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Thu Jul 22 19:20:25 2010 +0000
c7f09e2013b7eff5cf076b8e27463dc80a0ceab4Daniel Holbert — Bug 550975: Apply this bug's mochitest-stability-improvements to test_smilRestart.xhtml, which got missed in main landing for this bug. [tests-only]
2006b9fc09ecbc3b2b73f40fb712f80c6faf93e0Daniel Holbert — Bug 580098 followup: Revert no-longer-needed hackarounds from mochitests test_smilReset.xhtml & test_smilRestart.xhtml. [tests-only]
b88ed3955c992087dcf3b2637e65475cb1af1d67Daniel Holbert — Bug 580098: Request resample when firing SVGLoad, so that any DOM requests after SVGLoad but before first SMIL sample will trigger synchronous sample-flush. r=birtles