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Fri Jul 06 09:45:16 2018 +0000
80d8f267abd8429bd213e109aa2c0724320e1110Abdoulaye O. Ly — Bug 1472074 - Fix behavior for multiselection using shift key to match other popular apps such as Chrome or Windows Explorer. r=Gijs
1814ad4986ce3190f509f75763536dde7e4306a2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1473515 - Make AutoDisableUndo restores enabled state of undo/redo with previous number of maximum transactions r=m_kato
b664194b632aa89d9f8c94c5948b57b2e490882eCameron McCormack — Bug 1473776 - Remove out of date comment. r=emilio
d32d4a18f0b7330ddf1fec1a2fcbca6dd687c4f5Nick Thomas — Bug 1469757 - partner repack rebuilds pass the partner names incorrectly, r=aki?
4d0ff7720f70a1b9842501b35c0355e120ae4ccbLina Cambridge — Bug 1472241 - Reparent Places roots on startup and handle misparented roots in the Sync mirror. r=mak
dbeb248015ccd9779e4c9625c2086afd31d7970fMike Hommey — Bug 1473436 - Default to lld for local *nix builds when it is available. r=chmanchester
bf4739550b9ddd556dd0f606496b31fbfcdb5954Mike Hommey — Bug 1473436 - Disable elfhack on local builds. r=chmanchester
de7abe2c2b3e8713aef98947b8cb784e4628c009Mike Hommey — Bug 1457168 - Make configure tests use LINKER_LDFLAGS. r=chmanchester
ddb29b481834c16a608ff6e4dd8382155239a94fGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1473507 - fix crash in nsILoadInfo::GetOriginAttributes when passing no principal to SavePrivacyAwareURI, r=mccr8 — Bug 1472894 - Forbid too-large ranges in BlitFramebuffer. - r=kvark
4fd60abd9726046598d302b473106f7df33e66f1James Teh — Bug 468497: Inform the accessibility FocusManager when a XUL tree's view changes. r=MarcoZ
13c926e6695891fe6a2a7145468e38b7eb08bc70James Teh — Bug 1473200: Provide accessibility context for permission controls in the identity popup. r=johannh
4caf4cf4cf374868e722b7e02d8c8c9cc759c8adJames Teh — Bug 1473199: Make permission controls tabbable again in the identity popup. r=johannh
18a6d392999fb556fd429ce542f49fd5ffd3655fCosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset ddb83501ed00 (bug 1472241) for xpcshell failures on test_current_from_v43. CLOSED TREE
ddb7d8cf539f2948c6b169e58ae97d59c74e8b1cCosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 781e6389661e (bug 1399501) for assertion failures on gfx/gl/GLContext. CLOSED TREE
57eb4ec50bfb94c5e57d59fcc273435bd5ecc911Tim Nguyen — Bug 1347204 - Implement the colors.ntp_background and colors.ntp_text properties. r=mconley
ca8e1213f5ed15150f7bd1815ca2f534c40a1e5eTim Nguyen — Bug 1347204 - Activity stream changes. r=andreio
ddb83501ed00ac36bc2cdca537882328d2046394Lina Cambridge — Bug 1472241 - Reparent Places roots on startup and handle misparented roots in the Sync mirror. r=mak
2093b8e55daf72f8a03fd420dfccbfd23078e4b1Cosmin Sabou — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1347204) for ESlint failure on browser_ext_themes_ntp_colors. CLOSED TREE
9d206108bb4c096fd766117dbec0fdedace0762dLina Cambridge — Bug 1473382 - Ensure the bookmarks mirror fires item change observer notifications for livemark annos. r=mak
7b54fb09d5f9a8ec598aee17920b30be0387d448Michael Kaply — Bug 947838 - Don't reload distro prefs, just load at the same time as customizations. r=florian
29caa80097848b216f59025e77fdbc1e89ee410aTim Nguyen — Bug 1347204 - Implement the colors.ntp_background and colors.ntp_text properties. r=mconley
46922541d170413d680452cea9edc701f23fdf73Tim Nguyen — Bug 1347204 - Activity stream changes. r=andreio
19e25df4d7b62e30acfbfb19bbada0aacc204d17Noemi Erli — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
781e6389661eebbdbda056f9c1a27be6eccbae4cJeff Gilbert — Bug 1399501 - Don't allow glsl[130,400) unless we have gpu_shader5. - r=kvark
fda31bd96fa10a0a28d4ad74b5c343933e351edbKearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1466699 - Implement VRService thread r=daoshengmu
cbdea658bee191561223919b38275541da990a41Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1473578 - Remove deprecated synchronous DebuggerServer.registerModule feature. r=jryans
ec543bbe214de494cc8b2b4332de40791d70f97fJamie Nicol — Bug 1473379 - Change PaintedLayerData::mAssignedDisplayItems to a std::vector. r=mattwoodrow
9c8e9cc23b1d1aeacf258a3b210e4d8ee9b36f34arthur.iakab — Backed out changeset 4b75dda634bc (bug 1473382)for presumed ES lint failures on request of lin
4b75dda634bc7edf1e77813eb889d43092855038Lina Cambridge — Bug 1473382 - Ensure the bookmarks mirror fires item change observer notifications for livemark annos. r=mak — Bug 1473169 - Support KHR_create_context_no_error in EGL. - r=kvark
d292eb650b0b715388bda5c579b97692c7ebf2ecMorgan Rae Reschenberg — Bug 1470329 - Change ReflowInput to have unconstrained BSize for size-contained elements, add reftests r=dholbert
3f4e1feb7c8ede70b62d712ff9c3740c4540ad4dDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1470621: actionPerm is the cb_name, not name; r=tomprince
ceffafc6dee3d1d2a147ea83fb181dbee314159eDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1470621: make all actions use hooks r=tomprince
6d99d7ff80c40735fadd0da1e61d1fcc2090f30cDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1470886 - only produce tasks for recognized tasks_for; r=tomprince
3cb7eb89668a782b8709c30a67dd1604a6b8a7a1Henrik Skupin — Bug 1469534 - Do not run Marionette tests for Android on release branches. r=dustin,tomprince
f8598c3a26bbf7e9bdb12226acfc69cd387cf0eaMichael Kaply — Bug 1466631 - Move MercadoLibre to UTF-8, https and fix icon. r=flod
4e23a5b6f5d8d881bdccfed5e9e149ba2e0b32f8Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1473636: remove outdated information about raw YAML templates, custom tasks; r=tomprince
6faeb38b3bb20361cae0c7c3e99d9e73247b4eb7Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1473636: move description of create_tasks to its own section; r=tomprince
23ef373165a1a87ce1ebc9be43b6cbc3517b4d84Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1473636: clarify arguments to action callbacks; r=tomprince
23e74272af708f483ffc77e4653ee6a0d61eea7eDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1473636: raise errors in cancel-all action; r=tomprince
93b74e218e646156fe81f4e693bc62778546042eabhinav — Bug 1461271 - Copy POST data labelled wrongly for PUT/PATCH requests in network tab.r=Honza
06295b3bc400efedb63c48f1b099103211f188b4Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 1473181 - Observe http modify request rather than useragent request in the GWS/FB addon to support overriding UA string on XHRs as well. r=mconley
8d7d5087a5052ca407f893cd6055de6f177c187aTed Mielczarek — bug 1473121 - Pass -vv to cargo build instead of just --verbose when verbose output is requested. r=gps
1ca992fccdc7d0a9efaf745ff678b786622e4023Joel Maher — Bug 1471908 - 'OSError' when raptor shutsdown the browser on win32/64. r=rwood
fe1a76e6f53806493e6bb13e4578fa8a2a28462aBrendan Dahl — Bug 1466897 - Rename nsIRootBox to nsIPopupContainer. r=mats
e9bb8a5898b969ef0e25be98a46512e95e558babBrendan Dahl — Bug 1466897 - Support devtools context menus in top level HTML pages. r=bgrins
c5dd2fdeda523018c87dfb4645f17b733b7a9111Brendan Dahl — Bug 1466897 - Support context menus in top level chrome privileged HTML pages. r=dbaron,mats
cb9a1ff4a249e72d3460cb998c9dd18bfe0c4f48Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1469651 - For autofill, collapse all prefixes per host. r=mak