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Fri Jan 14 15:39:54 2011 +0000
bd51bbe882144ad0626a04bfd8279c3ca321fbdfTed Mielczarek — bug 620974 - Add Breakpad processor code to binary test component to allow testing minidump contents. r=bsmedberg a=testonly
247da71f616e0ec93d6454f97f48f1d64113665eTed Mielczarek — Fix compiling some parts of Breakpad processor on Win32. Landing as part of bug 620974, reviewed and landed upstream. r=mento, a=testonly
f932163ae6a07439ad8f0b2f3574222d67dbea75Ted Mielczarek — bug 620974 - add memory mapping info to Windows minidumps when we have a new enough dbghelp.dll. r+a=bsmedberg
f725e0b7787b167aa428be98cabc8e4c9b465e3fTed Mielczarek — Backed out changeset cc4c72425f0e, bug 620974 - Add memory mapping info to Windows minidumps. r=timeless,bsmedberg, a=bsmedberg
5aebaa05234c714af26c4b282ca057094d6bde8cTed Mielczarek — Bug 615529 - Fix commandline component for UIKit. r=Mitch, a=bsmedberg