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Sun Dec 23 20:50:19 2012 +0000
4f74d77d6d8bd8eb806de6197af1363a02941f97Jonathan Kamens — Bug 823042 - Fix redeclared argument warnings. r=Mossop
a3f4fd5bd56383f97f3ee0cf8369fc6cd5df12abMario Alvarado [:marioalv] — Bug 806744 - Port the satchel test_privbrowsing.html to the new per-tab PB APIs. r=jdm
59c4ddd0b7a410c8c7ebb5c21251dce31463bf35Peter Simonyi — Bug 777926 - Use URL or title from history for bookmarking error pages. r=Mano
a3e933f00833f3dc5757470ad6cf564ab472d620Andreas Wagner — Bug 550175 - Check if a row in an autocomplete popup is selected while pressing DEL. r=mak
660750a95f60363e2309c84bf2d4eb197e1da822Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 5244caae8c46 (bug 822846) for Windows build bustage.
8a7d18f51175812450a8bd9f3a3dffd1929e68eeSebastian Hengst — Bug 823658 - Use Services.jsm and String methods like startsWith in browser.js. r=gavin
ba26ddd4739b881441c72c4472d6be60e6a30707Iordache Catalin — Bug 821396 - Fix warnings in DASHDecoder.cpp and DASHRepDecoder.cpp. r=cpearce
1035217debb38b90381b131e41b0d9d99e5038c1Iordache Catalin — Bug 821269 - Fix build warnings in HTMLTableAccessible.cpp. r=tbsaunde
5244caae8c4606ef62ad9c46ef4a944a87ba4196Seth Fowler — Bug 822846 - Use nsMimeTypes.h instead of working with literal strings in imagelib. r=joe
4425abacc947a867f65c1dee37397e2c71a9dd69Seth Fowler — Bug 822526 - Turn mozilla::image::Image into an interface. r=joe
0ea9204be1bb34b5791302f91107e4ec2ae26965Seth Fowler — Bug 821023 - imgStatusTracker should not know about imgRequest. r=joe
827adb196982602cda56ec8b792cc048b5fd02beJed Parsons (:jparsons) — Bug 823736 - include.js must stringify objects going to userland js. r=benadida
8099630f363d122a13c5cfc62fdb6b16cc894b97Mike Habicher — Bug 820139 - Ensure video recorder exists before trying to start recording. r=kchen
606f13fe356fac14f7e06e9817d70a1ae28cbc6dMike Habicher — Bug 818933 - Provide a hardware release API so that we don't have to rely on CC of CameraControl objects. r=mhabicher
63f38c1cf053010a07f0f9f7e4c8610515f5ab3cDustin L. Howett — Bug 812647 - Fix OS.File's failure to find libc on case-sensitive OS X filesystems. r=Yoric
cb9dc5d37fac2f091ea57d2e1fd2987157395b72Anthony Jones — Bug 811950 - Refactoring to use gfxPoint and gfxSize more. r=cjones
0e5744e4e2f61b25b9a6cf83deee90cd3c32a3b0Anthony Jones — Bug 811950 - Add scaling operators to BaseSize and gfxPoint. r=roc
955a8b88d7969843d5d8cae39b0728331d98bfbbAnthony Jones — Bug 811950 - Fix async scrolling of position:fixed. r=cjones
1310b5aab1f4dc95a69d2d90cd613e1c966af20aAnthony Jones — Bug 811950 - Remove fixed position environment variable. r=roc
1ec805274a72aa732202f30261a03228b1550d5eDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 803165 - Add dom_system.xpt to Gonk installer. r=ted
2c988d472605d18855ee28093c0e5738bd9cd823Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
06ae0a5f4d9c23627aee23d941e448242147f30cTrevor Saunders — bug 820182 - remove nsISupportsArray::ElementAt() r=ehsan
08e6e5bc8b5f32f4223de48278d4d88158f475b2Trevor Saunders — bug 819936 - remove NS_NewArrayEnumerator overload for nsISupportsArray r=bz, bsmedberg
105aaffcfab3c2785dfa3cbf3d6ef01ff3f11f8bTrevor Saunders — bug 821593 - remove the nsIDOMRGBColor xpidl now that nothing uses it r=bz
c097a455c88e3c9c0028f6c87574a92eec951571Trevor Saunders — bug 821593 - remove nsIDOMCSSPrimitiveValue:::GetRGBColor() r=bz
e238a2c12230f13e6adf62295c1c69ae8a9c747eTrevor Saunders — bug 821593 - stop using nsIDOMCSSValue / nsIDOMRGBColor in editor r=bz
08fb8e6e898659be0ae5c792da228b484ef67c5aTrevor Saunders — bug 821593 - add downcasting from CSSValue to nsROCSSPrimitiveValue r=bz
5823e4df1ab0af9eb8ba9d9423fb67318392c5ffMs2ger — Bug 805939 followup: include Hal.h correctly.
d81ab45d2a7d0457b97b0531f74884575a3d8d1dMs2ger — Backout bug 823394 for reftest oranges.
c5a733e72673873996b652281a72b0f2cbc87ab1David Zbarsky — Bug 823394 Part 2: Add WebIDL API to SVGElement and enable binding r=bz
9f3051733fec0917d7d4bc30e4a8e7aaca4d7362David Zbarsky — Bug 823394 Part 1:Merge nsSVGStylableElement/nsSVGElement and nsIDOMSVGStylable/nsIDOMSVGElement r=bz
4aee8b87bea8950b1b05438736df699017e383e5Simon Montagu — Don't set autodirection on elements like <script>, <style> and <textarea>. Bug 819014.
4f30345471b0fbe40f534aa7a592f0cf78c379cfSimon Montagu — Be consistent in what text nodes we look at in the #ifdef DEBUG pre-loop and the actual loop. Bug 822723
b81ccb796b727ef291d3999cfec56872b08f7419Nicholas Cameron — Bug 823460; start throttled transitions with delays; r=dbaron; a=blocking-basecamp
a80783039603369d78d0235b8356244a421ad765David Zbarsky — Remove some unneeded forward declares (no bug)
a8734f4f5d209080ae90bb23a2ed15e15b5d9e9bDavid Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 11: Remove nsIDOMSVG(Animated)LengthList r=bz
0cbd04a62008e2c99e90ffe560b6f4aa715d2a54David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 13: Convert SVGAnimatedLengthList to WebIDL r=bz
3d9587921eb92c94025a52b6eb8df430d6b94840David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 6: Remove nsIDOMSVG(Animated)NumberList r=bz
6516c71accd0830ca0ca89a49746d496a9b7de59David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 10: Remove nsIDOMSVGPoint r=bz
29225925d6e4fcec7a48a8f6183b03e4cf1a9f4bDavid Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 9: Remove nsIDOMSVGMatrix r=bz
ef22f0b8e4663b87b75104c1f81ce561db6d872aDavid Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 8: Remove nsIDOMSVGTransform r=bz
822291ecc6955418f661303583cbce7733f89862David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 7: Remove nsIDOMSVG(Animated)TransformList r=bz
f76cba2067065290851a3faf06ffa06ce353fcd1David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 5: Remove nsIDOMSVG(Animated)Angle r=bz
19990126a4847b8e5ddac44f0395aae6a1f8cc7eDavid Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 12: Convert SVGAnimatedAngle to WebIDL r=bz
cec4f0b329a3d0cf158b863d3cf9dbb43f99d2b4David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 11: Convert SVGAngle to WebIDL r=bz
bda6cac90251c863f3acc8e5bfbf531345b96ceaDavid Zbarsky — Fix initializer order warning, no bug
8b53a620ef9e34ef9fbd215a9a51670ae9d89ceeDavid Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 4: Remove nsIDOMSVGPathSegList r=bz, jwatt
71dba2dc956c81e8fbc14f49b7a9c5360a894bc2David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 10: Convert SVGPathSeg and subclasses to WebIDL and remove XPIDL r=bz
b6dc8ce6295ac07fad23661aa3b50ff1251580eaDavid Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 9: Add a macro for NS_SVG_VAL_IMPL_CYCLE_COLLECTION_WRAPPERCACHED r=bz
9b915ddf9d18066ef61e6bcb6fd33472718168a4David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 3: Remove nsIDOMSVGAnimatedBoolean r=bz, jwatt
6e64444d5f30425ec42d87b2456924c9c37ae55cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 8: Convert SVGAnimatedBoolean to WebIDL r=bz
b4e40d2db9adc0ffce83d0fd1a99c9ac3e7abae7David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 2: Remove nsIDOMSVG(Animated)PreserveAspectRatio r=bz, jwatt
7fc1c750ee0cc54288a1190c8a4b57039f2e3337David Zbarsky — Bug 817442 Part 1: Remove nsIDOMSVGPointList r=bz, jwatt
94ed53f03fd1374934534e3e4a2855e3732564f4David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 7: Convert SVGAnimatedNumberList to WebIDL r=bz
00c8e8d5fe04c1d1a29d2d04e06f61064eedaae5David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 6: Convert SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio to WebIDL r=bz
1945ceaff5faca696a3fa0853750b6c13cc170abDavid Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 5: Convert SVGPreserveAspectRatio to WebIDL r=bz
db3de623feca7b822530818767c4fe255ded7852David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 4: Convert SVGAnimatedTransformList to WebIDL r=bz
0ca634658b96fd7da279869443029e9144f22f16David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 3: Convert SVGTransform to WebIDL r=bz
9b19cd969afcaab7b9e4fde83480e37db7c20f83David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 2: Convert SVGMatrix to WebIDL r=bz
347128caddd541d65a16c830dc0310212668df93David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 1.5: Create nsISVGPoint and make nsSVGTranslatePoint::DOMVal a subclass r=bz
4c295e120bccb84032e8997749b64d831fd6ed43David Zbarsky — Bug 816778 Part 1: Convert SVGPoint to WebIDL r=bz
7023232a96f562588eec46a2a9908405107d1564Cameron McCormack — Bug 814566 - Allow invalid syntax (with balanced parentheses) inside @supports conditions. (v1.1.1) r=dbaron
adbb1a174e93c85caec379d75a503cac42deb8a7Alexander Surkov — Bug 819273 - ARIA combobox should have accessible value, r=tbsaunde
bab7ae06e579d274c81c5701ee87e35df8e14265Nagarjuna Varma — Bug 785060 - Check for allocation failure in JS_NewUCStringCopyZ calls; r=Ms2ger
80c7c3eee490dacd5ade7ce5942730f917ff3ab4Hannes Verschore — Bug 777262: Assertation dropout, r=orange
824e649bab0c7aa47bd6486e27825a5a97178673Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824007 (Convert HTMLBodyElement, HTMLDataListElement, HTMLFontElement, HTMLFrameSetElement and HTMLLabelElement to new DOM bindings). r=bz.
840b27e186408d8d2d0e4cb7b123fa41e1bff4a6Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824007 (Convert HTMLBodyElement, HTMLDataListElement, HTMLFontElement, HTMLFrameSetElement and HTMLLabelElement to new DOM bindings) - move some HTML element classes to mozilla::dom. r=bz.
fec5950b88a2529a598567384c4415c27b02af10Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 824007 (Convert HTMLBodyElement, HTMLDataListElement, HTMLFontElement, HTMLFrameSetElement and HTMLLabelElement to new DOM bindings) - make NS_IMPL_NS_NEW_HTML_ELEMENT macros work with HTML element classes in mozilla::dom. r=bz.
2e6bec0c1f8a262c3566966332470e1f9dcd589bHannes Verschore — Bug 777262: Fix windows bustage, r=bustage
6bc692ff1c10fa3d2f045d3764e701c101c298dbHannes Verschore — Bug 777262: IonMonkey: Inline more compare operations, r=jandem
5abe31fa4a5c6847d1c5c6a5a6b6957be0821ea0Neil Rashbrook — Bug 818861 Shouldn't allow promising a flat string from a flat string r=dbaron
178bc511dec97ec9d828f02fc15aa38ab6898961Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 804834 - Part 3: Add a regression test. r=waldo
ad84d41d41456205126875f11def790d0c5b4464Asaf Romano — Bug 822343 - Downloads view takes far too long to render. Part 4 - Cache the download state so command-updating doesn't check the file size over and over. r=mconley.
eee94feb23acb76e1d8d11d58bf90d4d0e13ce0cDaniel Holbert — Bug 823286: Fix incorrect kDefaultRemainingTime value in, to be consistent with dom/battery/Constants.h (and actually use it, instead of hardcoding 0). r=mounir
71dc7d4943f8ba0a2589037e52d22cff89234a57Michael Wu — Bug 824090 - Fix gl config selection in boot animation, r=cjones
38fbb50e6038cd990c72650ab5ad8c1adbb6c9ebJason Duell — Bug 815523. Fix syntax of skip-if to skip xpcshell test on windows. r==orangefix
1911ef1478a37f9078a37376594e7402969f86a1Jonathan Watt — Regression reftests for bug 822014 to let us know if the behavior of clip-path on outer-<svg> with a border changes.
b9807d681190145ce7a0ee12439d9d909596f31aHannes Verschore — Bug 824005: Fix for v8-richards regression introduced in bug 813784, r=nbp
ec5b0408864fe5f741a39676c704f45690b7f721Honza Bambas — Bug 765215 - Firefox 13 hangs on resuming from sleep, introduced wake up adjust for QueryPerformanceCounter, r=ehsan
101f652fe7a5193c28902a15d69d984e9016e00fMs2ger — Backout bug 821593 for bustage.
bc10be0681179170bb921e83e04f5bc6ce9dbe20Trevor Saunders — bug 821593 - remove the nsIDOMRGBColor xpidl now that nothing uses it r=bz
6c3f79ca958b4d8801a84b1efd9a43a1bd65afc1Trevor Saunders — bug 821593 - remove nsIDOMCSSPrimitiveValue:::GetRGBColor() r=bz
270ce71000f3e762957edae971d4b97579e10f1fTrevor Saunders — bug 821593 - stop using nsIDOMCSSValue / nsIDOMRGBColor in editor r=bz
443df7602f6ef3f7736fc687c0e62a0dc15caf8bTrevor Saunders — bug 821593 - add downcasting from CSSValue to nsROCSSPrimitiveValue r=bz
108eb99a250db187c9bfa6c5f383f8375d261c9fJason Duell — Bug 815523 - Remote the app: and jar: protocols. r=fabrice,mwu,jdm
4ff2c4b415f8dfa9fd2be3908808268c87c2186eJosh Matthews — Bug 815523. patches stolen from 782542 Parts 1,2,3: Necko IPC security pref, and disable for xpcshell tests, r=ted,jdm
aa42fc5b6396dab8d58ceeaac40891f88e239d36Ms2ger — Merge m-c to inbound.
d671838aeb16e176c19d03f1df2f3bab60c199feGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 823533 - Reject plugins with a different architecture in 32bit Mac builds. r=bsmedberg,smichaud
79d9e21392276cdfc305241381fba7dfd6705a91Jason Duell — Bug 821160 - remove accidentally commited .orig/.rej files r=jduell DONTBUILD
4fa2400559e04e20c8c2ab7880f6727e4f226e0bJonathan Kew — Bug 823964 - Wrong bounds for scaled images. r=longsonr
f1c7eade6c974813db71bcc451cc3dcbc50e440bMark Banner — Bug 823940 Remove unused nsAutoVoidArray, and cleanup nsVoidArray's support for it. r=bsmedberg.
96898e6b3078560645dfcd0617d7ce464031f270Mark Banner — Bug 823932 Change leaksoup.cpp to use nsAutoTArray rather than nsAutoVoidArray. r=dbaron
45fd2425adc4c4ace488553e73b9ae78e32474adZane U. Ji — Bug 493544 - Don't decode the encoded text until it ends. r=smontagu
f93588a041ece6b130d5e4039b3312822771f22dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 804631. Add the WebIDL API for Document. r=peterv
079d46ec65d2c04610d724cdb7065f964e7e431bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 822766. Be a bit more careful with our level assert in ReplaceAnimationRule. r=dbaron
7b76a1d0adf5ec9df21816568b3f637c8be75803Randell Jesup — Bug 799417: Backend support for list of documents that have active gUM MediaStreams r=derf
6fe65eeaa2b4c988400c28a2c4476ed4d209d636Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 821003: Replace snprintf macro with static function r=jesup
8667a82f1bf2fc117a86dbe3abbedcd81335c175Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 818714: Set media enabled to FALSE unless added using addStream, r=ehugg
4ad96e42102e208dd49476786cb080ff38423968Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 797534: Update PeerConnectionImpl to use SDP from SIPCC, r=ehugg
6546477eb93d19bf80f06afec712176512cabe80Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 823665 - Rename urlclassifier.confirm-age to max-complete-age. r=gcp
46ab2a002a9bfd3d4617651065e51b96e014f35cJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 822158: Use async dispatch of Ice(Gathering)Completed to unwind stack r=jesup,ekr
a1864cbae86c1ef0d1368dd1838d2e940f4b6420Cameron McCormack — Bug 807336 - Suppress CSS property parse errors inside failing @supports rules. r=dbaron
948ae77e36d6f12e65b46037636349e26ceeb38aCameron McCormack — Bug 820148 - Add RELEASE_BUILD macro available in pref js files. r=ted
be3375d887c61a36826efcd642a1f72597864368Mark Finkle — Bug 823550 - Ensure saving favicons to DB happens on the GeckoBackgroundThread r=kats