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Tue Mar 05 15:24:36 2013 +0000
c95439870e05b30e6d5ccc0ce72b424aa816f157Markus Stange — Bug 676250 - Make OpenGL painting bypass the Cocoa setNeedsDisplay/drawRect machinery. r=bgirard.
60313ab86d673c3ffd4e14f7663945bfb48bbd2cEd Morley — Bug 779753 - Disable test_browserElement_oop_SendEvent.html on Linux for too many intermittent failures
e4a14eaefe1d07c3b66d2e123b78b1e2b64cfaacEhsan Akhgari — Bug 841413 - Part 1: Convert test_privbrowsing_perwindowpb.html into a chrome test; r=jdm
c2877e674a4c78d32b8104aad22e4ec954f168f3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 846329 - Fix decodeAudioData to decode all channels and not only the first one; r=padenot
1fea3c18dfd7b2aa8b0dd33347b511ad2714adeaMarco Bonardo — Bug 823547 - Store the snippets version along with the snippets.
d958753bd1a23b1a34bf32067b98bc1957b53b94Marco Bonardo — Bug 820834 - Abstract about:home storage and make it async-ready.
b6594d068e74ef999c37b897145e918951ae1391Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 834172 - Remove GStreamer flags from webaudio Makefile. r=cpearce
e2d3ed0bd266c41dd7903fdaec1f0022ef2d0bf3Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 834172 - Don't export codec functions from DecoderTraits. r=cpearce
128510dd6c0344b9475b79f7842e7c396567c492Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 834172 - Implement CreateReader in DecoderTraits. r=cpearce
dd63d49eb5dce4abf7513a43a8fc6e27c91b74f7Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 834172 - Implement IsSupportedTypeInVideo in DecoderTraits. r=cpearce
dd75eab24983ba50e14c6cc4a67b1fda2264bd1eThomas Zimmermann — Bug 834172 - Implement CreateDecoder in DecoderTraits. r=cpearce
3003f5aa28d44f8aa42e3348becaed5e86e497c3Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 842147 - Translate JS exception from CaptivePortalDetector into informative debug message. r=vchang
d253208c90bcb2744c2dd86b702e8f1f2b6dd957Alexander Surkov — Bug 846204 - Unregister DocManager from DOM event listeners. r=tbsaunde
68b019bea6d4d67b28bac953f326f3e763610274Chandan Kumar — Bug 708267: Add "non sequitur" to the en-US dictionary; r=ehsan
2842ffe95e766bbf095cff3b95051a6faa313f49Ehsan Akhgari — Attempt to fix bug 622534 by waiting for focus on the test window before running the test
99d71c24a5df4bfcc9f0bfcd187d7e57f5e4f22eEhsan Akhgari — Attempt to fix bug 681138 by making the test loading not race against snapshotting
4afd31d13e7f841a0526faee767a864fa99e29c1Chris Peterson — Bug 822686 - Check for null BitmapDrawable for missing jar resources. r=mfinkle
9d6d7796e2849189b996576939b48497528087ebKartikaya Gupta — Bug 726335 - Add support for sharing the current tab's URL over Android Beam. r=mfinkle
a38ff8b11dc0cca1c0e605444d9118f23c532be0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 726335 - Add support for receiving URLs via Android Beam. r=mfinkle
b9fa7600200fa50501cf296f47d9dd4acce6eb74Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 726335 - Code formatting cleanup. r=mfinkle
38b9c30772a8954b3603a8efb4f083519286868bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 847856 - Only send logcat data when the user selects the URL checkbox. r=mfinkle
bd280c980a1b57a167aad7ae2010d5cc80ad8ee6Mats Palmgren — Bug 842853 - Scroll position lost after page reload on url with anchor. r=roc
5c174f3aed3cf5a1a2163158464f0a0d0ff67599Alexander Surkov — Bug 824662 - enable logging in accessible/focus/test_takeFocus.html
3e34d50ae941149f8014f7465ee59fd95674f9daPaolo Amadini — Bug 835803 - Add tests for downloads whose size is zero bytes. r=enn
2c2cf61b8f39e7986f54ca86542dd17845c4be7bPaolo Amadini — Bug 835880 - Implement the basic DownloadList object. r=enn
bdfa6a0f2430f177b950545c2010e7f22d78bf10Paolo Amadini — Bug 835876 - Add the ability to restart downloads. r=enn
c124fcfa74146773ebf481288cb00c70b286c1b9Jim Chen — Bug 831144 - Change tests to use Shift+Accel+Z for redo; r=masayuki
e019954a133ce1052d0a877ab3fc6ae8f153d6b3Jim Chen — Bug 831144 - Add Android XBL key bindings; r=neil
b224ddd1e13d99334cfa4d1a498cdcd04a419a17Jim Chen — Bug 831144 - Properly pass meta states to Gecko; r=cpeterson
6bff158a4b53ce21a6e5fbc1726e42f7bc0ce36fEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
94e0b7a6523d4068d6dafff132beba50e9c2718cGeoff Brown — Bug 846158 - Clear mEventReceived in robocop blockForEvent; r=kats
1183cd0b083af88f526de7da3848f174ef8fccc6Jan de Mooij — Bug 847450 - Change FastInvokeGuard to only construct an IonContext if it needs one. r=h4writer
38fb986c0f86c55eb92d5a6d7522040abfa90253Ms2ger — Bug 839913 - Fix HTMLAreaElement's stringifier; r=bz
36e5a5b72325b64788d6eaf07403b41ed6baa50dMounir Lamouri — Bug 813897 - Fix crash in URL Classifier when using a system principal. r=bsmith,dcamp
f73c5ece0869f7d3fe4a43654e85573c75bad87aMounir Lamouri — Bug 614825 - <embed> should be display:none; when hidden attribute is set. r=bz
09d75eb637218a163f3fba1de15a3fd02dbd2887Alexander Surkov — Bug 815837 - DocAccessible::mDependentIDsHash needs to be traversed by the cycle collector, r=tbsaunde
5e9be4f5489d43232c7fd2fbea591553b39efdd1Frank Yan — Bug 845306 - Use 2x images for menu arrows. r=dolske
339085b4e9e6e804492d994853fd1d4e74245c1cRichard Marti — Bug 845516 - Use 2x images for menu checkmarks. r=fryn
b3fece5dfefd5b84b956729b5f221dbc44202d6aPanos Astithas — Increase the timeout for browser_dbg_createChrome.js to avoid orange in XP (bug 766119); r=me
c43e96e4a41aee559a648f849d6c7695bea9b1e0Phil Ringnalda — No bug, remove trailing whitespace to trigger builds on a CLOSED TREE
9539c3f2112b805f14ba7e2d5621f739e451c4f8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 836076 - Part 6: Hook up GainNode to the MediaStreams back-end to enable controlling the volume of the audio being played back; r=roc
f6c12a1fd1dd9084556a5d42824a4b2309c71616Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 836076 - Part 5: Provide an API for converting event times to tick values; r=roc
db2247a7ad0972600a913d4612c2d74cfedc2b3fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 836076 - Part 4: Move AudioEventTimeline::Event outside of AudioEventTimeline to be able to specialize its template members; r=roc
3f464b187876ae56f1bdd53d86066d91964cd773William Chen — Bug 847773 - Added override for GetWrapperCache with smart pointer argument to resolve ambiguity in templates. r=bz
7a7e1ca619c2761d47b5d096e4a260221f0196a1Jesse Ruderman — Bug 548763 followup - add missing include
f4062c4b4fba7858ae9ed3020e19c00bb987243bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 845960 - Fix a crash resulted from a missing nullcheck for the optional failure callback of decodeAudioData; r=bzbarsky
e3e79c49d75ab149b87ffcec53fc2fb9a29a7c8eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 74eaeeec2b9d (bug 847236) for crashes on a CLOSED TREE.
0ccaf14cac778eb4005ad8b4f2cd60b43f5d1af3Raymond Lee — Bug 847527 - Fix typo in metro/base/tests/ r=mbrubeck
cc8c25729d7a0c805c77ea7815c7fdfaebb84869Sunny — Bug 817381 - Add sThreadCount and sTelemetryMaxThreadCount to count the number of maximum concurrent threads in a download session and implemented Telemetry for the same. r=biesi
570619c0ef29fde7edf2d5553f3b935e01243f59Yoshi Huang — Bug 847770 : B2G RIL: typos in ICCRecordHelper.readANR and readEmail. r=hsinyi
0fad36308ee04fd27b4e35e72371a38b8d6cd6fbChris Double — Bug 845639 - Remove stagefright blocklisting for Sony Xperia Ion - r=bjacob
5d7391eb35715eae4ce897cf7c9cf6016ab29245Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 3ba8ed8f13de (bug 839913) for bustage.
c7abfd72b8e9d85fe7631afdb942f0ad13482646EKR — Bug 843644 - DNS resolution for STUN servers. r=abr
3ba8ed8f13debd540c16f427745e6eab4e10db56Ms2ger — Bug 839913 - Fix HTMLAreaElement's stringifier. r=bz
cc3bed297ae8f7da4965f92cf70ed43d1a5c8915Mike de Boer — Bug 833939 - Initialize gLogConsoleErrors to FALSE, also in debug builds. r=bsmedberg
cf3772a6f4e9c4262954efc81152ce5acda1cfd8Nathan Froyd — Bug 836943: Part 0 - Make sure IndexedDB attempts to initialize the storage service on the main thread. r=bent
5582f09cad9c898cdc88b93cf7bdd39bb2f960cbRichard Newman — Bug 840128 - Android client for Bagheera. r=nalexander
74eaeeec2b9def40205b7baeb409a9c9b7a8fd1bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 847236 - Simplify the dead nsEventTargetChainItem objects cache. r=smaug.
871fea46488376bef20f4f71a2c5a89bba39b16eWilliam Chen — Bug 783129 - Implementation of document.register without shadow DOM support. r=mrbkap
5f2ed65743659c7e42121ab4915b6a50b51f7c4eTrevor Saunders — bug 846619 - ArchiveZipFile should use inherited cc nsISupports macros since it inherits from nsDOMFileCC r=smaug
22288118672b5b423188d960022735728294f06aDavid Clarke — Bug 846057 - Add testPermission and hasPermission APIs. r=jgriffin
b8dfd0c9cfc35c0d34f6e826857166a9104059dbCykesiopka — Bug 339631 - Remove useless |const RDF_NS| in <pluginInstallerDatasource.js>. r=Mossop
38a945f2c79d61743f20588d02d8957dd147109dL. David Baron — Bug 846096: Remove SimpleTest.expectAssertions() calls annotating assertions from bug 846096.
c5a453f499b21f8b025323d40b701a2ce9549199Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 847210 - Remove nsNodeInfo::sNodeInfoPool and use vanilla allocation for nsNodeInfo objects. r=smaug.
fd21739c5bce511b869cfd31c85492f5fa8daaf0Jeff Gilbert — Bug 845368 - Generic vertex attribs should have a size of 4 - r=bjacob
40b1d8181e5698d3dfff8ad952792307fbc380baJeff Gilbert — Bug 845636 - WebGL uniform1i should generate INVALID_VALUE for invalid texture units - r=bjacob
5a302dd6d6ce8ed2e385a072b2d07ee418c2dd20Jeff Gilbert — Bug 845482 - Init scissor box values on offscreen context init - r=bjacob
8b10d28390d5a8d73cc235ef97e26733d6ffd273Mark Hammond — Bug 814986 - specify a max-height of 0px for the chatbar. r=felipe
5079012c91f28591b4310addacd2390e1cc079a5Mark Hammond — Bug 840872 - log an error if we fail to create a chat window. r=felipe
fcb7bae3f9b0674331101f039885a056ec7e1a6fMark Hammond — Bug 847094 - test-only fix for intermittent browser_social_chatwindowfocus test error. r=me.
f922160e61a6af50d0596f866f6c07ce8ba41c26Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 799142 - Make sure that the allocator for nsTimerEvent objects stays around long enough to deallocate all outstanding objects of that type; r=bsmedberg
8668e93394976b7f133f325188fe78a6e7394b65Trevor Saunders — bug 846487 - remove remaining usage of some nsIDOMFooElement r=Ms2Ger
d501d97c05a65eab5768e46c48ead751f785bb4cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 847002 - Add a crash if layer manager is null so we don't run off into garbage code. r=mattwoodrow
9d5602b5e9ba0c532a3d4ce8954f40b6d53f5569Jim Blandy — Bug 839313: Add regression test for JS shell 'it.customNative' fix. r=waldo
4ba0c687f0b415f29081c7656638090d27a63224Terrence Cole — Bug 841558 - Don't exactly mark tagged NULL pointers; r=sfink