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Thu Aug 13 22:18:08 2015 +0000
4b35236fc76ea0459df47db884fec8c94b93ed7fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 7bf71f3a4465 and 6ec8b34e2bc6 (bug 1188750) for Android 4.3 dom/crypto/test/test_indexedDB.html timeouts.
10878e179e4c19f98030f78771d032173d7d1991Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1093431 - Skip browser_styleinspector_tooltip-closes-on-new-selection.js on Linux for frequent timeouts.
45abee0914854e73ab196aabc1d22f55c384e4aaJan de Mooij — No bug - Fix bug1106719.js jit-test to allow overrecursion on a CLOSED TREE. r=me
b83de6011de45162501b66f4fb9b6412b1b05050Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 0cf9bfd5af47 and e18c579d29f1 (bug 1193033) for Win7 debug relevant-mutations.html permafail.
c8ad1b01b2993293d5c90522a6dd53e193e171b7Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f99b27e40987 (bug 1193924) for B2G emulator bustage.
4c1274a508bed4361deacfb39b206daedf991dc2Nathan Froyd — Bug 1186444 - part 2 - remove MODULE_OPTIMIZE_FLAGS from; r=mshal
d320f4dabfd285e37b76b5d8bc7be2e9dc5b6874Nathan Froyd — Bug 1186444 - part 1 - move uses of MODULE_OPTIMIZE_FLAGS to's CFLAGS; r=mshal
7bf71f3a4465c056791ef79ba73b85b14dccb1dcTim Taubert — Bug 1188750 - Add test to ensure NSS is initialized before the WebCrypto API tries to deserialize a key f=keeler r=khuey
6ec8b34e2bc62bf6b43d56212a0c95c83141b9e2Tim Taubert — Bug 1188750 - CryptoKey::ReadStructuredClone() needs to ensure NSS is initialized before trying to deserialize a key r=keeler
63602bea8357dc37574bd5292182c2c419e5f740David Major — Bug 1193546: Fix the way that webrtc requests warnings-as-errors. r=glandium f=jesup
fa170734154a12789670d9621be3483105b35558Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1192955 - Use channel->ascynOpen2 for PING in docshell/base/nsDocShell.cpp (r=sicking)
f99b27e40987b982c17fa8271ad94754228f4e92Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1193924 - Add assertion to AsyncOpen to make sure asyncOpen2() was called first when securityflags in loadInfo are set (r=sicking)
0f8675867f5278f31dd86b8b60fa3067fb5c647bAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1184696 - Add clobber targets to |mach clobber|; Ability to clobber compiled python files, r=gps
6d3b885cb01c3d8dccad114d493ec97838ec6f48James Graham — Bug 1194251 - Fixup metadata after increasing test timeout, a=testonly
149c99d48d61ee76fb38e7b2941936374ea4f0caBen Kelly — Bug 1193767 Re-enable service worker network interception on nightly. r=baku
7f3739fddf0411ff53da8d11043b5dba53ed172eGabor Krizsanits — Bug 1175940 - UIResolutionChanged should not trigger sync messages from content to chrome. r=mconley
e15f2c2caaff757e8c3722cc9cfd5aae53f8a309Mike Shal — Bug 1118778 - Write upload properties from; r=glandium
20c9570b07342a00d881cfb606695d1608626b16Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1191756: Improve tests to not always exit with status 3 (OOM); r=jonco
02d10fc80c18619b3f4d180dde166aa8cb296d17Jacek Caban — Bug 1192248 - Fixed WinIMEHandler.cpp cross compilation. r=masayuki
06f4591f8142ecd41089957686351eb9f18ff8f9Jacek Caban — Bug 1193864 - Fixed dom/media/platforms/wmf/ compilation on mingw. r=cpearce
3341eda2963a1678b85deecaa790dbe71c963aa8Heiher — Bug 1194072 - IonMonkey: MIPS32: Add an option to mark JIT pages as non-writable. r=nbp CLOSED TREE
157a34bd309cce29c97a4398437f1e084fb4db21Mason Chang — Bug 1193842 - Delete touch resampling preference and non resampling paths. r=kats
87347323281a0eddb0ed1c2af6b1acf57565b4f7Gerald Squelart — Bug 1193142 - Evict as many trailing frames as needed to meet the eviction request - r=jya
513d1660a8d4719915678d2b99a46e98dd9acd04Jerry Shih — Bug 1192192 - fix quad culling method. r=nical
373f429e2549d67dab20a0209dadeb51f41a13e4Benjamin Chen — Bug 1188155: Enable MOZ_GONK_MEDIACODEC in r=k17e
be020690f03288bbbcf8e061a2f0bc80de498195Jim Mathies — Bug 1152080 - Plugin configuration clip rects should be treated as visible rects. r=roc
bbc8646e83432bd74a37b6a6950a53c9e5a4644dMason Chang — Bug 1144946 - Delete PreciseRefreshDriverTimerWindowsDwmVsync refresh driver timer. r=roc
a5c25038d81e9de97b939f9380c20773b10ace46Antonio de Luna Lopez — Bug 1110476 - Stripped url fragment from Request::GetUrl() by calling either nsIURI::SetRef() or workers::URL::SetHash() in Request's url getter utility methods. Stripped url fragment from Response::GetUrl() by adding the method InternalRequest::StripFragmentAndSetUrl() which calls nsIURI::SetRef(). Added a test in dom/tests/mochitest/fetch/test_request.js for Request::GetUrl(). Removed manual url stripping from dom/cache/TypeUtils.cpp. r=bkelly
8b1af9399960a8b174840d3d29fd87584847a510Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
1a059d75e3adf63fd4a9aba963c86db2ddaddb95James Graham — Bug 1194251 - Increase timeout on selection/addRange.html to avoid intermittent timeouts, a=testonly on a CLOSED TREE
26e1446feb64addb08838a55ef76e46b0c9768ebRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 4a8f45990368 (bug 1185640) for causing serviceworker w-p-t permacrashes.
09865e4842f8ffd832818bb9ebc641ee131a9841Sotaro Ikeda — Bug 1192352 - Fix fence handling of display mirroring r=nical
3c8f6736b07c1a8cc73770b42f2dc98490aa481aPatrick McManus — bug 1193541 - Revert Bug 1191253 - Start the Link Monitor r=backout
b4ea303cbe27822024cd0587f4b66efecb6d123cJan de Mooij — Bug 1173100 - Cleanup OneUcs4ToUtf8Char a bit. r=Waldo
1204cb4289254eac5c9b650023524f9b873f6845Jan de Mooij — Bug 1194148 - Self-host Array.prototype.toString. r=till
027e311a524ae9795a7f7b06ad1e49621a89aaa3Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1192309 - Allow Firefox UI tests to run on testers. DONTBUILD. r=bhearsum
73dab35a83cd9161141da823877cc76ce03f958aMike Conley — Bug 1106321 - Serialize DEVMODE down to the content process when printing on Windows. r=jimm
0cf9bfd5af47ed565d31694c9dae1fb879a7423fJames Graham — Bug 1193033 - Update web-platform-tests expected data for Windows 10, a=testonly
e18c579d29f128f90560e64c6ea1062a51e59fe3James Graham — Bug 1193033 - Teach mozinfo to get the real os version number for Windows >= 8.1, r=ted
08caf7dd050274fcd091f5d9bef5ab2e2c031c68Alexander Surkov — Bug 1193786 - crash in mozilla::dom::Element::FindAttrValueIn, r=marcoz
b3092b2ab776ff7022065c2bb0df98015249c4adXidorn Quan — Bug 1186721 - Suppress line break due to soft hyphen inside ruby. r=jfkthame
4a8f45990368ac85cf5fe7cae71ba4d92a4cbc45Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1185640 - Passing a scope or scriptURL to register() with escaped '/' or '\' should fail, r=bkelly
44174f5d6bc7c1d55276fd52551a26c38aebb1efHannes Verschore — Bug 1173869: IonMonkey - Cleanup of some dead code in MBinaryArithInstruction::infer, r=jandem
3655d19ce241dfc7356beb4ee31f2382c0f5dd0fHannes Verschore — Bug 1168756: Add shell flags to enable shared stubs, r=jandem
8c3d49b034c1678d17b7c64c4ed872fa8d63e851Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1187470 - ServiceWorker scripts should not be treated parser warnings as errors, r=bkelly
a4ad67fc1d3b7f4ff56e3310cc6b20232a682457Kai Engert — Bug 1194135, Update Mozilla to NSS 3.20, r=mt
dcdf6e96e9a071fbdbe2fbddc78edafff77b4e9dJames Graham — Bug 1194131 - Update web-platform-tests expected data to revision b54dddfdcc4761d2f8a892fd783d60353949992d, a=testonly
0eee9fe024a64e143a638ffcb9209ec3172b2868James Graham — Bug 1194131 - Update to latest wptrunner, a=testonly
abea324477450077b473b8e74c945534e68c11cfJames Graham — Bug 1194131 - Update web-platform-tests to revision b54dddfdcc4761d2f8a892fd783d60353949992d, a=tetsonly
827df7f198cf4bb8dfed3ffe0222464f78c73698Valentin Gosu — Bug 1190450 - TP shield shows up incorrectly when pressing back while loading a page with tracking elements r=mcmanus