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Fri Mar 07 11:48:31 2014 +0000
b9fc2eb18bd17de27d2271cf57fae3a386d2de3aAndy Wingo — Bug 980263 - Part 2: Avoid phi creation for values on stack at loops r=jandem
9f0e946c9674c8141f8548711e873c9f9e1d1e91Andy Wingo — Bug 980263 - Part 1: Disable Ion OSR for loops nested in expressions r=jandem
6a294c3292c3460fa6becb7825701a8f2df3cadeMarco Bonardo — Bug 967192 - Bookmarks restore and import should use OS.File - tests changes. r=mano
f0cf7cdc030115c258565c57ce92da8409a77181Marco Bonardo — Bug 967192 - Bookmarks restore and import should use OS.File. r=mano
46e56e65ecc77d8a756f7f6a958d2643231d037dL. David Baron — Bug 978712 - Prevent non-running transitions and animations (animations or transitions during their delay period, and animations after they finish) from repeatedly poking layer activity because we think we can run them on the compositor. r=heycam
949a044a6163099fc5544ec64f69e873cf27c36fL. David Baron — Bug 979748 - Simplify code based on already having checked the NS_FRAME_OUT_OF_FLOW bit. r=heycam
539db8ea943ac196a8181a58346f7addc54139aeL. David Baron — Bug 979760 - Pull out a BeginTransaction call common to the start of all three branches of if/else logic. r=mattwoodrow
45363136618e19faa24ae5dce9c836e388f8fb6eAndrew McCreight — Bug 979993 - Free the old input data in SetValueInternal. r=bz
f94ee00aa4d69643ffe3e532e50808c8ad6ad927Matt Woodrow — Bug 974197 - Fire MozAfterPaint after the compositor has composited the frame. r=roc
fd36c14f015324c1f56db9dc1d4e3cec87430da4Bill McCloskey — Bug 980558 - Enable extraWarnings on safe JS context (r=bholley)
d8015367ac9b59f4ce073bb96aaa3a5376383a8cWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 263b6c86c1be (bug 980558) for build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
7a5b3e1ba58ee3da56bee8c47a08f5979d98d23dWes Kocher — Merge changes
22fe15b10fd7d7de225bb0c75592569da31dbd21Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound
22f582a3a583501d868921081c681a570ae88ec9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 962140 Collect more details of the queue status when we removed unexpected char message from the queue r=jimm
263b6c86c1be8a69becb2255724d23052879661fBill McCloskey — Bug 980558 - Enable extraWarnings on safe JS context (r=bholley)
0654a11c120a3ac373778397d7b786a2e7abff90Bill McCloskey — Bug 972728 - Invalidate more often in basic compositor (r=mattwoodrow)
ea3ad950c01bc77f1635a867a3c3d8290514ff3dTrevor Saunders — bug 933189 - teach android.m4 about build tools v 19.0.2 r=mshal
4f08a24e4fb5e6c8cb7032b2bcfbe419125a3076Trevor Saunders — bug 977838 - move refify a11y::Relation r=surkov
97e52c3f95ae810a6c39cbc625374d588823b9c9Trevor Saunders — bug 969532 - add TextRange stub r=davidb
44a165ab16707e4962f8c8a200c32c72d64b7b1dSteve Fink — Bug 980623 - Update gdb pretty printers for new location of clasp, r=jorendorff
7cff27cb2845105064b6029f456639ee42d6aee5Steve Fink — Bug 975011 - add an option to configure and build NSPR from within js/src build. r=glandium
1d34741edfd4e27d32a7c5ecda944eb1a8958206Steve Fink — Bug 977234 - jsreflect.cpp out of bounds array access, r=terrence
4d2e89e1ea3d1231ebcc9a79597e9d58c54f8afaSeth Fowler — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 63895)
7fd4f489f0ab82a63f1caa3959cd313bf74fb9ddLuke Wagner — Bug 980180 - remove principals as an argument to compilation, part 2 (r=terrence)
3aa4c0b57f214eb690cf8e0e2bff6d2ffd6e8590Luke Wagner — Bug 980180 - remove principals as an argument to compilation, part 1 (r=terrence)
797981dc56951f4ad2f58beac956702be2392848Luke Wagner — Bug 980059 - Have AsmJSActivation add the entry asm.js function to the callstack (r=jandem)
85f02194cd286f49d378255529153a3f4d99e6fcLuke Wagner — Bug 980059 - Split out FrameIter from ScriptFrameIter (r=jandem)
88e543e9677c8f2e891c568d918769a2e022e8adLuke Wagner — Bug 980059 - Make AsmJSActivation a real Activation (r=jandem)
7f5a942d240f20efd9359dfea06fef4265870eb2Luke Wagner — Bug 980059 - Do some simple renaming and minor cleanups in prepration (r=jandem)
cb0eb74c0cc38d730db66ca9dbfd3b37329f5924John Schoenick — Bug 977955 - Cleanup PluginModule shutdown r=bsmedberg
efbea5e8c766d808a6eb486d85fc404f4a12e67eTimothy Nikkel — Bug 980256. nsDisplayZoom items need some adjustments if they are going to generate a scrollable layer. r=roc
5de7483b01d20b3239aaf6b848c0872437a77cc4Chris Lord — Bug 979973 - Fix displayport tile-alignment immediately after zooming. r=botond
2ac59d28974c553c93eb814b4a9af8c1eb61c255Jonathan Watt — Bug 980472 - Make SurfaceToPackedBGRA take a DataSourceSurface to avoid unnecessary surface conversion. r=Bas
4efacf2f947bbabbf26be8f9e37142b7f22614daJonathan Watt — Bug 979853 - Convert the Windows widget consumers of imgIContainer::GetFrame to act on a Moz2D SourceSurface instead of a Thebes gfxASurface. r=mattwoodrow
217295b8f163e36154eaafe0950d7256d41b9ce5Jonathan Watt — Bug 980272 - Make DataSourceSurfaceD2D::Map set mIsMapped. r=Bas
2ce2bb2668fdfb503facc71df964d16c11b34ccbMatt Woodrow — Bug 978911 - Add the entire visible region to the layers invalid region when we invalidate the whole thing. r=roc
147b95edf4b306da35011ef62a31748a1595a62aMatt Woodrow — Bug 978911 - Add reftest for correct invalidation when changing the scale factors of an inactive transform. r=dholbert
b850bc9ae30680c2dda0efa060eadafe695e0f74Bobby Holley — Bug 969441 - Check for recursion outside of the hairy transplant callsites. r=billm
6aed8a1c3b28436f6d6d5b1ccc71c45b6c9d49a5Joel Maher — Bug 970925 - (backout canvas webgl) convert testing/mochitest/android.json into skip-if statements in mochitest.ini files. r=gbrown CLOSED TREE
422267c7c845dd5cd0ca43233abfd5b4ccbb0fefGhislain 'Aus' Lacroix — Bug 949991 - [Download Manager] Nothing happens if you try to download a file while the device is connected as USB. r=bz
3369e99042ce8e74414258bd8c6b55775e244a50Kyle Huey — Bug 978602: Caching the global's nsISupports* off the main thread. r=bz
a4b4d7ee674bd5a9f45eec2ad8c40f3bf4500f70Kyle Huey — Bug 979445: Add API to mozStorage for adopting blob data and use that in IDB to avoid unnecessary copies. r=bent
6f8ea87eb8d135e2f7560e951c459a277d705c81Brian Hackett — Bug 980013 - Watch for length accesses on typed arrays with overridden prototypes, r=luke.
288cea1386a4e5068d092f2c69064f32539c643fBrian Hackett — Bug 980119 - Watch for typed arrays with unknown properties when baking in their elements, r=jandem.
dbaed89f36e98a45dcc719d6c5e8279151b6a40bJames Willcox — Bug 956993 - Fix typo with GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL textures r=jgilbert
dd26a4a8f58df321c45fabfa45854870bf15aa3dJan de Mooij — Bug 980067 - Fix icache flush coalescing on ARM. r=mjrosenb
6014b4fe9e16b299c4c4f882e7148514343189edByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 786234 - Part 6: Move RTCP handling back to the transmit pipeline. r=jesup, r=ethanhugg
5284a081ee8893561a4d951adfa750fd3fdba33cByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 786234 - Part 5: More detailed test-cases. r=ehugg
e170aedca6a6f40131865b4033ad1e5876cbe19bByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 786234 - Part 4: Fix a bug in mediapipeline_unittest where RTP packets were
afc7283f00e2a7d6f2f541d6b369cb75b0298894Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 786234 - Part 3: Plumbing for filtration, and bundle usage detection. r=abr
ecdff005cbe3d609cd96dd200aed0d1c9bd4aa43Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 786234 - Part 2.2: Compensate for some build system gotchas. r=abr
33039b7d72e68dfc45b338ad2f626d26a6ec419eByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 786234 - Part 2.1: RTCP filtering logic. r=abr
868e93e74341cc1f95792d7afd08565629ca3b6eByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 786234 - Part 2: Implementation of the filtering logic itself, plus a unit-test. r=abr
5ac785fef8ac76df03a8b5304057deb9a9aef5f7Kyle Huey — Backout bug 979445 due to clang build failures. CLOSED TREE
969220ac8459bb6820e88e75e37cf525e06f5708Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 96f2905b175d (bug 978479) for OSX reftest failures.
7fc49d96e84ad7cc4bfa4ec2d12615884adf4307Landry Breuil — Bug 648730 - Fix(again) Kerberos/GSSAPI authentication on OpenBSD r=khuey
8799ec066a38422333507f0be2ab6c6595593f99Kyle Huey — Bug 979445: Add API to mozStorage for adopting blob data and use that in IDB to avoid unnecessary copies. r=bent
bc06ea99bdf0c4e463c93d9b0ce36bc55f4f679cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
de9636679191581fbc3f8d779a1e34a5ad3aa19aAndrew McCreight — Bug 963844 - Scale ICC budget by time between slices. r=smaug
20b52b864f7f329c83c48219ce382c847a503f20Vaibhav Agarwal — Bug 970925 - convert testing/mochitest/android.json into skip-if statements in mochitest.ini files; r=jmaher
016a86a9aec215e5091791dc672ee8e65f7fa16eVaibhav Agarwal — Bug 971132 - B2G mochitests should use the new manifest format [directories]; r=jmaher
72ffff0fdad20d6b899ebec17671352e1b43bf69Vaibhav Agarwal — Bug 971132 - B2G mochitests should use the new manifest format; r=jmaher
2fb9cb300800660907179d1a9882eb287bcd6641Nicolas B. Pierron — Backed out changeset 7efaabf97f0c for fuzzing noise (incomplete implementation).
a0c4fa6338dc0bd2640429f30de23ceb9ff357adLuke Wagner — Bug 963588 - asmjscache: place cache entries apps that request AOT compilation in persistent storage (r=janv)
afc3d77901231336d611824db94922f0c66124afRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets d65a803d2b9a, 9456495d6121, and 73c710ddf3d8 (bug 977757) for Gaia UI test failures.
b1cb8672809fd78918a8ca22f39046a1475e5b55Brian R. Bondy — Bug 941110 - Make the Windows sandbox code compile without the Win8 SDK. r=jimm
96f2905b175db66f6bf0b1d9162b8e5fc6ea9235Andreas Gal — Bug 978479 - Remove flipped quad texture from mQuadVBO. r=bjacob
57f1327fac32df05c23864ae46dc19d140bf0b34Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 970686 - RTP/RTCP stats tests. r=drno
0a0fcc54e630f0b7e1050b660cbe0d86126bc542Romain Perier — Bug 968296 - IonMonkey: Snapshot's constant pool should reuse index of identical values. r=nbp
9a5b7ed8dae47207f8871d8330215e4c43bee86fDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 965527 - Harden OS.File shutdown flag. r=froydnj
bac0b83a239494e45e2dfb79cf31ae7d0fedae96Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 741295 - Part 0: Undo the windows.h damage in AccessibleWrap.h
e9aafdc00b470178f3006cd7bd7a55ecb109fea5Ted Mielczarek — bug 770938 - fix ctypes test junk. r=gps
dfe7b9b49fc836c05b2919701f1fa0efe1dab443Ted Mielczarek — Bug 977699 - Move the few remaining mochitests to manifests. r=jmaher
28b40ecf634501f39753fc267ce5817775d09c04Ted Mielczarek — bug 968403 - Switch some tests to not use preprocessing. r=jmaher
77f4622e20002af05aa733573f09d2135747aecbBobby Holley — Bug 979481 - Add a helpful assertion indicating that the caller probably needs a JSAutoCompartment. r=luke
670fb9adcd29826b0ab35db2380121e6c99aa433Bobby Holley — Bug 979481 - Make the SafeJSContext default to a null compartment, and have AutoSafeJSContext enter the compartment instead. r=bz
5423f1b0599ea06777db50e8729696fb26ceeb0dBobby Holley — Bug 979481 - Don't depend on the default global for the SafeJSContext in nsJSUtils::ReportPendingException. r=bz
5d9fb147f723d544046578f3ebae60064590367eBobby Holley — Bug 979481 - Prepare the cx stack machinery for a world where a cx has no default compartment object. r=bz
557c7be2fdb643992edd41be62f278b06cd162fcBobby Holley — Bug 979481 - Separate the lifetime of the SafeJSContext global from that of the SafeJSContext itself. r=bz
d65a803d2b9a1e6589b610c6c454b7be1322a4f3Benoit Jacob — Bug 977757 - 3/3 - Expose CSS_PROPERTY_ALWAYS_ENABLED_IN_CHROME_OR_CERTIFIED_APP properties in JS bindings as needed - r=bz
9456495d612137073fd105043b4524b05db70c82Benoit Jacob — Bug 977757 - 2/3 - add nsCSSProps::eEnabledInChromeOrCertifiedApp bit, and use it for will-change - r=dbaron,bz
73c710ddf3d83859a0523768b660b242b25d2900Benoit Jacob — Bug 977757 - 1/3 - make nsCSSProps::EnabledState a bitfield - r=dbaron,bz
ff0e1abb0b06ff152ddc4e8f66f5d074b9a19addRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets e7c4304d45d7 and 75d3146ac0d3 (bug 970891) for Android reftest failures.
0392348b76483b9a450f9941ac95469aed79dd8aRichard Barnes — Bug 936340 - Implement navigator.sendBeacon r=sicking
6048059d6ea1b35cd7a5175e76c8dae9db856a57Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 919052: OdinMonkey: Add support for short-circuiting ternaries in if expressions; r=luke
0f87e8f8446ca26d13c52df45e9995ab498dd185Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 977625 - Robustify test_formaction_attribute to run on a local b2g-emulator setup. r=mounir
97a317e7c1db5ef44199c5610ef1bb0fa243e10cDave Hunt — Bug 979577 - Test durations are always zero in the HTML report. r=jgriffin
e7c4304d45d7d5480a379e77b3ea9b465e771f95Jonathan Kew — bug 970891 - reftest for font fallback on the <space> character. r=roc
75d3146ac0d36b528e371c42e2ae25a08102744dJonathan Kew — bug 970891 - don't assume the primary font will always support the <space> character - fall back down the font stack if necessary. r=roc
f924832eff39bb7ebb9a251c73f080a25d0aff59Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 978827 - Remove bogus assertion in OpenSL input backend. r=jesup
b565f40eea98d8464401cc36ed192bd0f71956b1Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 98cc8a50348f (bug 936340) because it misses the test_beaconElectrolysis.html file, which breaks the build
9795332c7497afa33d4b10545dd04dc0653a13edEhsan Akhgari — Fix up skia's to make it match the file, no bug, DONTBUILD
8fd72c2a4f4b171c5f9232015360e04e2a85bee5Blake Kaplan — Bug 980097 - Make copying the PID easier. r=khuey
fb4491ce2a16f3629a34792e8fa6ca2916abe8d3Andrea Marchesini — Bug 979974 - Fixes to DataStoreChangeNotifier for change events from a different app. r=ehsan
1e3670440894584415b373766e705120d1903f5fByron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 970690 - Part 1: Add transport field to ICE candidate stats. r=jib
f5d49762e064da24ea36c27f72cdcd85d7543727Jed Davis — Bug 968002 - Reject AddNewProcess from non-Nuwa children. r=bent
6f57a098526728559a2406a28691f5fc0e888e40Alessio Placitelli — Bug 961804 - Drop support for Blob.mozSlice. r=jst
d111659b38e0dfa50d0053184ff0e659a8d0acbeHenry Chang — Bug 946815 - Add test case. r=bholley
98cc8a50348fe41b4fe310ceb0f51cc4d3503ea7Richard Barnes — Bug 936340 - Implement navigator.sendBeacon. r=sicking
7dec146029bd3142a6ff615577fc46105bb93ed4Honza Bambas — Bug 960902 - Disallow concurrent HTTP cache read read when validation is needed, r=michal
be5f4eeb0ec24ac7e40b368d3e40bd00ac14feaaJonathan Kew — bug 974575 - support color glyphs in cairo_image_surface's _composite_glyphs function. r=jrmuizel
0629688842561ff9bc68eea6eb6994748153b8b6Jonathan Kew — bug 974575 - correction for bad commit (a0f556f37fb7016aa304b7cf0e811c0d38f0b969) ported from upstream. r=jrmuizel
eeb213ed89b1561185bbbb7515d1a83f91188887Jonathan Kew — bug 974575 - backport Behdad's patches for color bitmap glyph support from current cairo trunk. r=jrmuizel
40658e50b8f961d4351411320e52e7c1060bfdd8Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound on a CLOSED TREE
7286dfee31045f0583bc68e3402d84add97ccdfbCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 22e34e33e9ee (bug 979853) for win7/win8 debug mochitest bustage on a CLOSED TREE
63a4ad62401ab5b08174e86b80d22b7bdffdc0c9Jonathan Kew — bug 735577 - followup 1 (v2) - allow reflow-state to be passed to the reflow-metrics constructor to get the writing mode. r=roc
22e34e33e9eec059b1f1c4999e2fb399c9e1ab20Jonathan Watt — Bug 979853 - Convert the Windows widget consumers of imgIContainer::GetFrame to act on a Moz2D SourceSurface instead of a Thebes gfxASurface. r=mattwoodrow
4c9d799155d2461f1362f5c488bc299a77c43e94Jan de Mooij — Bug 979721 - Don't leak bailout buffer when overrecursion check fails. r=djvj
6fb8bc793891a8a2309b37e651e407bb50ea59c6Mats Palmgren — Bug 971955 - Make overflow-clip-box:content-box the default for all <input> @type values except type=file/button/reset/submit. r=roc
47882484a98db000eb488ff10574d3fa303a6d2aHenri Sivonen — Bug 959150 part 8 - Document nsHtml5DocumentBuilder. r=smaug.
f516327022975f2962f9ae3ecfa80314a4aa5118Henri Sivonen — Bug 959150 part 7 - Retain probable bugs instead of changing behavior right now. r=smaug.
5182bb4118cc1bb809d0211c660f1bba0a693abcHenri Sivonen — Bug 959150 part 6 - Move the opening brace to the next line in methods whose body is in non-generated .h files under parser/html/. r=smaug.
aeef9a68e4a5042a2654cf823ef349bda7f2b1c2Henri Sivonen — Bug 959150 part 5 - Avoid reallocating the attribute holder when parsing with nsHtml5StringParser. r=smaug.
5acef36769eb72f297bbea048916101894a7641bHenri Sivonen — Bug 959150 part 4 - Avoid using tree ops when parsing with nsHtml5StringParser. r=smaug.
8885a39733df1446a0f6fcd9424b26ba9e92db34Henri Sivonen — Bug 959150 part 3 - Move the parts of nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor that the static methods in nsHtml5TreeOperation need to access into a new superclass. r=smaug.
ec506a5c424cad2753235f194abaa1e362e1ce58Henri Sivonen — Bug 959150 part 2 - Split reusable operations out of nsHtml5TreeOperation::Perform into static methods. r=smaug.
e4c2bb65c694e39555ef6d2891e590f1dceefe45Henri Sivonen — Bug 959150 part 1 - Represent nodes as void* in the portable part of the parser. r=smaug.