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Tue Nov 23 23:32:05 2010 +0000
b578485c389e67a274f823f0a3d269ea5e6810aeBrian Birtles — Bug 531550 - SVG SMIL: Fix assertion with indefinite duration by-animateTransform; r=dholbert; a=blocking-final
bc688a29feed7e45ba8160d0e5dd9ab67312401aBrian Birtles — Bug 611927 - SVG SMIL: Fix assertion when attempting to add to NULL base value; r=dholbert; a=roc
cf61e6916004b57f47ad001034757fe3a7df6d53Brian Birtles — Bug 606932 - SVG SMIL: Detect big delays in sampling and ignore intervening time; r=roc; a=blocking-final