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Thu Feb 03 17:29:54 2011 +0000
3c87074d5f50d069edf461fe21d86a5b558cfd98Tim Taubert — Bug 624847 - 'Undo Close Tab' closes current group when only one blank tab is left [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
be4f8b47377e4c75398fdf56507469a9c163f967Tim Taubert — Bug 618816 - Character by character selection using the mouse in the tab group name field [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
fd7962a458688e92cc5edd857d30da928438ad03Tim Taubert — Bug 608405 - GroupItem.add should auto remove from previous group [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
54da8f75df7f9d2a91d9a16019c850f25994c6a3Tim Taubert — Bug 594958 - Tab thumbnails sometimes have gray (now black) bars at the bottom [r=ian, a=blocking2.0:final+]
490e39e1d9569f606e3ff5675c9569b4c7b8529dRaymond Lee — Bug 630102 - The unpinned tab doesn't display in the correct place in Panorama view [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
602d24b981e53778e7dc5fcc0fee212f6c8af716Raymond Lee — Bug 629195 - Restore previous session does bad things if you have an 'undo close group' and an app tab [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]