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Thu Sep 01 20:43:58 2011 +0000
ce43a8644bc03efa037d5ea6b5b3da69b5977edcMike Hommey — Bug 681238 part 2 - Test WindowsDllInterceptor on functions we intercept in our codebase. r=vlad
38bbf1e8ae5d4eccbea1b8f330bd96764d3ed455Mike Hommey — Bug 681238 part 1 - Intercept a function from the executable in TestDllInterceptor. r=vlad
5dda9668493b2d7fbe05df3bf242ac494d78ab4fMike Hommey — Bug 681238 part 0 - Support a few more opcodes and fix x86 mov r, [r] test. r=vlad
bcc474c726aa89f2278ffebb1e65e80bc9d71468Terrence Cole — Bug 683654 - Make TraceVis compile and run again; r=dmandelin
7a50f9697fb2676af48bbf7d09fb8f39a0c2b024David Bolter — Bug 681674 - aria-autocomplete not supported on standard form text input controls. r=tbsaunde,MarcoZ
6faef8a5901ccfee72d05bb7345d154ef83589aaBrian R. Bondy — Bug 617052 - Use ITaskbarList2::MarkFullscreenWindow for proper windows taskbar integration. r=jmathies
59c205c5d0adc4c1b2e6b0bc800594c3989a52fcBrian R. Bondy — Bug 295540 - Multi-monitor: download save-as dialog remains on secondary monitor even if detached. r=jmathies
191f7bab5f5a01be721e48771a9e62ada0285d41Brian R. Bondy — Bug 633160 - move away from the page by file drop is possible in spite of modal file picker dialog. r=neil
2c6b5f33faa63f98dc8a88b4a0ab0ce271315ed2Brian R. Bondy — Bug 357601 - Drag and drop from an external program to Firefox does not use the proper drop effect. r=neil
89c47cdfad0a20e111ccea68d1c492df4d2fc410Brian R. Bondy — Bug 673080 - Dropping a link on Firefox from an external program has no effect. r=neil
56bb9cbd6c26defa6a9f55dec9bd8509d9f0fdfdMarco Bonardo — Backout 04545026b4ae (Bug 658305) due to increase in reftests shutdown crashes on Linux.
d05513502cdc0ac1e6b8b9f27eb15fec34954e6eIgor Bukanov — bug 672493 - skip native stack check under GLIBC. r=dmandelin
04545026b4ae067e8f2aeb7258ff1e09de458575Marco Bonardo — Bug 658305 - Use journal_size_limit on places.sqlite.
1cbac1b072d5587986c0744e083f6fc47880b86aMarco Bonardo — Bug 682676 - Urlbar performance regression with SQLite
bd97d56b0785823388fcae28bcd409fb63e81fafEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
e2a69e20bbc508fa9467c2381f1074ed10f97537Alexander Surkov — Bug 681905 - Crash [@ nsDocAccessible::ProcessContentInserted], r=davidb
4e3d2bb73029fe01ba9011dae4f3b88c8d54a39eAlexander Surkov — Bug 682827 - Crash [@ nsINode::GetOwnerDoc], r=tbsaunde
dc12ae87f5b92652b1fb49f725d848906d962b1bDaniel Holbert — Bug 683729: Remove unused variable 'frame' from js::Debugger::onTrap(). r=jorendorff
893d04548dd91416867f956a981b11cb52aa20baDaniel Holbert — Bug 683702: In nsFrame teardown, clear the reference to me on my prev IB sibling (as well as on my next IB sibling). r=roc