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Wed Nov 10 20:06:29 2010 +0000
85b93f3ea9d1252ed24ff2cfcdccc05ee44bdb03Karl Tomlinson — b=597147 part 12: un-inline some of gfxPangoFcFont r=jfkthame a=blocking
b58fc686e2d45483c10433135a06e4cc05d20bcbKarl Tomlinson — b=597147 part 11: Use C++ instance methods in gfxPangoFcFont r=jfkthame
dadd4bd7e7107fd37d85210acc92fcfc46b4ed3bKarl Tomlinson — b=597147 part 10: make font group language a real language for font shaping r=jfkthame
6e65aa67a0b336d10b5b1c3e91e5cfd6ca483449Karl Tomlinson — b=597212 remove unnecessary extra nsILanguageAtomService::LookupLanguage r=jfkthame a=joe
4209311080360ed630a0d29871d250fc8d77c567Karl Tomlinson — b=597212 hold a reference to language nsIAtom from gfxFontStyle r=jfkthame a=joe
38776ca9e076ba0c13dc8232c6e3612c59a9219dKarl Tomlinson — b=597147 part 9: make language GetSampleLangForGroup parameter an atom r=jfkthame
1f8b0ef812227bbd6c27f01fe51e84ba258773edKarl Tomlinson — b=597147 part 7: avoid some signed/unsigned comparisons r=jfkthame
ddba4d6b177df76198e045318402f5898c9b5669Karl Tomlinson — b=597147 part 6: move Pango shaping out of FontGroup r=jfkthame
c833b446c0f35534f5559560f038a0c122461abfKarl Tomlinson — b=597147 part 5: move glyph run routines from FontGroup to Font r=jfkthame
a163634c1c7dd64ce249f768a68f52cdc0bb1a25Karl Tomlinson — b=597147 part 4b: pass run script to FindFontForChar and add gfxPangoFontGroup implementation r=jfkthame
ec5bb9c55d4bd407c226861eb1d07629f60191a1Karl Tomlinson — b=597147 part 4a: move latin-for-common bug 590114 workaround from font group to shaper so as not to disrupt fontconfig font selection language r=jfkthame
ed65851c96c91460c7676437acb2d08eaef3dbf7Karl Tomlinson — b=597147 part 3: add gfxFcFont* gfxFcFontSet::GetFontAt(i) and use it for size-adjust measuring font r=jfkthame
8ad44f07b1ed1a62c1f7b65898dd1e0e25f0c997Karl Tomlinson — b=597147 part 2: rename gfxFcPangoFontSet to gfxFcFontSet, add GetBaseFont to return a gfxFcFont r=jfkthame
fe434322269b94afd342250847cdb29fdb797328Karl Tomlinson — b=597147 part 1: remove unused WhichFontSupportsChar r=jfkthame