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Wed Apr 22 17:15:48 2009 +0000
6049dbd9973cc06a509a1694367f2281f35d4482L. David Baron — Drop the feeds cache in browser's destroy method. (Bug 489520)
d6fcfd1a5c95d5e320d8efec46aecb39981a6890L. David Baron — Remove some unused AddRef/Release methods on frame classes. (Bug 488774) r+sr=roc
9c007cee86e0cf075aa9508009365369cbfd6affL. David Baron — Consolidate mDocShell null checks in nsLayoutDebuggingTools. (Not part of default build.)
bec6ecc85632404e890d0df4cb52efbac4100090L. David Baron — Use NS_METHOD where appropriate in layout-debug's factory. (Not part of default build.)
96691981f65f5b0c3c2eb7792d4d602e3fb1dc3eL. David Baron — Fix miscellaneous typos in comments that I've had in my tree for ages.