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Fri Feb 01 03:55:46 2019 +0000
945770882765f6a4d2dd833a672c07a5a7b9bad7Andrew McCreight — Bug 1522951 - Make ChromiumCDMProxy::mCrashHelper into a strong reference. r=jya
d324c3cd63b3ec8a0c6c27ea672c066080f82725Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1522018 - Implement webgl draft ext EXT_float_blend. r=lsalzman,qdot
0720b49574804d0811e0bde2a387e1ccf28b9fceRicky Rosario — Bug 1521754 - Add marionette test coverage for new private browsing UI with search r=nanj
9e91d60619e9af4aab304501770df7bdd3800699Mark Banner — Bug 1524218 - Move some more tests to run with QuantumBar. r=mak
9097dc60840f93fe9ebb697574c82cf15745ff37Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1524282 - Disable fingerprinting/cryptomining blocking on Nightly while the UI bits aren't ready yet; r=baku
9f49631d6536a27752469cac43e60ed1f19eed55Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1524119 - Properly get VP9 benchmark value. r=bryce
83598ee9b2e8378bc141c46bd9acdce730dc4fd9shindli — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
85614e63fa3b0f8ac55bb267061af8c44b52ef03Chris Manchester — Bug 1522223 - Set UPLOAD_PATH during make check to avoid re-running configure. r=Callek
e2890d7b465900471cb974e9352c7842b4cefcd1Abdoulaye O. Ly — Bug 1515686 - Set multiselected tabs to have the same design spec as active tabs wih a translucent colour (current text colour at 0.2 alpha) on top. r=jaws,dao
3b3c012e005eb0bc232640c5364849edeb2f535dDzmitry Malyshau — Bug 1515932 - WR rasterization root fall-back r=gw
15afb7c811994f38ea8b67c8437c25f8c4e3adb0Mike Hommey — Bug 1524186 - Disable clang plug on Windows rusttest builds. r=ted
f59b1c1142590117a23f972183fbf34e558edfeeMike Hommey — Bug 1523341 - Allow to only pass the CPU to --target and get the right thing for Fennec builds. r=nalexander
fdf34a417bdda18301ff2bd34ae5ee8d23e5960carthur.iakab — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1508381) for multiple Windows build bustages CLOSED TREE
22eabcc2038e0d6992d667d5492a5162c02f35fdTimothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1523655 - Allow non-HTML elements to attach UA Shadow Root r=emilio
f01cec6f712e78c13852e789dfe838a05db4b91fDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1508381 - update buglist_creator to use new version of tc client r=tomprince
ba69e59924decf8aed7910c04bd1756ab2785b62Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1508381 - vendor newest taskcluster client r=tomprince
97fe4e5a665e5abf5aa15f056e13f266f57b5d25Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1508381 - use rootUrl style with taskcluster-proxy r=tomprince
0c3065c12bef4039b2967443f6ed6a65ee6b0ad8Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1508381 - remove now-unnecessary TASKCLUSTER_* variables r=tomprince
3e8eaa5b79372adec8622e9a486b64ba2f71208eTimothy Guan-tin Chien — Bug 1511381 - Prevent forced layout flush when click-to-play UI loads on page load r=mconley
7998879d67133172b899cc84e5925ea07c7854faJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1524284. Enable WebRender by default on modern Intel desktop gpus. r=kats
4c2502aad681fd64109c6a218e5e3f85a60f6208Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1522280 - Add autofill tests: input tests. r=dao
cc1c59ce9077f7dfc1be30282a09a6ba6d75b234arthur.iakab — Backed out changeset d37ccbbcd36d (bug 1522951) for Android build bustages on MediaDrmCDMProxy.h CLOSED TREE
e39bd319fe3e2d8e310467fa65bc2a8eab398992Mike Conley — Bug 1522546 - Drop remoteType attribute on frame elements after bound to a ContentParent. r=nika
e745963cb9074c64c381cd58f9dff8a39d9d9cd2Mike Conley — Bug 1522546 - Make RDM swap code follow the browser binding on how remoteType shortcuts to the message manager. r=ochameau
3de692f73e2f5a6eb0c58eae848b2b80b5d28214Mike Conley — Bug 1522546 - Properly handle preferred remote types in BrowserTestUtils.waitForNewWindow. r=bobowen
dbe46aad4cbfab52e7e187ecec87b526fc4c392fMike Conley — Bug 1522546 - Make GeckoView use browser.remoteType instead of getting at the attribute directly. r=snorp
87036e8a2433e563dba18159f99bf791ffdc7952Mike Conley — Bug 1522546 - Make remoteType property on browsers forward to the message manager if applicable. r=bgrins
6dd3f2bb4145b28f719f948e544fc1acd0a56b9aMike Conley — Bug 1522546 - Make tabbrowser access browser remoteType property rather than the attribute. r=Gijs
7bcedc06aad40dc1fca97af177f62bc14b27fd54Jim Blandy — Bug 1522945: Dequeue OffThreadPromiseTasks one at a time, to support reentrant draining. r=luke
3dc4b57837a41022356afbdf803c5787cbfc3a18Jim Blandy — Bug 1522945: Use a FIFO for OffThreadPromiseRuntimeState::internalDispatchQueue. r=luke
e6f1ffb7119f800b29a0e4329d308c65bbccb83eGlenn Watson — Bug 1523882 - Rework snapping logic in clip mask generate to fix uneven box shadows. r=kvark,nical
d37ccbbcd36df177e86dd3a6d7cdf5a355fa8245Andrew McCreight — Bug 1522951 - Get rid of ChromiumCDMProxy::mCrashHelper. r=jya
a358565b2ad30ac2d6cdffee7e50e4a37c3f8089Shane Caraveo — Bug 1524324 don't add private permission for temporary addon installs, r=rpl
964b59c9d7a51db4c411761469c28b61b7ff8191shindli — Backed out changeset 86daa5d406b6 (bug 1523882) for wrench bustage in reftests/boxshadow/box-shadow-huge-radius.png CLOSED TREE
f5a80ba028f1475a1371d2d0f821db737159f66fSebastian Hengst — Bug 1524369 - Update files to use the new Inspector Bugzilla components r=gl
86daa5d406b6175961cbb0daf2a070647c69a32cGlenn Watson — Bug 1523882 - Rework snapping logic in clip mask generate to fix uneven box shadows. r=kvark,nical
a83140b29003f8e4c0306987fa9ed704cd7739a0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1524041. Update the regexp for Web IDL identifiers to spec changes. r=qdot
6e27cc8c98dab49a76679c5709c084c49e8415aaDão Gottwald — Bug 1523578 - In high contrast mode on Windows 10, don't override the lwtheme window background. r=ntim
68201fa65ff86b0fff87f64e7457f18ba68c5d5cCosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset ae859b463698 (bug 1517210) for causing devtools failures on multiple files. CLOSED TREE
700b209169befddde4244057a43716f966443602Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1521994 - ReadPixels with half-float ext should support FLOAT. r=lsalzman
65759b936b5d7ca4fb3a93bfdfd69f96b4020865Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1523799 - Make the secondary em dash separator white when its row is selected. r=dao
3b69cb62ead1099bbfdd7574d41ebd0fd8424e7fDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1523774 - Hide the secondary separator em dash when the title is empty. r=dao
b04c7dcb1a434563fa2b681ba2180487789715d4Jamie Nicol — Bug 1496540 - Handle overlapping border corners in webrender r=gw
422db058e1cf0f05fd749b567d404a635532cf76Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1515774 - Store window's screen offset in APZ and use it for gesture interpretation. r=botond
2e07c678817986f6d87cc6e441a60e7523044c54Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1515774 - Pass current GeckoView position with touch events to APZC. r=geckoview-reviewers,snorp
48a4ac1ba700692978bca5d9302819c905281a9fEitan Isaacson — Bug 1515774 - Introduce mScreenOffset for pinch and multitouch events. r=botond
f6d635be8ffc41fc0e35e4d6288be850cfc84bd4Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1515774 - Use Screen pixels for gesture detection. r=botond
78ac717c58d540e0ac0b5a4b7910b006f114cb5aSebastian Hengst — Bug 1522537 - set test step in buffer-full-inspect-buffer-during-callback.html to expect a timeout on all platforms including linux32 debug r=jgraham
c980928bd2d798ece82517c93e976e57afb96d84Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1524313 - ImageCacheKey should use the right method to check if a window is 3rd party, r=Ehsan
cf9faf4230752a08df1f500cd23e20e8e0171b0bTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1501578 - Add LexicalScopeEmitter. r=jorendorff
f041fc6b4544cee1d2c502b6659c8bf99bad37e4Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1522901 - Include packet.stacktrace when computing repeatId; r=julienw.
563ce1227612d146b434296f70b556732804f13fRazvan Maries — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
072bc2aa7088d757debca2ee06e735301bbc60baDão Gottwald — Bug 1524230 - UrlbarView: Display the device name for remote tab results. r=mak
c127e67367b9cfda6e170521a260c708b41c5a89Luca Greco — Bug 1258897 - Ensure that both test_ext_sendmessage_reply2 tab scripts are ready to exchange messages. r=mixedpuppy
e9a2417a0425d7faa6dab2f55c3334231497f6f0Michael Ratcliffe — Bug 1522273 - Markup view not working on elements containing a 'constructor' attribute r=rcaliman
7ffb0f9d151b5102e516c496d898d4f4530554d8Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1524262 - URL-Classifier should not check all the blacklist tables always, r=dimi
71f896682a2ff22e44b7a126281fcd84fe845e46Henrik Skupin — Bug 1524243 - [marionette] Correct calculation of timeout from milliseconds to seconds. r=jgraham
934099e1c866a27740a22d915535bd2e3e83bf4eHenrik Skupin — Bug 1524243 - [marionette] Correctly handle script_timeout for WebDriver:{ExecuteScript,ExecuteAsyncScript}. r=jgraham
e688af125f982807e7080c45ce4bfb6ea2d4750bDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1523753 - Make browser_UrlbarInput_unit.js open a new window per test task and clean up properties to avoid leaks. r=dao
ae859b46369844b83d3d3eb496c5fc17e6a8cd65Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1517210 - Stop always loading DevTools modules in fresh compartments. r=jandem
5124c57000cfdba5ec1021da38db1bde87385a17Andrew McCreight — Bug 1523800 - Update LSan whitelist for html/browsers/offline/introduction-4. r=jgraham
48cd4df602fd638b981b7955cb4c45fcf6af3145Justin Wood — Bug 1523444 - Don't hardcode branch names in helper, let it inherit from scriptworkers. r=sfraser
4fa023708467ad1c29ba10f1c3836e09f5d77a75Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1523427 - Check whether we really have a response for a upgrade request before making a connection DontReuse. r=michal
f7b03b3e66cbd05d75945110b7ab4cfe86d211ffDavid Major — Bug 1524087 - Use exp2 instead of pow in OscillatorNode r=padenot
bf45ea7d9b7664b23013f53c875cd2099cdd9230Shane Caraveo — Bug 1516710 find api support for incognito r=zombie,rpl
3880f054ed074b021cecb3a5312a7f94e3cf857cSrestha — Bug 1523679 - Remove `autocomplete=off` from `<button>` elements in aboutNetError.xhtml and aboutNetError-new.xhtml. r=Gijs