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Mon May 04 09:36:44 2020 +0000
8e4a846c1c5bdb6f5c1d871b4d0e826a2a09b79eAndi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1634050 - [clang-format] When analyzing files outside of the tree take along the appropriate `.clang-format` file as well. r=sylvestre
5587af11f792bae694c3dfcc9b6db78de29d634eMihai Alexandru Michis — Bug 1630125 - Update fuzziness for rgb24prof2.bmp r=tnikkel
d1fdc10f2166de48402466dd4a3f9614a79c611dErik Nordin — Bug 1633863 - Remove nsCSSProps Dependency on BoolVarCache r=emilio,KrisWright
065c7a87c66dca9a73ff989fc0e8f48827506e99Dan Minor — Bug 1625803 - Adjust test expectations for transport-cc; r=drno
bbf40c437947b437b393a8821e87049254b5013fDan Minor — Bug 1625803 - Enable transport-cc extension for nightly and early beta; r=drno
eef42d39ab68bc9b4f1e25194e1dc9d1fa298f9dNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset d578f391630a (bug 1633276) for mochitest failures on test_restyles.html . CLOSED TREE
d578f391630abbb18f9585ccf6ee5964be9331a1Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1633276. Ensure that when IsFrameScrolledOutOfView calls nsLayoutUtils::TransformFrameRectToAncestor the ancestor frame is actually an ancestor. r=hiro
8accdd6152c6e2eb7c4f76436fbffc611771469fMélanie Chauvel (ariasuni) — Bug 1560218 - browser.tabs.duplicate() can now specify index and active property r=robwu
7ba7a04cfa43596cdd87041c50563adc55445dd3Andrew Osmond — Bug 1632259 - Refactor WebRender configuration logic in gfxPlatform to be testable. r=jrmuizel
bb2c3cc73215ec8b2b3af7e8fbf42ff3c7b1c4f0Jared Wein — Bug 1581383 - Rename 'Preview in Firefox' to 'Open in Firefox' since 'preview' projects limited capabilities, and also change the name of the OS option when the file type can be handled internally. r=Gijs,fluent-reviewers
2606cf4f4b47e96d4131fa55596cc21e364955caNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 48e305833f6a (bug 1625803) for mda failures on test_peerConnection_basicAudioVideoVerifyExtmap.html . CLOSED TREE
913ba6223109699ede99190c094b3bbd5309abb8Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1634939. When forwarding afterpaint events the child could have been removed from the doc tree. r=mattwoodrow
3062a115707ea3944d2f653adcc1c87a9a41f471Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1634939. |this| can be destroyed and unable to send messages in ReftestFissionChild::forwardAfterPaintEventToParent after dispatching an event. r=mattwoodrow
48e305833f6a0e76902c9216ac890b4e662d4959Dan Minor — Bug 1625803 - Enable transport-cc extension for nightly and early beta; r=drno
6b0cb1cc06c4ef10f4f3475a1926edd2bd740022Brindusan Cristian — Backed out changeset c3090a952a79 (bug 1620646) for sm bustages at regress-465443.js. CLOSED TREE
99f1393843581d4c0b3837ab538119f2dbf31b72Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1634732 - Unblock layout if nullifying DocumentL10n in LocalizationLinkRemoved. r=smaug
8ae2530503a62a5cc4f768f54473aaa5ab8dfc95Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1633732 - Increase the fuzz range even more to account for some other win builds.
c3090a952a79fc6f4b4dab40888a8aaa0fb80095Sonia Singla — Bug 1620646 - Changes updated for test failure. r=jorendorff