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Thu Jul 22 23:01:26 2010 +0000
02d92df7381df28ba6e5b070cc2d67298f4614eaKarl Tomlinson — revert most of acb4d17b70cd from bug 573933 to reenable -moz-appearance testing with bug 576143
8fd528e132d7737b5fb2e5b1e610f59e4d390668Karl Tomlinson — b=576143 copy and draw over background to avoid alpha extraction when possible r=roc
92559a5573bd3ef6159f8dab92931107ff581440Karl Tomlinson — add a function to look for a Visual matching an image format b=576143 r=jrmuizel
a171b4faa517e9bda444757ee7c153b9438a3dafKarl Tomlinson — b=580440 use native-rendering temp surfaces only as large as necessary r=roc a2.0=beltzner
bdfeac0b9d4a7aacd751d38d049fd3434409cfe9Karl Tomlinson — b=562574 fixes for cairo_copy_clip_rectangle_list and empty cairo_clip_extents r=jrmuizel