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Sat Apr 21 02:58:04 2012 +0000
bce6cabacc8802c9086c20dc8c015b25c50bad4bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 726949. Instead of using the given proto for the sandbox directly, use a proxy that forwards to the given proto but rebinds all getters/setters/methods to use the given proto, not the sandbox global, as this. r=bholley, a=tracking-firefox
d7d1e8e3b435a1e3681b18b80d08c3cb3d1877b9Geoff Brown — Bug 747268 - devicemanagerADB: improve listFiles error handling and check for root. r=jmaher, a=test-only
230435e1426324b472d3d1a8aed32845b788178bOleg Romashin — Bug 746913 - Plugins NativeRenderer X/qt/gtk includes defines cleanup. r=karlt, a=desktop-only
a12cbe3bf0456b062226487199ec6615c8b06ff3Steve Workman — Bug 739600: Add #define INET6 to getaddrinfo.c; r=jduell a=blocking-fennec
3a1d0f6ebe70240c20d76b483ec4c03f2cbfcdf2Joe Drew — Bug 744939 - Make animatedZoomTo operate in CSS pixels instead of device pixels. r=kats a=blocking-fennec
ec943d58604624e088163614fde479f95540109bJoe Drew — Bug 744916 - Make the Java viewport keep track of its size in both CSS pixels and device pixels. r=kats
e9053acaa5e1a102a173331ea7decb69938e914aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 744901 - Store the page size in FrameMetrics in CSS pixels in addition to device pixels. r=cjones
e8e1b554c7f8ecebd1a7b1e748364d15f5fd6a4cMatt Brubeck — Bug 747109 - Remove broken code to fix an error in Clear Private Data [r=mfinkle, a=blocking-fennec]
566721f5c440f395cda6a78c444f374cad568517Margaret Leibovic — Bug 746394 - No label for home screen icons when adding page without title. r=bnicholson a=mfinkle
b0eac121f6196cd3327018f929a440e300a7e1cfJames Willcox — Bug 707353 - Implement ANPWindow::showKeyboard() for Android plugins. r=snorp a=blocking-fennec
f1d0e75d425aae16eede355eaf00996c1d698d65Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound; a=merge
38110d3443632522753427617ca3db566b1d75a5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 739040 - Use the length of the decoded string, if no more than 512 bytes, to sniff for feeds; r=Mano a=blocking
7dc2085a8cc6f913f3c76a2b5388c23a11223724Mike Conley — Bug 746993 - Fix editor caret behaviour when pressing RETURN after a BR node. r=ehsan, a=tracking-firefox
27a52fed91a5216c7970b1ac78d6234e7727b53aAli Juma — Bug 733596 - Tell the compositor about the new surface size on surface change. r=bgirard a=blocking-fennec
f5fdf571dbd6defd92dec7e09df3fdf1f2d565ddWes Johnston — Bug 746679 - Reset touch event dispatch state on each touch down. r=kats, a=blocking-fennec
a1c77b5ee099b64128227741454f32af37279865Gavin Sharp — Bug 747264: don't sync some prefs that are currently changing on different channels because Sync might cause trouble with them, r=mak, a=desktop-only