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Sun Jan 20 05:25:28 2013 +0000
1d122eaa9070a0b9df55e2d0345f15023ec118e1Daniel Holbert — Bug 832589: Declare character encoding in the blank document that we load between each reftest, to prevent an error message from being printed each time we do that. r=dbaron
ca1f12ab55c89d24b0a0db572f95181f46d6b732Brian Hackett — Bug 832425 - gcPreserveCode() should be defined when not using JS_GC_ZEAL, r=h4writer.
077caacae057202aced93f84cfd423a0ecb71e37Rafael Avila de Espindola — Bug 831623: Move handleSymbolResponse and fetchSymbol to a new class so it can be used for late write stacks too. r=vdjeric
68f8f4b74f63d074b042af1ff4052e4fb1513ddaSankha Narayan Guria — Bug 823872 - Add test for OS.Constants.{libc, Win}. r=Yoric
587ac3f2bd30880393aa13546ae8d6c59ff8200fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
ce70deca6e8e637e4f28f87fa5b7a92951e20a9dOleg Romashin — Bug 830926 - AZPC TrackTouch x/y displacement should not be rounded to int. r=ajones,drs
0d4ce26f2c28b1892e25b644bc615702179ff167Jonathan Kew — bug 831354 - test fix 6 - canvas and svg language-font tests pass on android with the Open Sans font prefs. r=dbaron
f849e0aa18d6999c7a2e5bdf609b9eb27cf00f89Jonathan Kew — bug 831354 - update default font prefs to use the bundled Open Sans and Charis SIL Compact on Android, but not on Gonk. r=dbaron
abafe7350c6f1a95a7811b17ec23f6440be0a7acDavid Zbarsky — Bug 831673, r=bz
e5321a44b63c1e0cb89dd86de23a2837eddc3fcdDavid Zbarsky — Bug 832169 - Convert SVGAnimatedLength to WebIDL r=bz
a5f5694ad2c075d5b249b5335527de2aea8769cbSteve Fink — Bug 828753 - jsid rooting, mostly in jsinfer.*. Also switch JSObject from struct to class. r=terrence
87fe8d80853780b4ec30ceaf15686702378167caRaymond Lee — Bug 820763 - Stop using addvisit() in toolkit tests. r=mak
6d14b59b7ce51ff109c84253b7fb092aa42e2ad4Fabrice DesrĂ© — Bug 814226 - Permission checks for "webapps-manage" could probably be friendlier r=sicking
1f42182ac5b3ab58290c861d313fe33f97a470ebJoel Maher — Bug 823165 - fix robocop tests to work on panda boards. r=gbrown
c059c73cd16c2c335bc9a6490a328a55be28eb23Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
323d01be9d0d1e3650bdfdbd688932d749316cb8Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-aurora
8472e5898021a48e06e3bb3656e269ad22cc2b05Filippo Cristofoletti — Bug 832280 - Disable MSVC warning C4482: nonstandard extension used: enum 'xyz' used in qualified name. r=ted
8a294f8775149c32c785ddc599014ebf205d16c9Daniel Glazman — Bug 832025 - Clear the cached styles and type-in state props when pressing Enter inside a heading or a list item; r=ehsan
ec597237c8fedaa1065fc0f8bece9c2eccc359ebJonathan Kew — bug 831354 - test fix 9 - give the CGJ reftest a large line-height, so it's less sensitive to the metrics of any fallback font that happens to be found.
0cc2c67234c6d38dd7aead4d7cd0708b676cbb0aMarco Bonardo — Bug 831725 - Fix wrong merge on toolkit/components/places/tests/browser/head.js
b784ce7fd90fbece07ec3290ded54ea3522a9c29Jonathan Kew — bug 831354 - Ship [but don't actually use] fonts (Open Sans and Charis SIL Compact) for content in Firefox for Android. r=mfinkle,blassey