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Wed Mar 25 09:34:57 2020 +0000
2abd352490a4bf2e3a9118b154c0e351c0bad314Brindusan Cristian — Backed out changeset 58d155b0b54a (bug 1624768) for mochitest failures at test_2_conformance2__renderbuffers__multisampled-depth-renderbuffer-initialization.html.
64e1f15e54321ab0fd66eae40055bda59ccab4ecKriyszig — Bug 1590990 - Prevent blocked icon from being draggable in Network Monitor r=Harald,Honza
8e62447674010cc192739c4c5f8d4fc5537274aeDan Glastonbury — Bug 1624761 - Remove OverrideStatus from DocumentLoadListener. r=mattwoodrow
58d155b0b54abe3fc6ce31261853b37bd2dcb538Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1624768 - Forbid multisampled unsized DEPTH_STENCIL. r=lsalzman
4b2314fe45c7756d46ac94dec83a4550fe411139Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 assert that ConsoleStructuredCloneData::mGlobal is cleared before ConsoleRunnable destruction r=baku
643c68ed31dd24befb68a2695370e4e7dd9c4a43Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 make ConsoleCallData::mRefCnt thread-safe r=baku
59bebd73934646f0fb7af5b987f81368279e35e0Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 introduce a separate class to hold main-thread data associated with each Console r=baku
6c87d6b5244012f70f72bc3f625a6b5aeb92e0deKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 provide ID and Prefix on ConsoleCallData r=baku
7f6291f3e3912dc663d8247ddef7717611852167Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 change CreateStartTimerValue and CreateLogOrEndTimerValue from instance to class method r=baku
6427a6469f454ae46170a448b03b9edf7886a23cKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 change CreateCounterOrResetCounterValue from instance method to nonmember function with internal linkage r=baku
84ab47891f808b84ac86426f0beb08c833864637Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 change ProcessArguments from instance method to nonmember function with internal linkage r=baku
bdbad2a40ec28c445c57a22e0adeb4b60f5db80eKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 provide group stack parameter to PopulateConsoleNotificationInTheTargetScope() r=baku
87aac4032d221a82f2eac618e22da5bd5fe3d93bKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 replace ArgumentsToValueList instance method with nsTArray::AppendElements() r=baku
25d1b2fe703d7adf198daa80690e9c0c0db367bfKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 change ShouldIncludeStackTrace from instance to class method r=baku
2ffea3b36683d899950541a75273edf8855432daKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 Remove now-unused Console::mStatus r=baku
b422b439d74840c1628e6dad12cf934b2d914040Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 Remove Console::mCallDataStoragePending r=baku
8c0bf4c5b2597abd29f498fab2aa9622b4aeb71fKarl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 store raw JS arguments on Console separately from ConsoleCallData r=baku
97e12e4882482fa89bfbe83246a2b7cc23676611Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1492011 consolidate StoreProfileData and StoreConsoleData into a single method with arguments parameter r=baku