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Sun May 26 09:32:28 2019 +0000
c63967f172ee0d2c6624fdce772599efe87836acLiang-Heng Chen — Bug 1552536 - add dummy page load origin; r=Ehsan,chutten
5247954abf59df1fb2d4ad09959ff4e2070febb1Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1554438 - P2. Only shutdown thread if it was started. r=sotaro
e40827b3a3529655f902392eac05906ff815acd4Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1554438 - P1. Don't rely on a live pref to determine order of actions. r=sotaro
d3bb565468f694e71c793020b47f679f5a8b860cBastien Orivel — Bug 1554426 - Re-introduce Renderer::current_epoch. r=emilio
6e27e86c9ab0e5181f59baec1f5547bc0b58fcf7Robert Strong — Bug 336267 - When disabling automatic updating and there is an update in progress ask the user if they want to cancel the update. r=flod,bytesized
492f35b04474cfc04f904416a7de3f39663a97c4Jeff Walden — Bug 1553502 - Allow DOM workers' ScriptLoadInfo to store and evaluate either UTF-8 or UTF-16 data, depending whether dom.worker.script_loader.utf8_parsing.enabled is true. r=bzbarsky
20f03bc56440ea70ec402d3c15780d1fb969f829Jeff Walden — Bug 1553502 - Make DOM workers' ScriptLoadInfo class use member initializers instead of performing the same initializations in the constructor, for greater readability. r=bzbarsky
1337df4d9d115578e65cabfe75f0f679dbb9d7abJeff Walden — Bug 1553502 - Implement ScriptLoader::ConvertToUTF8. r=bzbarsky