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Fri Feb 05 10:53:43 2016 +0000
1dbe350b57b17ec1ce2887441b79c6f51b429378Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 0d358cdf1ce4 (bug 1237458) for bustage
91b300b43f10c1b5c4e46002f02ff69d383ec4f5Bill McCloskey — Bug 1210099 - Fix structured clone of expanded principal (r=bholley)
0e54a3a870e9abbb39d85620204e05f33341c475Bill McCloskey — Bug 1210099 - Use diagnostic assert for union discriminator checks (r=jld)
0d358cdf1ce4cec60ada9f70ef18ede566098237Bill McCloskey — Bug 1237458 - Use MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT for IPC assertions (r=jld)
7b6557aa9bdb3bff32a0cb3240147ef3e4e64a8bCameron McCormack — Bug 1244595 - Don't check whether shorthands are non-animatable when parsing JS keyframe objects. r=birtles
5fdff97e8109cc0104e42e05c739e05a0b8514a1Rudolfs Bundulis — Bug 1235427: [mp4] Properly parse tfhd box. r=jya
9bf327b95bc3baed2cf426c02b40b33efd18d133Jesse Ruderman — Bug 1244948 - silence the 'loaded script twice' warning. r=bz
772b1669c5b30a8f3419acb24e4112254105fcc2Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1244639: P2. Don't clamp audio time to seek time if there's no video track. r=cpearce
f5adde7c353aa61e22611562d512a9c04be1f952Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1244639: P1. Don't assume MP3 decoding always starts at 0. r=cpearce
ec59c852f451f0dbca6adfddc8b4650fd2052be2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1245761 (part 2) - Measure JIT compartments. r=jandem.
e8cba09719a11bc892754aea23f323d907428e67Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1245761 (part 1) - Actually report the nonSyntacticLexicalScopesTable measurement. r=shu.
a0599bb3ff5c145ad4af7da3135b83677ab83acfChris Manchester — Bug 1240059 - Treat psutil as optional in record_resource_usage. r=gps
0a534e3ded0582ebbdef2a91ac37cad43a1aa557Luke Wagner — Bug 1244405 - Baldr: add memory segments (r=sunfish)
0bc0fead84b9d4174e49d02f01c6aac62634edf4Luke Wagner — Bug 1244405 - Baldr: add memory exports (r=bbouvier)
78998396c985b5371c674f141618fff7f6359e56Luke Wagner — Bug 1244405 - Baldr: add memory section (r=bbouvier)
5711cc34477236babfe6d95c5ba49820bad36d14Luke Wagner — Bug 1244405 - Baldr: fix wasm function export name (r=bbouvier)
aeb583e242e9d23dfba0eb3261ecb5b1bfe41fc1Luke Wagner — Bug 1244405 - Odin: refactor ArrayBufferObject::createForWasm out of prepareForAsmJS (r=bbouvier)
42bf14535d13996fac795e5107ee8c0075005628Luke Wagner — Bug 1244405 - Odin: switch to dynamic page size, move heap constants to Wasm (r=bbouvier)
e90ce87f33004f296746b34b9b4b797726edf282Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
ffdf364dd29511ad1a0eb517b0b085719050a8f4JW Wang — Bug 1245542 - I suspect AudioData::mAudioData/mFrames are poisoned when sample format doesn't match the metadata. Let's ignore these samples to see if crash volume can be reduced. r=kinetik.
6b16abc856972cf48e0254d881d8e1ad1ad7f353Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1239889 part 2 - Test for an animation target without a current document; r=birtles
3bb3381dc5f82da9ce39eb8f8177721c58839029Brian Birtles — Bug 1239889 part 1 - Throw if the animation target does not have a current document; r=heycam
d0382e8ba2696c4ae7835379b4480ec118b5d180Jonathan Howard — Bug 1241931 - On shutdown stop any ongoing loading of fonts; GDI in particular. r=jdaggett
979832bbcc99be69471b316713ec1a8ba3c55fb1Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 65e246baede4 (bug 1242641) for valgrind bustage CLOSED TREE
9a15e1b3f69cdbf593db079b15409164393a6c7dJakob Stoklund Olesen — Bug 1245547 - Implement RSimdBox for Uint32x4. r=nbp
f852c7bbd5fc539e7757e818226126750e72f878Jan de Mooij — Bug 1244215 part 2 - Get rid of unwound frames and clean up a lot of code in this area. r=nbp
fdaa29338b297a67796a2d02d1c11c8c2de167efJan de Mooij — Bug 1244215 part 1 - Store frame header size in the frame descriptor. r=nbp
a7f2b93dd5645b22e82e7fa5dfef6a926e46ea83Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1244720 - Allow scheduling on try Wr-e10s jobs for TaskCluster Linux64 debug builds. tier-2. DONTBUILD. r=jmaher
6391ae6db0ff732c8affd9143e8d080c22d1c4c6Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1241297 - Bump timeout for TC Linux64 wpt tests and go from 12 chunks to 8 chunks. DONTBUILD. r=jmaher
30210bbd013e29fd60e3b87f8ffa4997a95fd235Ben Kelly — Bug 1244764 P5 Fix devtools test to work with new Cache add()/addAll() behavior. r=ehsan
c9e84bd323962fe1ff5b418af11d26de58907344Ben Kelly — Bug 1244764 P4 Update cache wpt tests for new add()/addAll() behavior. r=ehsan
0517781f5ff7c96cd47addcce6e703d8c350dd5bBen Kelly — Bug 1244764 P3 Make service worker tests pass with new Cache add()/addAll() behavior. r=ehsan
fefb8f3312f28677076dfbfa659955a3793cdf36Ben Kelly — Bug 1244764 P2 Make dom/cache mochitests pass with new add()/addAll() behavior. r=ehsan
d39088bf6b05a72e8b3ea0a375c754a10c03d652Ben Kelly — Bug 1244764 P1 Make Cache .add()/.addAll() fail if a Response.ok() is false. r=ehsan
556b33a57f0fd66dcda8171b10cc9fb5a15a38f0Jim Mathies — Bug 1243413 - If a plugin window is hidden in an adjacent scroll frame due to APZ scroll state changes, make sure to show the plugin window after the scroll operation complete. r=kats
880ef8eaff44943842cd54f1ea5985c4ef0076ecAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1245768 - Implement a test for the correct error management when worker imports 3rd party scripts, r=bz
9c8c41a4678ecafbb20689d1b92cd5facdf60e8eBen Kelly — Bug 1243453 P2 Test XHR with a non-intercepting service worker. r=ehsan
642aa364f5ae01e7584a2038abf5a1969bf14ca5Ben Kelly — Bug 1243453 P1 Make nsCORSListenerProxy call UpdateChannel() for internal redirects. r=sicking
c9506e817fe1b670e72f4eb280b7322aefe94ab1Randall Barker — Bug 1245285 - part 3, Remove unused repaint_interval prefs r=botond
4436ae606459824e06632680d461695ef7742541Randall Barker — Bug 1245285 - part 2, Prevent Zoom and Overscroll animations from repainting durring animation r=botond
7e7eb92b685621254167b844f0737fc4513d7f4aRandall Barker — Bug 1245285 - part 1, Remove unused mRepaintInterval from AsyncPanZoomAnimation r=botond
2564c91f9a5cb8d58e8183f0219aeae5a7492103Yura Zenevich — Bug 1244837 - only performing multiple attempts to retrieve an accessible object iff raisesAccessibilityExceptions capability is set to true. r=ato
c20656666ba409b46a64d5c2f33b24e9e660d576Geoff Brown — Bug 1245634 - Skip layout/generic/crashtests/730559.html on Android Debug only, for being too slow; r=me
65e246baede44b6c75f0603d4cc3901e0d7a45a9Nick Thomas — Bug 1242641 - GTK+3 still not working for buildbot builds on beta. r=rail
d9520249a4a0d6469be46c6f2077f29cb8dff105Joel Maher — Bug 710296 - turn on responsiveness for linux in Talos. r=parkouss
865b01fa794740d0d78430f36d371b7f63330a00Paul Adenot — Bug 1241499 - Initialize the HRTF database lazily. r=karlt
3bb724661e174762fe8d38a1bb7ec391682f1215Hannes Verschore — Bug 1242578 - Add documentation about the binary arith annotations for jit coach, r=shu
53630278e42349c35ca66fdded235d2040872cb8Hannes Verschore — Bug 1242578 - Annotate binary arith for jit coach, r=shu
df9079dc3f01d168a70b9d9e633a04b3445caa3aThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1194721: Support Gonk sensors daemon, r=gsvelto
303d6630e6986c63a52316c6fdd13ebfdf92e93dThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1194721: Add interface for Gonk sensors daemon, r=gsvelto
dd570dc405ce3297eac2b8158fbe74010adeeab1Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1194721: Add poll interface and module for Gonk sensors, r=gsvelto
8dd47c4c4cd663c086b8e162c720fe930283abb1Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1194721: Add registry interface and module for Gonk sensors, r=gsvelto
67a40851409d512802f7fca7bb89013674dba6a8Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1194721: Add helpers for Gonk sensors daemon, r=gsvelto
fdb592d6e508458b5ab78985e775e3bca6f0212aThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1194721: Add additional PDU pack and unpack functions, r=shuang
2a1561a18ce9897038c1770a696775d6591952b6Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1194721: Add |DaemonRunnable8|, r=shuang
e25fe2724b9e1db40874b465eeb96b109914415bThomas Zimmermann — Bug 1194721: Add PDU_ prefix to daemon PDU constants, r=shuang
56072bca8401036b3d5460fcaa6fc583b66b90c2Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 1194721: Add |Saturate| template for saturation arithmetics, r=nfroyd
593b8d0596a5493dd9ec8972c73194ebc54953b1Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
73e8c21d079a9153cba43992ada6b85a54a8bdb3Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1243374: Don't emit moves if the MoveResolver has failed earlier; r=nbp
e8ea602c3c9345d4b82621a4e2aa740f14aafa01Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1242342: Add If and IfElse to WebAssembly; r=luke
c4044ca82798f6c0a0d0d868c8a8bcb3394f1d0aBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1242342: Set return type accordingly to the compilation mode; r=luke
3cfbbaeadb0b89aba2e9f771072148164db5d604Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1242342: Replace Ternary by IfElse which return expressions; r=luke
633d74f817b253cc9b424de664bfa23911fa8c03Chris Pearce — Bug 1243878 - Null check CDMProxy::mKeys in CDMProxy::OnExpirationChange() before use. r=jwwang
f504534748b4ca5cc5a71b131a7de2b704b4c816William Chen — Bug 1245242 - Normalize to unit vector for DOMMatrix.rotateAxisAngleSelf. r=roc
67f39b0f514bc13aa80c7056a46f8106aaa69e47Mike Hommey — Bug 1245763 - Don't emit Sources objects when there is no Linkable in the same directory. r=gps
b77146ab68722ee25345c322c950898a9a9f1d85Mike Hommey — Bug 1245763 - Move the _handle_programs and _process_sources around. r=gps
ef28fb13dc0b8044567120e3eb9619a9f9a48339Mike Hommey — Bug 1245763 - Group sources and linkables handling function cals in mozbuild.emitter. r=gps
75fe50edcf9aca16125fa9abf8011e6b36ba7634Mark Goodwin — Bug 1244776 - Update moz-kinto-client.js to include recent Kinto.js changes r=rnewman
d1339eeb75cc7e4a81a54005b577bacfe1035982Bob Owen — Bug 1245246: Add null check for mDocViewerPrint in nsPrintEngine::FirePrintingErrorEvent. r=roc
c9585cb5a3cf9d59b8c1a13db5f9aa5776a18e14Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Add pref for details and summary elements. r=bz
96ba4ef5ffc2245c37addf6ffb6ee33bf1739fb4Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Mark tests in web-platform-test pass. r=Ms2ger
fed3c367cdd56eb5bc1baa072be46814105f64b4Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Fix test_HTMLSpec.html. r=surkov
afeae0daec337e0cc66f2e90e7f98b474675107cTing-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Add reftest for mouse click on summary. r=bz
98d74607f5474943dcc58efcdf98753f2cc44812Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Avoid dispatch mouse double click to content not in doc. r=smaug
804f641540a43a63a8165167abc3be0c91e1416eTing-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Implement toggling open details by mouse click. r=bz
f3f8a3303dbef375c5164fe6e93fc3e8c1132accTing-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Add crashtest for details and summary. r=bz
dbe4d34c5019243e53a77a82aa725c964b40528eTing-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Add reftests for details and summary. r=bz
d5e3c2b54b0e2483a89c5d32ea2a3489437a35f7Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Provide a default summary element by DetailsFrame. r=bz
e62deaa9a7332df75b2e0f12d8f9331e43dd0d82Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Construct details and summary in nsCSSFrameConstructor. r=bz
a4f84794091c8857ab78ee07400c5423937c4097Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Add SummaryFrame. r=bz
95c721eb4e942fcb9201a5130daa4bf5fe840993Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Add DetailsFrame. r=bz
5cee7af18f881aab65f85e915e485b629fa26a99Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Add HTMLSummaryElement. r=bz
e95439f4c6ce983cf0cb5922af60b421499c8b25Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Add HTMLDetailsElement and webidl interface. r=bz
4e9190bcd7e4b9abddd633154732eb4864565958Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Add details and summary to nsHTMLEditUtils. r=ehsan
8c3992d92f278b87a0fe80627fbb9c995a05ed72Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 591737 - Teach parser about <details> and <summary>. r=mrbkap
db95299f4d30b9516ddc76c23402cbb3120be97cMakoto Kato — Bug 1245038 - Show on screen keyboard even if tip window is invisible. r=masayuki
222f33942e44e69580e32d600d12b6246d3bdc4cBogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1245451 - add default nullptr value to mChrome. r=bsmedberg
fcc09acdf9e62989c2c059293dc0bd88f20fc9d7Lee Salzman — Bug 1244850 - always validate destination rect for CanvasRenderingContext2D::DrawImage. r=jmuizelaar
b97b9546f96a0ab580e1f9320b2b9bd9048b63bbFrédéric Wang — Bug 1227058 - Include the woff2 library in the gecko build. b=1227058, r=jfkthame
43f8fc8c8a85f75d5ae1a63123ea9a03ad3ac4f1Frédéric Wang — Bug 1227058 - Update OTS to version 5.0.0. r=jfkthame
e9875981edf2f0e125d95079d2e6ef4d0a8869afLee Salzman — Bug 1244228 - fix DrawTargetSkia::OptimizeSourceSurface to still create Skia surfaces for GPU canvases even if creating a GPU surface failed. r=jmuizelaar