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Wed Apr 14 22:15:09 2010 +0000
67bb5933e2c1006d4ba227a42ef41ec6332ece82Marco Bonardo — Disable flushes for some Places random test, due to bug 507790
e3d9d2edb15911d0601eb1b9a7479b54a930b90eMarco Bonardo — Bug 523936 - Random failure of test_browserGlue_distribution.js. Disable till we implement a fix.
a085a040a6bdf7a8331bdbdd18e2ba1837ad97efMarco Bonardo — Bug 557406 - Intermittent failure in test_bookmarks.js. Disable till we implement a fix.
b45e2fd7ce4a82e6aa9fd7689be281ca5a526902Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 474060 - Show download progress in app icon in Windows 7 taskbar. Tests by Felipe Gomes. r=sdwilsh r=mconnor r=sid, sr=vlad, ui-r=faaborg