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Wed Aug 28 11:21:34 2013 +0000
6afb1f4536886b1eeb3574e3f340c4ba3755bae0Mark Banner — Bug 909870 follow up - xpidl header generation is somehow busted so we need to clobber on windows.
9b68f15672e34f139ae0f964ad389beff71bf9e1Landry Breuil — Bug 804792 - Enable WebRTC by default on BSD. DONTBUILD because NPOTB. r=jesup
b9e4777416d87beeafd23a8b682d364fb3865f05Mark Banner — Bug 909870 nsIContentViewerFile::printWithParent is unused. r=bz
6bd5bc19306caefc605573cd68ba0bf3ab614365Makoto Kato — Bug 851992 - Allow building against system ICU library. r=glandium f=gaston
0f0d1a9777667fe97e87b20105e18fccb8d0d544Jan Beich — Bug 909832 - Make sure errno is declared. r=roc
988f55f8196e70e7da0323f6ae08af9bce02f70bBoris Zbarsky — Back out revisions 042d50591265:69f4af72765c (bug 909645) due to Windows bustage causing a CLOSED TREE.
c98af21f7072dee438f2861bf441eb24e752cc82Phil Ringnalda — Back out 4bb5a77c36a6:88a3198c7007 (bug 900669) for b2g build failures
caf66a81daebb0ed886643f30150200cb1bba571Nicholas Cameron — Bug 910054. Remove a printf from CompositorD3D11. r=mattwoodrow
79fd8b08b959ac9ac21135786596aac358f541f3Nicholas Cameron — Bug 909185. Use an RAII helper class for Add/RemoveMaskEffect. r=nical
69f4af72765c06dff92c6e3ed7b78e15b541f556Boris Zbarsky — Bug 909645 part 4. Don't include ipdl headers in DesktopNotification.h. r=ms2ger
b00996f5cb3b0e84cf45f57e5f201d981b8980c9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 909645 part 3. Make including SpeechRecognition.h and MediaManager.h not pull ipdl headers. r=ms2ger
8bfc1b74520332b285c68a0de786f8e659a439f9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 909645 part 2. Don't include ipdl headers in Hal.h. r=ms2ger
042d50591265a2ff09636fe835cf4784a867a6fbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 909645 part 1. Don't include ipdl headers in nsGeolocation.h. r=ms2ger
052f30e2182bb992805533eeb839e1f8ebeef1cbBoris Zbarsky — Bug 909639 part 4. Make previously-unconditional headers conditional. r=smaug
7d19c042913d739a354dd4f36b59dbffbadb58ecBoris Zbarsky — Bug 909639 part 3. Move our various conditional headers to the new bindingHeaders setup. r=smaug
a60adae598b80152162757018fea1f946d1ca39fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 909639 part 2. Refactor our computation of whether we need the nsDOMQS header to make it easier to do similar other things. r=smaug
c361190e59d76b8e9e46dfbe3a0b3a7644374943Boris Zbarsky — Bug 909639 part 1. Refactor callForEachType to return a generator so we can use it more easily, and rename it to getAllTypes. r=smaug
855d24ed747f40decef7b05c2086b9acce8d8285Boris Zbarsky — Bug 909415. Fix binding .pp files to not overbuild due to listing dependencies for the wrong file. r=khuey
2a3ed74a0c952f5645dbcecaea4c085100148c5fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 909597 (part 2) - Rename jsdbgapi.{h,cpp} as {js,vm}OldDebugAPI.{h,cpp}. r=luke.
e8fed1171d6a6b7ea8dc05024dc26284ed819931Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 909597 (part 1) - Make jsdbgapi.h not depend on jsapi.h. r=luke.
3e064e6246aafe21c137567e43a687e52a15cce4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 909335 Don't pass key events to nsINativeKeyBindings if key event is already consumed by WalkHandlersInternal() r=smaug
4bb5a77c36a69cafcae6f7558dbdd7041c9cbaa1Luke Wagner — Bug 900669 - OdinMonkey: store relative offsets in AsmJSModule::{Exit,ExportedFunction} (r=bbouvier)
1efaa2330cee6e91c79381b00f62fdd128e17f52Luke Wagner — Bug 900669 - OdinMonkey: un-HeapPtr more AsmJSModule property names (r=terrence)
88a3198c7007b5eb7f2310dfbe1a541e4e5add03Luke Wagner — Bug 900669 - OdinMonkey: put memcpy-able data in 'pod' fields of AsmJSModule (r=bbouvier)
aa33608f75c19d7edd9d0959fb9de2d89643ecdcRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound on a CLOSED TREE.
4fa161a24995bea6c49d1d12661589fcbb1fb2f2Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 12 changesets (bug 899367) for Windows and OSX mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE.
b1197402e4856f11493c434388c3eef4dafd728aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 5acab2576a56 (bug 885277) for intermittent mochitest-other failures.
31f0115e4f41f6df060ebe60c9bcb191e0d0db47David Keeler — bug 849553 - crypto.generateCRMFRequest should throw for bad key sizes r=bsmith
1bd4a6e58e21582812e57827b2d4084ada0bc894John Daggett — Bug 906704 - reftest for rotated synthetic bold. r=jrmuizel
3b40bd9e75c5845629af551c57b58e4b779e84a0John Daggett — Bug 906704 - fix infinite loop drawing rotated synthetic bold text. r=jrmuizel
aaf17ea43b592e46a951d6bcfcb6461e0a7c7c66Nicolas Pierron — Bug 908903 - Add testing function to toggle jit compiler options. r=jandem
af537722afd4b1f1dab87f03ce304b7a4de80d91Benoit Girard — Bug 908449 - Implement GfxInfo::GetFeatureStatusImpl for gonk. r=bjacob
b401ae426727747dcd753460e2d9d3b80e7a0d14Kai Engert — bug 887052 - follow-up: fix typo in browser_bug627234_perwindowpb.js r=keeler
0b00492b4b4356f56e28ac674666eecbc282e4f6Shu-yu Guo — Bug 908939 - Use the original function to construct the |this| type set in inline dispatch in Ion. (r=jandem)
d825964ccab6999da1452495fadc5beb724c6f2fShu-yu Guo — Bug 903028 - Do not allocate type sets off main thread. (r=bhackett)
e85cc09477ee825bd8e267cb74b1cd37fd114ba5Shu-yu Guo — Bug 909599 - Initialize PerThreadData for ForkJoinSlice. (r=nmatsakis)
6efe5d76831e88e55d5be71caa23fd098fb3dfaeMatt Woodrow — Bug 909128 - Support snapshot source surfaces in DrawTargetCG's CopySurface. r=jrmuizel
e4863a50483828be828e95a2f35d668f28d23654Andrew McCreight — Bug 904826 - Remove some unneeded nsLayoutStatics calls. r=smaug,bholley,bz
e89815fe247da096c3564dfedca3a59ccef14925Luke Wagner — Bug 909534 - tidy up AsmJSSignalHandler, remove unnecessary SIGBUS handling (r=bhackett)
4543cebdc8a0220bdb0853001448b22d23ccf3caLuke Wagner — Bug 909534 - don't call exit as a backstop in AsmJSSignalHandler (r=bhackett)
81fb29b23c8a25063392a39dadca517f1584cabeKannan Vijayan — Bug 906781 - Optimize JSOP_FUNAPPLY with Array argument in Baseline. r=bhackett r=jandem
46cf4c3eb447581cab18bd71bf3a59691b90a8b7Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Make GetNativeGlobal consumers call GetWindowProxy and rm the former. r=mccr8
d8a876219fc7603780cf13ffc332545517972a15Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Remove check for non-WindowProxy objects on an scx. r=mccr8
d930333f95a762b17ad99e911044ae4ec2d1c0c3Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Remove xpc_UnmarkGrayContext. r=mccr8
efae8cc0fff87d1e3fc844ab2f6609b724ab673aBobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Remove JSOPTION_UNROOTED_GLOBAL. r=luke,mccr8
1dd262d146a6b7bbb93df4494cd13fe51e33cd19Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Stop storing the window proxy on the JSContext. r=mccr8
4c396b8a51d002e2fb51c236a89f6d3ac2f78d07Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Have nsGlobalWindow go through nsJSContext to access the outer. r=mccr8
c8c30176639afcd782ced7b8801c4d0d338b121aBobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Stop depending on the default compartment object for DOM JSContexts. r=mccr8
aaa8fbcf9aaf70ab5abc472117fbe600d6e5f084Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Add an API to opt out of default compartment objects. r=luke
d1a782044a4bc632644fc5c149ae013670c89cd1Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Explicitly traverse outer windows, rather than doing it via JSContext iteration. r=mccr8
b2672ab550469cbf3f443be917e4365ef4ac83cbBobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Explicitly trace outer windows, rather than doing it via JSContext iteration. r=mccr8
fc4deb0b06fa25030f23fd69af8bd89c14050fbcBobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Add an API to determine if we're marking gray. r=billm
b9f1018a609c2ac9a14eb24a6982e5a6d1946bf2Bobby Holley — Bug 899367 - Only use JSOPTION_UNROOTED_GLOBAL for DOM JSContexts. r=mccr8
2308ce99493cd08869c214ac556ffdf595ade9b0Terrence Cole — Bug 909866 - Fix an exact rooting hazard in JSCompartment::wrap; r=sfink
535e7c112fc63acb9d7ca92d71a1cad2fc7f03e6Justin Lebar — Bug 909514 - Include <new> before mozilla::Maybe (and move Maybe into mfbt/Maybe.h). r=waldo
f619e14327addef2cc1ad48e5e76aaaa3c71b926Jeff Walden — Bug 905947 - Don't assert when redefining an array's length to be configurable via the JSAPI. r=jorendorff
613a1dedd130cf98c6e1ce25dbb0f5fa39ebde22Jeff Gilbert — Bug 908905 - Reduce blocking of packed_depth_stencil on mac+nv. r=bjacob
03c5dfa1145311eee3bf90fb93db5de63cc4fff2Kai Engert — Bug 633001, SSL cannot set exceptions on IPv6 addresses, also fixes bug 828873. Based on work by Erik Lax, r=dkeeler
9986101468dfdf155f17f0533b6fca3f9dd29529Max Stepin — Bug 900200 - Fix strange transparent areas appearing in some APNG files. r=seth
5acab2576a562f6d9fe7088e7614b3a43b75b9a6Simon Lindholm — Bug 885277 - Fix animation timing and resetAnimation in the presence of changing animationMode
6197cc8e1a3b46a343ab04bdf8372ed66fb1defcGregory Szorc — Bug 909412 - Don't attempt to track tier progression during partial tree builds; r=glandium
cebcf04541e7326d46bc105251aeacb5eeee3252Randell Jesup — Bug 909946: missing %s in LOG statement for webrtc_trace logging r=abr
54dc71135d7a2a04e8660be06f14e434efe40c90Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 880067 - Part 3.1: Fix harmless copy-and-paste error r=ehugg
5991872b4ce3c83784be41cfb1795b6c942f8a19Jeff Walden — Bug 908898 - Move the JS_PS{G,GS,_END} macros from jsobj.h into jsapi.h for general use. r=jorendorff
43503c7ca48ae62126e63b15553062ab6577a3fdJeff Walden — Bug 907958 - Disallow |function function() {}| and similar unreadabilities. r=jorendorff, r=wingo for the yield interactions, r=luke for the asm.js interactions
2643fd47538b266775a5587cc2e292b18fab88d6Jeff Walden — Bug 907958 - Change a test to not expect exact error messages, only that the errors are SyntaxErrors. r=simple-test-fixup
7be13ec6604305852f4a1c62be6b64e98c6511baTom Schuster — Bug 905441 - Load style sheets from the parent into the child. r=bz
53b6481108a6d9d9c1bfee687fb5924a6c5a1572Matt Woodrow — Bug 907792 - Use SharedTextureClientOG for SharedTextureImage. r=nical
a7d0dd73fc2538578929ced6dddba7d367a86753Matt Woodrow — Bug 907792 - Refactor texture flags so that we set the deallocate flags based on the texture type. r=nical