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Fri Jul 04 03:04:00 2014 +0000
39bf1eaa9190c52d5dda6e4160d9b3694a8e552fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9cb84e8bbb30 (bug 1032415) for frequent Windows XP debug mochitest-other asserts.
1fd5a864e81da9e7b5ed02d98b9884517e28e23bRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 10 changesets (bug 1033358, bug 774388, bug 1028383) for causing frequent shutdown crashes on a CLOSED TREE.
6336da29c6d4ac0876bdcddda96aa17dea97548dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 3f079d36c620 (bug 1034257) for non-unified bustage.
3f079d36c6200644de161db1312bd27b41a2a1dcGeorge Wright — Bug 1034257 - Implement CreateSourceSurfaceForNativeSurface for Cairo surface types, to enable Xlib surfaces to be drawn properly when using Skia content rendering r=jrmuizel
7c0af1873a74e8b3fe750a5decb8d35f58a3cffcMonica Chew — Bug 1033872: Split off into a separate pinset (r=keeler)
c5ac0914b65cb9cde462ca2bb96a5dff7dd6fa78Mike Hommey — Bug 1033958 - Avoid running configure on every build when mozconfig changes $PATH. r=gps
46c307cec0583e9eb053e641fdcd24f2c5279b89Jonathan Griffin — Bug 1033824 - Bump Marionette to 0.7.11, r=mdas
2937a989dbf8803599877bf68080ece433f44d31Chris Pearce — Bug 1023564 & bug 981153 - Re-enable test_seek.html on platforms where it's not so intermittent. r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
efc7e30c8eae63227618057aafbed9a0af850ad6Jeff Gilbert — Bug 925530 - Disable WebGL antialiasing on Mobile by default. - r=kamidphish,vlad
7535d57be721bfe1d897a8da68abae84a293767cJeff Gilbert — Bug 1023553 - Move color_buffer[_half]_float behind the draft flag. - r=kamidphish
3b08830f48dc460e3d051881e418ac5f78dd59d7Eric Rahm — Bug 1024788 - CollectPmemReports leaks |sizeFile| on fscanf error. r=njn
a9ffbd31b81c62fcf9debf6ca807bc9d7004ddc3Hannes Verschore — Bug 1033959 - Don't use wmemchr when string matching on Windows, r=luke
60051d7558c4d479f2bcc2c87446377802e31194Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1033398 - Ensure we request composites while overscroll is being reduced by touch input. r=drs
954509139d295df97206f867d1e8f4f1588c048dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1027851 - Ensure the displayport size always includes the danger zone. r=Cwiiis
1ed6254f6ef36c01a35c5c8587a6506f1562c4cbKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1027851 - Add some more logging for when we abort paints. r=Cwiiis
9cb84e8bbb30d5b14230d50bba5b228822fd8db9Kyle Huey — Bug 1032415: Mark nsGlobalWindow::GetContextForEventHandlers as inner only. r=smaug
7e1af3a64216466a47186884821eaf579e9860ebKyle Huey — Bug 1033343: Handle an uninitialized CustomEvent correctly. r=smaug
dc28da9f9d80643688cd9266ed4a857cd1eb2dfcRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound on a CLOSED TREE. a=merge
2b018836f449b166738fc4d62e0d6c05ca848d35Jim Blandy — Bug 1031143: Include omitted patch reject fixes. CLOSED TREE r=borked
87ffae4aea2bcfd081262e6cf80c6212491ed77bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1034179 - Use the right resolution when generating a FrameMetrics object for GetOrMaybeCreateDisplayport. r=tn
111548aad0c5b2461971792430a8bb6344f16b5dJim Blandy — Bug 1031143: Make CaptureCurrentStack accept an optional limit on the number of frames captured. r=shu
2edbce6ee196736dfe8f0c725b6841ad908fc66aRobert Longson — Bug 556441 - Interpolation fails for stroke-width and stroke-dashoffset when animating between unitless values & values with units. r=dbaron
32ad89bbe0759d6ea9c44d3b9593b7e1f29f4e82Luke Wagner — Bug 1030446 - dom/asmjscache/tests should pass if isAsmJSCompilationEnabled is false (r=me)
7abc1d5a4e4c97dbb904e93ba8dae3ec4e828241Luke Wagner — Bug 1030446 - Build a list of code ranges and use this instead of CallSite for describing functions (r=dougc)
d1235dfcbda034c6f4bef24389645f6294cf0895Luke Wagner — Bug 1030446 - Store and use exit-fp instead of exit-sp for asm.js stack unwinding (r=dougc)
46136920eafe137cfd5759d6b3264a685700f7b0Luke Wagner — Bug 1030446 - Change asm.js tests to use setJitCompilerOption instead of looping a bunch (r=bbouvier)
3b57ff9dd413f2c2a5fba64a01f7b6e758cf3b0bLuke Wagner — Bug 1030446 - Move AsmJSFrameIterator to its own file (r=dougc)
a54b05c9e4a1e5b32ea8648bde70807404ad154aBenoit Jacob — Bug 1028383 - Make ITopLevelProtocol assert to enforce its assumptions that things happen on the main thread - r=bent
37985f79e0c22da5051a0339dd27f17137ca52aeBenoit Jacob — Bug 774388 - Patch 11: Use a plain RunnableFunction to release the ImageBridgeParent singleton - r=mattwoodrow
d075217290772151a579d3edb1ce0d0c912c6fc6Benoit Jacob — Bug 774388 - Patch 10: destroy the ImageBridgeChild singleton on the main thread (and sprinkle some assertions) - r=mattwoodrow
9f14b17f358c21712f442a4fb4f3a595b9c12884Benoit Jacob — Bug 774388 - Patch 9: Introduce NS_INLINE_DECL_THREADSAFE_REFCOUNTING_WITH_MAIN_THREAD_DESTRUCTION - r=mattwoodrow
2d347d6aa9bcc6cf6c796c3dacdb98b4e7c4027eBenoit Jacob — Bug 774388 - Patch 8: Avoid a deadlock between shutdown of CompositorParent and of CompositorThreadHolder - r=mattwoodrow
99581dfb5ec491512f92953fbbcbd6789cf594e7Benoit Jacob — Bug 774388 - Patch 7: Block the main thread on compositor shutdown - r=mattwoodrow
2532e22d613508a3af62cb31078281e3d77aec2eBenoit Jacob — Bug 774388 - Patch 5: Wait for [CrossProcess]CompositorParent's to be gone before we tear down the compositor thread - r=mattwoodrow
719844108f1a3cf1b6de996162c499f04219fa93Benoit Jacob — Bug 774388 - Tiny reordering of when we shut down Layers IPC - r=nical,mattwoodrow
7829c78348a4429a8362c0953ecf66d398fc8e95Benoit Jacob — Bug 1033358 - Make NS_IsMainThread use its own TLS so it's always correct, from early init to exit time - r=bsmedberg
c571df9a85de14c34bab14c1bcd48303a326cb86Benoit Jacob — Bug 1033358 - Fix linking of the AVOID_NSPR build - r=bsmedberg
82210155467cd41aa704541c663e99db64fe464fRobert Longson — Bug 1024860 - getTotalLength on an empty path should not throw but return 0 instead. r=jwatt,bzbarsky
2c0234a7ba1eba725f4aa61a1d65d8190848a18fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1029718. Skip transform calculation if region to transform is empty for layer event regions. r=mstange
05e8235c3e20db065bd6ec7723c6ab262961e6faRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 9f1c312a85ee (bug 918386) for crashes.
e4738365e0a1ab4b3d375d9a45f94ab5eb26d712Jim Blandy — Bug 1005323: In nsTemporaryFileInputStream::ReadSegments, call writer correctly. r=roc
ed419a60029cd64fdedf2d40cb27047b0ffe8f38Jim Blandy — Bug 1033581: Don't worry about the compartment of the owning element for a script's JS code. r=bholley
2afd5db295eef0afff559d2c7423009ae3720cbcBobby Holley — Bug 1032457 - Implement the |allowCallbacks| parameter to exportFunction. r=gabor
704be3e8cd10d49c3ada27938ef2665cdf63d657Bobby Holley — Bug 1032457 - Separate out cloning and non-cloning function forwarders. r=gabor
cd5ec2d1435d2640274c8618b91dba882d84a6ccBobby Holley — Bug 1032457 - Rename ExportOptions to ExportFunctionOptions. r=gabor
c630687dad45fe1d13623cb58ca7ea7308f4cf8dWalter Litwinczyk — Bug 1024803 - Added comments and asserts to nsBMPDecoder to make it clearer that an overflow is not possible. r=milan
9f1c312a85eed91076741d9b4921ca4ada6d3f99Milan Sreckovic — Bug 918386: Add webidl for adapter subsys. Only relevant on Windows. r=vvukicevic.