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Sat Feb 19 22:42:01 2011 +0000
3e52c6d7f7283cc0921d19a74bf4867fdd8777d0Joe Drew — Bug 627656 - Rather than creating a new texture for the resizer every draw and then deleting it once we're done, create a texture once on our first draw, then hold on to it until our widget is deleted. r=jrmuizel,mattwoodrow a=jrmuizel
c22790bab37ac767d7bb098974443c9ed5c905a3Joe Drew — Bug 627656 - Move the implementation of DrawOver to nsChildView, because that's the widget on which we create our OpenGL view, and it's therefore easier to reason about texture lifetimes with that. r=jrmuizel,mattwoodrow a=jrmuizel
77e1fe783407e3af600bd794ed520ac35db0bccbMatt Woodrow — Bug 635302: fix flipping logic to handle both single-buffered and double-buffered cases correctly. r=joe, a=hardblocker.