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Thu Aug 15 10:56:09 2013 +0000
31c08ca022b3e811cf371142d86d3229ada27d59L. David Baron — Back out changeset 2454e6a5edbd (Bug 904926) on CLOSED TREE for lots of fatal assertions in Windows debug builds in MediaDecoder::IsDataCachedToEndOfResource.
64e83ea4fbadf65a1152b0fd2344631314ceb0c5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 898274 (part 2) - Check ordering of #include statements in r=benjamin.
200fae26b2717a4c5a8aa9a399ee7a675cb9be1bNicholas Nethercote — Bug 898274 (part 1) - Fix ordering of various #include statements. r=benjamin.
b36a029cdb83bf925ac6586453fee075a24a01e5L. David Baron — Bug 893308: Move hashtable of @keyframes rules (keyed by name) from nsAnimationManager to RuleCascadeData. r=heycam
3375b2da844eb3972b782690e382c01ee14651cfDan Gohman — Bug 905166 - IonMonkey - Handle NaN cases explicitly in Range::min and Range::max. r=nbp
6cef967999c402782413e108975e6d8609e0a27dDaniel Holbert — Bug 903513: Don't treat GCC "-Wmaybe-uninitialized" warnings as errors. r=gps
533ac6b8ee3802aff1bd920f619ff1bb37550473Robert O'Callahan — Bug 900785. Part 2: Make nsRefreshDriver use the WinUtils DWM APIs instead of loading the DLL itself. r=avih
3f00d003742cde5be30dbb650e9b7c703c5eb35aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 900875. Part 1: Move DWM APIs to WinUtils. r=avih
2454e6a5edbd69efd9c48a4f13c6b83a212dc995Robert O'Callahan — Bug 904926. Remove unnecessary lock. r=cpearce
62541fa038a66efff2a926533e51d70b012c4775Robert O'Callahan — Bug 902320. Prevent untimely destruction of mElement during HTMLMediaElement::StreamListener callbacks. r=smaug
941ccccfeaa7049c953bbef6e02e1f8dbcdcaf52Phil Ringnalda — Back out cb68113d5052 (bug 901195) for xpcshell bustage
57cfb91dc2376a203816b2d75634b864133f16e9Joshua Cranmer — Bustage fix for bug 884676/66e1ed80ba05 to fix CLOSED TREE.
66e1ed80ba0526e87ef15046421635228a0b23c3Joshua Cranmer — Bug 884676 - Part 2, Use mozilla::Atomic<int32_t> for Runtime::interrupt. r=njn
c8db7f677007aa7f7686b46ee244dc8cb13f6e03Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 905465 - Minor memory reporter manager code style clean-ups. r=jlebar.
2525ab02e44516690d8a0c940d9daaa4cf97e56eSimone Carletti — Bug 902785 - add to PSL. r=gerv. DONTBUILD.
cb68113d505282bfd7586508ae25f045fba4687fSimone Carletti — Bug 901195 - update .sv and .om in PSL. r=gerv.
d9e5d14563ccb7e3c34b9a759c0a2540d8fed54fSimone Carletti — Bug 901193 - Add to PSL. r=gerv.
e8bcb131ca7c161a282945df9dc56d5ce4228325Justin Lebar — Bug 905271 - Make ICU compile with -jN (except on Windows). r=glandium
0d9bf482b0d0bb2988910978a6b1712365bb789dGregory Szorc — Bug 850380 - Ensure xpidl Makefile is regenerated properly; r=glandium
26373e95498d161e17b3fafce018b7ce3d39c58dPatrick McManus — bug 902170 - don't log data: PAC URIs to JS console r=jduell
e30299753fa205fe6ecb8abb5949fb2994793537Gregory Szorc — Bug 904823 - Discourage use of make for running xpcshell tests; r=ted
7eb35f6d8b0f26ddab5e7eec82b5744cc5fdae89Gregory Szorc — Bug 901007 - Don't generate xpcAccEvents.h twice; r=mshal
c978cb81f206e98ed3ee2d8fad1cb4c40c71eb58John Daggett — Bug 904263 - add tests to assure all properties can be removed. r=dbaron
f17435611c5a0918ec6a26541148dd86329401eeJohn Daggett — Bug 904263 - don't set disabled subproperties within font shorthand parsing. r=dbaron
13f3b8949f63adc20b0725fd3a3b3917f66c2d63Gregory Szorc — Bug 850380 - Derecursify and optimize XPIDL processing and move into precompile tier; r=glandium
59d88e3d4c839f374260222175ec5f877e579791Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 016fa89e49b0 (bug 905409) on a CLOSED TREE
016fa89e49b04f658b8bfb1a85d5b7c66372ed60Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 905409 - Minimize the Web Audio #includes; r=roc
2f7112835ad1bbde55fdcc78b27f854730953fd8Bill McCloskey — Bug 904282 - Don't mark atoms during last GC (r=jonco)
bc5dadbcb78e7bcac9e6b6a1d6f9c7782e0335bdBill McCloskey — Bug 888898 - Avoid shutdown leaks with PC count profiling (r=bhackett)
c37719f4d482cf4f62501217b2e3117242903f2cBill McCloskey — Bug 902208 - Handle SIGINT in child processes (r=ted)
eb7bf75e0a28a4b6f65c489886cce2792131abd7Bill McCloskey — Bug 902550 - Disable more session restore code in e10s (r=ttaubert)
9cf0ecb708f50a1f89678adb889687a9d194ecf6Nathan Froyd — Bug 905149 - make mozilla::CallStack constexpr to avoid static constructors; r=ehsan
8ea63efc27c2726b0cf54c77dbc66963ea71dcdeNathan Froyd — Bug 903543 - eliminate static constructors for SMIL type singletons; r=dholbert
f67ef09058e28e5a16bb21501beec0f43dc70042Nathan Froyd — Bug 905135 - move zero values to their point of use in nsSMILCSSValueType.cpp; r=dholbert
300a1c4246f84db5ed982df5a011becf45cd7cebRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
2602526e9b2312215eb7864217c354dcfc9200edRandell Jesup — Bug 905062: Clean up fake source for getUserMedia r=padenot
0b3cd7829be982417560520f5a79bca46858a3eeBobby Holley — Bug 903212 - Remove explicit compartment GC machinery. r=smaug
8de0f0b74488f83b380a4160701f92eb640cbaddBobby Holley — Bug 903212 - Remove nsIXPCScriptNotify machinery. r=mrbkap
355f9a21c432e6b2c9e180f8e1c017045bf25d2dBobby Holley — Bug 903212 - Remove ScriptEvaluated, and simplify callers. r=mrbkap
76cb6754a52e452c2c06890c762d0a18486d027fBobby Holley — Bug 903212 - Add a GC when popping a script entry point. r=mrbkap
82f8c3925056a3b5799453f3859e25778922ecfaBobby Holley — Bug 903212 - Remove activity tracking from nsJSContext. r=smaug
07fdbc86f5b1dff1edd1130f56506c45e86c9a59Mike Shal — Bug 904768 - Print filename when failing to open files in libmar; r=netzen
a869023cf9b6370d0200efb4098268851356faecRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset bfa3c469cb74 (bug 666399) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
4c57db53faa4ad64ddea69c748e0846ac29ce835Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 887054 - Part 4: Mark dom/network/tests/unit/test_tcpserversocket.js to run sequentially. r=ahal
89d18be1846c1c3b9d2fe9438de8288c4ae47553Chris Manchester — Bug 887054 - Part 3: Synchronize blocks of output when running xpcshell tests in parallel. r=ted
ba79044787794563ac49c83951641f5d23b6acffMihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 887054 - Part 2: Add parallel warning and support for --sequential to mach xpcshell-test. r=gps
e001b440aaa8cf36b048971c19f372a27205bc62Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 887054 - Part 1: Refactor xpcshell test harness to support parallel test runs, disabled in automation. r=ahal, r=ted
f47dfe10d30192410ed8158a59cd2b74b05bf1baJim Mathies — Bug 905058 - Before accessing the UIA root element make sure the global com ptr is populated. r=bbondy
e054c33d34179f7d166547bffc485ba46b7014f2Milan Sreckovic — Bug 899861 - Animated gifs should not wait to play until fully downloaded. This is a partial backout of 717872 with the intent to re-enable using the separate FrameAnimator class. Hide the new approach behind #define USE_FRAME_ANIMATOR for now. r=bgirard
7874d6104c5b739e9a2aa4d4361a5ee7b6959625Andrew Quartey — Bug 878144 - Remove nsExternalHelperAppService::FixFilePermissions. r=paolo
bfa3c469cb74338fef257b8ee6031cdb6888aa95Andy Wingo — Bug 666399 - New Harmony syntax for generators. r=Waldo
b334e6d0a02bc8cd8aac81321e4d50f4159887d7Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 1fa1f28c6edf and e74f694f31c4 (bug 850380) for PGO bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
7604ceec36fa103d730d72982bed517785a6527dRyan VanderMeulen — No bug - Fix busted crashtest manifest. r=stupidme
9df04b16a655fda9aa8615eb946a1ab62b697e14Ryan VanderMeulen — No bug - Disable timeout-prone B2G crashtests.
503e2b1df1daa838076bdc3ca30c14da6daffae8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e91392042137 (bug 892488) for mochitest-3 failures.
355dcff578b6483075de139c72ac9ebe7642b446Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 5432f96b6ba0 (bug 899855) for B2G test bustage.
1fa1f28c6edf8d5e2af3232c2a274082129c643dGregory Szorc — Bug 850380 - Ensure .xpt files are written in binary mode (windows bustage)
c218913f49b22270b0967181422e910a70fad3b9Jim Chen — Bug 904646 - Skip NULLs when traversing envp/auxv pointers to let GDB work on Android 4.3; r=glandium
135c0ebda47b350c40e46cbb4684e6208f1afa90Irving Reid — Bug 890555 - Handle case of non-Object argument to do_throw; r=ted
acd6f7fec0e1b8c9a06f62d684c837a2e3de502aJim Blandy Bug 890555 - Fix silent bugs in some toolkit/devtools/server xpcshell tests; r=dcamp
5b9c5de825c6cd553512dbb98555f9550a904d78Chris Manchester — Bug 890555 - Fix strict mode warnings in devtools tests uncovered by fixing bug 890555; r=jimb
2b9dd7e5e2cf0db63bc377e65f3f96f3cacb2a36Chris Manchester — Bug 904808 - fix path to use .js instead of .foobar in test_sourcemaps-07.js; r=fitzgen
8bf9c217ddd9e20aaffcf6e27b5f8cbd5b7c1e6cBrian O'Keefe — Bug 896177 - Remove more includes; r=gps
455da612ee5f9d68b0336fc26aae693554bdd1bfBrian O'Keefe — Bug 896177 - Remove useless includes; r=gps
21e600809600fccb0f09faa71e0b7bb2720f97dfPaul Adenot — Bug 899135 - Drop buffers in ScriptProcessorNode instead of buffering them when the main thread is blocked. r=roc
2241fd070f12e227e608efed3230719d0b3f822aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 904266. Relax intel blacklist on D3D9 more. r=bjacob
e74f694f31c4ac0fa62bd42c54533da685acfe3cGregory Szorc — Bug 850380 - Derecursify and optimize XPIDL processing and move into precompile tier; r=glandium
ac3f07dc2ff371650f891c17e73a3ed0be82a7a2Jim Chen — Bug 899233 - Don't restart IME when changing selection; r=cpeterson
f0760ef9e0bc60cec8ecda66dc009484f0dc6f4aJim Chen — Bug 899233 - Notify InputMethodManager of selection when not in extracted mode; r=cpeterson
e9139204213762205ba80699940b7dd4f98c9122Honza Bambas — Bug 892488 - Get rid of the offline application cache prompt, r=ehsan+jonas
b24ce198c411aeb24306a9f618bbd7039a6b48c3Mounir Lamouri — Bug 673553 - Move all button attributes reflection tests to test_button_attributes_reflection.html. r=Ms2ger
24b9290db3a4bee032196b41ff44e9b2048586cbMounir Lamouri — Bug 622284 - Write tests for input context menus. r=bbondy
e980d89c9e1ef996c4694dc4f53a8c58b723d016Ed Morley — Backed out changeset e0eeacb439f2 (bug 900201) for B2G emulator build failures
5432f96b6ba064cfc6379058e70e7927cdaf8532Guillaume Abadie — bug 899855 - GLContext parse GL_VERSION - r=jgilbert
86fce3a9aad02c6d2580e83846d0a58627853fccChristian Holler — Bug 902132 - Disable WebGL gl-max-texture-dimensions test on Mesa. r=bjacob
c2050f7348022bf9a4ebc24a36d7ee7c33b1258eMs2ger — Merge m-c to inbound.
61e74c03597bddda18041acf1f8e26545e723ff1Jonathan Kew — bug 904555 - clean up use of nsRect APIs in layout. r=roc
7cca8cd58d5bf4649acaf626b180b905e2cab29dJonathan Kew — bug 879963 - reftests for regressions caused when multiple rules refer to the same proxy. r=jdaggett
e0eeacb439f247cc25adb59cbcf548e779b8e3c8Benoit Jacob — Bug 900201 - Implement GfxInfo on gonk - r=ehsan
39b2d51e19155a99336c07e42b08742997be6145Markus Stange — Bug 904541 - Don't #include Layers.h in nsPresContext.h. r=roc
63faf921fa5ccd06ae6fb7e72952a7bacb0789b4Markus Stange — Bug 904540 - Don't #include nsRefreshDriver.h in nsPresContext.h. r=roc
886ac3dd391fded3394e283090066a4a03d34294Markus Stange — Bug 904539 - Don't #include ImageLoader.h in nsIFrame.h. r=roc
7532cb4b2e4b2605a68bbff860d473b63961eebbMarkus Stange — Bug 904538 - Don't #include nsITheme.h in nsIWidget.h. r=roc
9135250734dd1418833d40a860c31450d121bc48Markus Stange — Bug 904536 - Remove nsNativeWidget.h. r=roc
becd6422ddc78b675fb07826fc2aa87960c688ebMarkus Stange — Bug 904535 - Don't #include shared-libraries.h in Telemetry.h. r=vdjeric
65822b58fa9b65526375a2cba675a184c5412367Landry Breuil — Bug 899722 Part 3: Fix build on BSD after bug 853301 by properly enabling the ECMAScript intl API. r=glandium
02017a95970f98893f146c8c09cb2c4fe41aeed6Landry Breuil — Bug 899722 Part 2: Backport upstream r32937 to fix symbol collision w/ truncate on BSD r=norbert r=waldo
93c54132c3cbc6d72156e8c2adc033f5a09b07beLandry Breuil — Bug 899722 Part 1: Fix ECMAScript intl on BSD by stripping the extra 's' added to the library name, as done on linux. r=norbert
9d3fa47e4dcbb8574df60bcc428e5402e5f56228Landry Breuil — Bug 899722 Part 0: Extract patches for bugs 724533 & 853701 into separate patches and make apply them. r=glandium
5d04a4f5ff6fd90267120347ff922434f54c6f96Jon Coppeard — Bug 904674 - GC: Don't trace additional roots from the embedding on minor GC r=billm
e84ced5321bed6ee6047f17f12c24edc7b8a0bafJon Coppeard — Bug 903456 - GC: StoreBuffer::CellPtrEdge::mark() assumes edge is an object pointer r=billm
1d64db569ebf663347b9f0fac0d82d2c22fc06a1Jonathan Watt — Bug 901955 - Get 'opacity' property changes on SVG working again. r=roc
4bae09cea372b12b1195920b38a62f644f80e84dJonathan Watt — Bug 902234 - Cap the number of files that we include in the tooltip for <input type=file>. r=enndeakin
02cccbd90395c49fa85de4e3c6c8d806e747854fJonathan Watt — Bug 894840, part 2 - Get rid of the nsFilePickerShownCallback ctor's aMulti argument by exposing nsIFilePicker.mode. r=mounir
c3b9c515d846f603918d9fc652c662b2b7928c53Jonathan Watt — Bug 894840, part 1 - Refactor and move the mode storage to nsBaseFilePicker. r=mounir