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Sat Jul 27 02:25:56 2013 +0000
fb48c7d58b8bBrian Hackett — Bug 893890 - Don't attach new object metadata to objects created while parsing/emitting scripts, r=luke.
60542f3605e3Mihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 898142 - xpcshell make target should pass in pluginsPath. r=gps
999f228c8ef5Jim Mathies — Bug 898370 - Disable crash reporting when running in metrodesktop mode. r=bbondy
b54402f21eb8Guilherme Gonçalves — Bug 884921 - navigator.geolocation should never be null. r=dougt
7b60ddc95007Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 894941 - Increase fuzz tolerance for the small-shot.ogg mediaDecoding test to resolve a CLOSED TREE.
ddbd70f50d73Joe Drew — Bug 887466 - Rearrange SyncDecode so that we never try to finish a size decode with the decode lock held. r=seth
a04093b3aaa4Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 865349 - Refactor B2G mochitests off and onto mozbase, r=jgriffin,ted
97ad9f8fd485Niko Matsakis — Bug 898371 - Enumerate binary structs. r=nsm
9bdc850e67f6David Zbarsky — Bug 856472: CanvasPattern and CanvasGradient don't need to inherit nsISupports r=bz
889041639eb9David Zbarsky — Bug 865998: Implement WebIDL union return values r=bz
e7045ef73a3dRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
79322a7a9e09Niko Matsakis — Bug 898338 - Binary Data: Adjust formatting, convert some static things to non-static. r=nsm
8636a1f6d3ceJoe Drew — Backed out changeset 8a6e3d229183 (bug 887466) because of assertion failures
4a96449f38aaChristian Holler — Bug 898484 - Add --enable-stdcxx-compat to mozconfig.asan. r=bustage-fix
5e3c1ca03150Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 895303 - Annotate test_bug893537.html for sporadic asserts. r=bz
5764a13f3567Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 874073 - Skip crashtests/852293.html due to frequent timeouts.
b8791c396e52Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 873083 - Skip crashtests/813372-1.html due to frequent timeouts.
01bf6add1d1fBrian Hackett — Bug 898021 - Mark values written to integer typed arrays as truncated, r=jandem.
d2967ea984a7Paul Adenot — Bug 882543 - Use a linked list for ordering stream instead of an array. r=ehsan
f202d49605d6Paul Adenot — Bug 882543 - Register the MSG thread for in the profiler. r=benwa
ddc96e1dd971Paul Adenot — Bug 882543 - Don't spam the main thread when rendering an offline graph. r=ehsan,roc
11ab5b6a9181Paul Adenot — Bug 882543 - Actually run offline MSG offline. r=roc
2aa33cb78665Paul Adenot — Bug 882543 - Retain storage for media streams accross iterations instead of reallocating. r=jlebar,roc
adeb3608cd41Paul Adenot — Bug 894941 - Patch the speex resampler to do runtime checks for SSE. r=ehsan,glandium
f134b528c97dPaul Adenot — Bug 894941 - Import SSE-optimized routines for the speex resampler. r=ehsan
f6412c912847Paul Adenot — Bug 894941 - Move SSE.{h,cpp} and arm.{h,cpp} to mozglue/build/. r=glandium
8ad218e441d6Daniel Holbert — Bug 896292: Mark widget/gtk2 as FAIL_ON_WARNINGS. r=karlt r=gps
79f46ef38047Benjamin Smedberg — Followup to bug 888510 - windowless-layers reftest should be skip-if no testplugin, not fails-if
f8d184e3879dWes Johnston — Bug 895549 - Only remove transforms when we're about to recycle a view. r=lucasr
bff7e921c95dSam Foster — Bug 890148 - Streamline transitions when showing the find appbar. r=mbrubeck
b51cb3254d18Wes Johnston — Bug 896117 - Add enter and exit dialogs for guest mode. r=margaret
2e6def7eb4dbDavid Keeler — bug 846825 - refactor, make HSTS header parser more spec-conformant r=cviecco r=grobinson
8b32dad46ea1Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
7ff04bb944aaBob Owen — Bug 885140 - Fix intermittent timeout in content/html/content/test/test_iframe_sandbox_navigation.html. r=imelven
e26410b337b5Mina Almasry — Bug 760851 - Add jsonifier WebIDL declaration and add toJSON to performance.timing. r=bz
bcc709f93afbMartijn Wargers — Bug 873864 - Test failures when reloading test_bug669671.html. r=jlebar
7cdac016f94fDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 898034 - Fix module.exports. r=gozala
b476f31f2762Mina Almasry — Bug 734861 - Add a waitForExplicitFinish() call to match the finish() call in test. r=bz
2e14be2e3cadStephen Pohl — Bug 896443: Followup for Windows: Fix the z-ordering of overlay scrollbars to make them appear on top of content with z-index > 0. r=roc
b1e97a8eea0fIvan Alagenchev — Bug 846918: localization for invalid sts. r=dolske.
b3d9fd3ba0ccIvan Alagenchev — Bug 846918: adds hsts reporting from nsDocument. r=smaug.
e0c6ca4c3e43Ivan Alagenchev — Bug 846918: add hsts message queue to httpchannel. r=bsmith.
4e11fe1c46cfIvan Alagenchev — Bug 846918: Adds internal httpchannel idl for communication between documents and channels. r=jlebar
00da124c775dIvan Alagenchev — Bug 846918 - Adds new message category to webconsole.js and learn more link to security messages .r=msucan
7c565590d671Eitan Isaacson — Bug 898008 - Use 'wheel' event for scrolling. r=maxli
155ab662755eAndrew McCreight — Bug 692226 - Record weak map entries in the cycle collector log. r=smaug
98c66f6c0414Nathan Froyd — Bug 897407 - package JS shell for all android builds; r=gps
d08133d025b3Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 895451 - Automate Talos setup & running Talos on the tree. DONTBUILD. r=gps
68062bad2d33Monica Chew — Bug 837199 - Write interface to query application reputation (r=paolo,sr=mossop)
b75af0939feaJoe Drew — Bug 882190 - Remove empty variable assignment. r=glandium
362f621702e6Joe Drew — Bug 897488 - Apply any dirt on frames whenever we get a drawable frame, not just in Draw(). r=seth
8a6e3d229183Joe Drew — Bug 887466 - Rearrange SyncDecode so that we never try to finish a size decode with the decode lock held. r=seth
0f8523d1dfe9Alexander Surkov — Bug 896326 - Accessibility may return empty lines where there are embedded objects, r=tbsaunde
9a39f63704faBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 888510 - In-content theming fixup for the new plugin click-to-activate. Remove the "lightweight" transparent click-to-play theming and make the normal styling plain grey. Switch from a CSS gradient to an image gradient because of performance issues. Highlight the "check for updates" button for outdated plugins. Icons by shorlander and lco, ui-review=lco r=jaws
9b8b2c5d0d26Geoff Brown — Bug 898036 - Set layout.css.devPixelsPerPx during robocop tests; r=kats
63887fd246ccCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset df8423fdcad8 (bug 888088) for possible premaorange crash
3de1033e44b7Paul Adenot — Bug 893307 - Handle surround speaker setups when using the WASAPI cubeb backend. r=kinetik
e8ef43506a4dJim Mathies — Bug 897417 - Add support for Talos tp-cmdline parameters in metro browser startup. r=mbrubeck
9a1a962eaa19Till Schneidereit — Bug 898365 - Remove superfluous handler-wrapping form JSFunction::nonLazyScript. rs=jonco
0621ef3a01daCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset ae8d72538dee (bug 897484) for b2g bustage
35f1055fd217Max Li — Bug 690199 - ARIA select widget should expose focusable state regardless the way they manage its children. r=surkov
77df61af1a84Jeff Walden — Bug 894026 - Implement ES6 binary and octal literals. r=till
e978bb426e87Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 784739 - Switch from NULL to nullptr in mfbt/. r=jwalden
7a73c9157311Jon Coppeard — Bug 897956 - Tidy use of fromMarkedLocation() in interpreter r=luke
ae8d72538deeJon Coppeard — Bug 897484 - GC: Convert JS_GetProperty APIs to take MutableHandleValue r=terrence r=bholley r=smaug
51846dce90d3Jon Coppeard — Bug 896949 - JS_SetProperty APIs should take an immutable parameter r=waldo r=bz
50541189f179Marty Rosenberg — bug 894251: NEVER use mov to move the address of a call target. The tracer has no clue how to deal with a single instruction move (r=jandem)
44ebfcf61a6cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 44c751cee3b1 (bug 837242) for suspicion of causing OSX Bustage CLOSED TREE
6c30d62aa552Dirk Schulze — Bug 897392 - Implement parsing of filter:hue-rotate(). r=heycam
299df147d0e0William Chen — Bug 895805 - Ensure nsBindingManager hashtable is initialized before use. r=mrbkap
44c751cee3b1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 837242. Part 1: Convert bool parameters to flags. r=mats
366608750a6eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 885009. Handle clip-all-descendants cases with rounded corners. r=mats
6b4ff981027fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 890716. Fix race in Reverb::Reverb. r=padenot
5f7fcbc8fd27Emanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 888088 (part 12) - Fix #include ordering in a handful of remaining places. r=nnethercote.
df8423fdcad8Emanuel Hoogeveen — Bug 888088 (part 11) - Fix #include ordering in js/src/ion/arm/. r=nnethercote.
4716f738ef0aMike Hommey — Bug 897723 - Allow faulty.lib's on-demand decompression to be reentrant. r=nfroyd