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Thu Feb 03 21:18:25 2011 +0000
b22b865abf30f0381173a6c61092274ce9cdaa61Joe Drew — Bug 603134 - Sometimes windows on OS X don't refresh until you move them. r=jrmuizel,josh a=b
c6993d965d0a373f8e0f1545e3144c761131728dJoe Drew — Bug 629016 - Re-enable tests that didn't work with OpenGL-accelerated layers now that we've disabled OpenGL on the versions of OS X that have the bug. r=jrmuizel a=b
0ab68a939a4561e0674b9217ec5fae74c595c9a2Joe Drew — Bug 629016 - Don't enable OpenGL on 10.6.x where x < 3, because updating subrects of textures sometimes puts the updated content in the wrong place on those OSes. r=jrmuizel,josh a=b