daaaa6bfa619dc5b7baedDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1496814 - Show only search suggestion results when only an engine alias and query are typed in the address bar r=mak
88aa6ae72305247b0520e0d698e751749fb8d60byulia — Bug 1499686 - Remove _supportsFrameHighlight; r=ochameau
f95e8040037226253522aea53a8b24dee6b75098yulia — Bug 1499710 - Remove autohideOnDestroy trait; r=ochameau
42a7995a7d3655675925610c92fe13c9b86cd7ecyulia — Bug 1499683 - Remove Highlightable Trait; r=ochameau
5e123c35d1e82866b42ee86dbe74bdf4c02956f5Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1493683 - [lint] Remove wpt_manifest linter, r=jgraham
49e1cc5fdf49b102fa27980622087fc550ed93bbBrad Werth — Bug 1497589 Part 5: Add tests of Flex mainAxisDirection and crossAxisDirection. r=dholbert
d8e73cf6952fd03c118b8cdd3cc97a8f59045f95Brad Werth — Bug 1497589 Part 4: Set ComputedFlexContainerInfo physical axis values, and expose them through the Flex API. r=dholbert
082aaca611f9f0e13cd82d6cc708b687cfd35b7cBrad Werth — Bug 1497589 Part 3: Stub in physical direction enums for Flex API main and cross axes. r=dholbert
d0b82fc9252d1c017cfd7e3381873c9e2ee9ee8fBrad Werth — Bug 1497589 Part 2: Rename Flex API classes to avoid namespace collision with nsFlexContainerFrame classes. r=dholbert
c597d36a2d7ac1b32de3d57054a87176737ae814Brad Werth — Bug 1497589 Part 1: Move Flex.webidl to the chrome-webidl directory. r=bzbarsky,dholbert
cac4aff89a39a7df33305397268510e8c7d2d840Julian Descottes — Bug 1488506 - Add mochitest for enable/disable USB debugging in Connect page;r=ladybenko,daisuke
97207813052bd7a33c671422198b5d1e43adab49Julian Descottes — Bug 1488506 - Add button to enable/disable USB debugging in Connect page;r=ladybenko,daisuke
3e2d47ca7a2a199ab58bf0b7605882a205e6ceceEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1499911 - Break down the labels for the issues submitted through the report breakage UI for the various cookie policies r=johannh
cf707f5b0477c1537f411d1f776ad10303f2ccd2Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1499615 - Silence unused returned value warning and initialize the counter. r=pehrsons
6e0c72599e0b63fe2e4957184c40520c2fa6339cDimi Lee — Bug 1356427 - P3. Add a testcase to test download protection will skip checking whitelist for non-binary files. r=francois
c3e09876ab13c1b27355f2d0680b0e34a40bbcf4Dimi Lee — Bug 1356427 - P2. Only check binary files against the Application Reputation whitelist, r=francois
ced08ec47ace994bf5c5f1e4052052e7cb9bab30Dimi Lee — Bug 1356427 - P1. Remove redundant code from PendingLookup::LookupNext. r=francois
77d3179f96db09f41d591b62d341ba53604bc24cMark Striemer — Bug 1479008 - Install related dictionaries after a langpack is installed r=leplatrem,aswan
609976e5c798f029adf1339e4298d0747fb360bcJan de Mooij — Bug 1500052 - Fix iterator cache to check getDenseInitializedLength() == 0 instead of hasEmptyElements(). r=evilpie
2025f3b4871b7030c10a69b2386d1fe406774bf8James Graham — Bug 1500001 - Fixup using non-firefox browsers via mach wpt, r=automatedtester
048da8a3c95146d4d94d8a8a47d2ff723792abdfJames Graham — Bug 1500001 -Fix some differences with upstream in wpt tooling, r=automatedtester
7cf3a024e668a21da95252827dca09e193e6f3e7James Graham — Bug 1500081 - Use --install-fonts to install fonts for wptrunner, r=automatedtester
d893e01e4d37783a8f24c2081b6e85905f3501b1Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1499333 - Rename all "worker client" to "worker target front". r=jdescottes
075201afc029437db5a51b94bd0fde25cb74c202Markus Stange — Bug 1496823 - Remove declaration of -[NSView _regionForOpaqueDescendants:forMove:]. r=spohl
c277f0cccfdb5be1484e59082ff2af9328e1d8f2Raphael Pierzina — Bug 1382854 - Lift telemetry-tests-client suite to CI tier 2; r=Dexter,whimboo