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Wed Feb 20 04:03:23 2019 +0000
62a8571d3b92170966779d37f26e9e9215380a1eDorel Luca — Backed out changeset ac4f1b5527fd (bug 1525470) for failures in geckoview in org.mozilla.geckoview.test.AccessibilityTest.testCheckbox. CLOSED TREE
66a777b305c798b6a788af47e59ab05964b569daDorel Luca — Backed out changeset 74922ea29d44 (bug 1490671) for browser-chrome failures in browser/components/preferences/in-content/tests/browser_sync_pairing.js
2ca136370e1835606cefa554fa75179b0482ee44Dana Keeler — bug 1513458 - update diagnostic assertions to only assert in content processes r=valentin
9af9ed6a354dc45a6c5e5ddb0f4ba1de8b836422Brian Grinstead — Bug 1528969 - Only remove whitespace-only text nodes in parseXULToFragment r=MattN
4ce64be6418df15cd64d65edcd331e86e67204d1Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 046ef8ec79cb (bug 1528582) for mochitest failures in js/xpconnect/tests/chrome/test_xrayToJS.xul
9782e9ca4302f164db52c1f6e21a7cdb7cfa4007Michael Cooper — Bug 1519276 - Use Feature Gates for Remote Settings integration r=leplatrem,mossop
8fa449f5c88e60963342eef6093f55f9e49df331Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1528394 - Reduce includes of GLContext.h. r=lsalzman
453da38535d49d224d9ecb22b06d5d34fbce6a4dAlexander Surkov — Bug 1527562 - autocomplete-richlistitem CE is reused for autocomplete-richlistitem-insecure-field and vice-versa, r=MattN
08220b1ee75bfa787ed67c4d1e29d003da615535Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1529058 - followup: Green up rusttests. r=me
169e737928caaa5f07f59fcafef3ed5ee7eaa045Gerald Squelart — Bug 1509533 - Include child process profiles in shutdown profiles - r=mstange
2942ce147f746a7a9bcf4c99bee7200556607c7fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1529058 - Use Rust types from transform-origin / perspective-origin. r=mattwoodrow
a8e8102f8558245ed52420484bdc3803493a7d0eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1529058 - Use Rust types for perspective and z-index. r=jwatt
8ed0dbecf030b172f2f12a7cc9716559c4db241bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1528914 - Tidy the relationship between the doc shell and the pres context. r=qdot
ab11369b0f9699b1badda1e8f757dc1a6ff159b6Coroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset 3762aa77369f (bug 1529089) for build bustage at build/src/js/src/vm/GeckoProfiler-inl.h
786d76ec70a89c3c92c2527e7f19475bd4ff4537Glenn Watson — Bug 1491929 - Text is rasterized at the wrong resolution. r=kvark
3762aa77369fb272030521e91a2eae0e6d113baeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1529089 - Initialize spBefore_ even if profiler_ will be set to nullptr; r=mstange
ab199b9da345e6302a8e42a8f7bd670df7476194Glenn Watson — Bug 1528157 - Optimize GPU time for clip mask generation. r=kvark
03962d5551a85a20f59a0ee976276af20fffd367Karl Tomlinson — Bug 1528870 - Bug 1476053 add() to 'clear' set for --ignore-existing because append() does not exist r=jgraham
c052e9f21b8fcb7de19ab2028dd073bffa5fe0f1Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1528430 - When both a suggestion result and a one-off button are selected, search with the suggestion, not what the user typed. r=dao
046ef8ec79cba0d11106105e4dc28b8b538f8f8cRobin Templeton — Bug 1528582 - Add DataView methods for BigInt access r=wingo,jwalden
1e088259e0332825186040859cfbdf74b222d6d8Mathieu Leplatre — Bug 1528979 - Fix loading of empty JSON dump in Remote Settings r=glasserc
2ee7c36ed3ac5cc94e55e4094f6e46bb1be689f5Dana Keeler — bug 1527372 - write out and shut down DataStorage all at once so that clearing on shutdown works properly r=Ehsan
2302287136a3aed6a9a445377ee588ad7b05c2abMarkus Stange — Bug 1527135 - Remove unnecessary EI_OSABI and EI_ABIVERSION checks. r=jld
ac4f1b5527fd4ad57734cdd5f56e50cf9198bbfeEitan Isaacson — Bug 1525470 - Include description in accessible hints. r=yzen
b51998b9a11bade0e1f8d6a1646539c37f8f8b46Daniel Varga — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
2fab580561c0495a87953aaf7a44134186a4b861Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 67fac975c2f8 (bug 1517210) for devtools failures in devtools/client/inspector/rules/test/browser_rules_user-agent-styles.js. CLOSED TREE
86a49f17f7907f48c63cd3787fd796cce6464a7cErica Wright — Bug 1522919 - Add basic telemetry for startup and control panel events for cryptomining and fingerprinting. r=johannh on a CLOSED TREE
a2e436cd4f21508a895ae7ae4893ea7cf9d7a3adCoroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset f4094fd9e1df (bug 1517528) for mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE
af0cd6ae2093543e46a7a4b254c0e3dc13f8dc9dCoroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset 8ae2da51010e (bug 1522919) for mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE
254c51dcd9a828814777368744e7efa89dd67ea0Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 2c28c2185a32 (bug 1528394) for build bustage. CLOSED TREE
ef3a903f83998034acb43924a423bf4d370ac382Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1528028 - Remove obsolete Shark profiling support r=tcampbell
2c28c2185a32187b043085bd9e162f90d87eb3c6Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1528394 - Reduce includes of GLContext.h. r=lsalzman
83a92a1a4986eaccd94bb16e9b38b41aa1ab445eHenrik Skupin — Bug 1528463 - [wdspec] Run each "Send Alert Text" in its own tab. r=jgraham
8ae2da51010e64e1c0a970acb0d2182796635f82Erica Wright — Bug 1522919 - Add basic telemetry for startup and control panel events for cryptomining and fingerprinting. r=johannh
f4094fd9e1df1d7d1a43e42ebf4f6cb2c8b3e5c1Nicholas Cowles — Bug 1517528 - Capstone: convert about:privatebrowsing using gandalf's conversion script, r=jaws,zbraniecki,flod
ae77c4cd9a28e829a80244d53b7bd28aeced1358Shane Caraveo — Bug 1525125 block newtab and homepage overrides in private windows r=rpl,Gijs
74922ea29d44e5a45eb54da31f0329c326e4588cEdouard Oger — Bug 1490671 - Add FxA device pairing. r=markh,rfkelly,vladikoff,flod
08ec655eeea6d894bb4c1e16e71e2cac836766f0Oriol Brufau — Bug 1528044 - Fix flaky test browser_multiselect_tabs_move_to_new_window_contextmenu.js. r=jaws
22c882a23231f3d08be4eabead62f206e746e342Andy Wingo — Bug 1528818 - Fix Ion loading bigint from arguments object r=jandem
fea84f01045670dd09db938d02504268cb9a2b37Andy Wingo — Bug 1528819 - Ion recognizes ToString of BigInt as infallible r=jandem
3bcf03d1ce90688b52aa0141dcb8f4e66ec09c91Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 240f53dcb5e6 (bug 1528869) for Spidermonkey failure
a70b3affe802a1904806536bbab19df57923f98aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1511358 - Don't include elements with z-index<0 when looking for the max z-index in a display list. r=miko
3d7db94c5a9f2fd1efe5b09030f10a6d691cfe87Alexander Surkov — Bug 1528419 - Remove text-link XBL implementation, r=bgrins
38a2302d1e0755c960e20342904d36f0f4c30496Michael Kaply — Bug 1525340 - Disable CFR as part of XPI and shield policies. r=Felipe
73749ff4f2efd68eb4734c1292e6fafee0965f5cTed Campbell — Bug 1528964 - Part 8: CopyScript should directly return result script r=jandem
348464a06c1449807c0d91b65aafa80846831945Ted Campbell — Bug 1528964 - Part 7: Don't preserve needsArgsObj flag in CopyScript r=jandem
f0e44d5ad1725ffecdab4b81d79c71909c01905bTed Campbell — Bug 1528964 - Part 6: Preserve column while cloning scripts r=jandem
b89f5efa1bf9c982821f9fc5312e3f16780dc05fTed Campbell — Bug 1528964 - Part 5: Organize CopyScript similar to XDRScript r=jandem
de9bb567ad442f5910392e1de13dfa9d6fb87337Ted Campbell — Bug 1528964 - Part 4: Add SharedScriptData::markForCrossZone r=jandem
05d3db762616cdb400528317df12ae3eb968c731Ted Campbell — Bug 1528964 - Part 3: Use createPrivateScriptData in PrivateScriptData::Clone r=jandem
cfcd89883d1e812fe279ded785a72cd797be19dcTed Campbell — Bug 1528964 - Part 2: Split part of CopyScript into PrivateScriptData::Clone r=jandem
a0192ce3b15d47e1920561800fe385adf3db893eTed Campbell — Bug 1528964 - Part 1: Absorb CreateEmptyScriptForClone into CopyScript r=jandem
e0ce08d36f01e433c6fdc6293ca975ac44a1753cYuan Cheng — Bug 1523737 - Migrate printProgress.dtd, printPageSetup.dtd, and printPreviewProgress.dtd to Fluent, r=jaws,flod
695c1745f6bb9d0ec0159901f1c559f9d47eba89Bogdan Tara — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
2da023bae9944b2aa2774678d78e7aa8e3c0d435Shane Caraveo — Bug 1516706 extension omnibox incognito/PB support r=mak
545dcd2255c58d65ecc8e1fe2e1be837e8c1f72cGurzau Raul — Backed out changeset e4b9ec1beb2c (bug 1528727) for devtools failures at /sourceeditor/test/browser_editor_autocomplete_events.js on a CLOSED TREE.
85192f61b49ebcfaf20bb55e4ea77da3eb69d6c3Asfiya — Bug 1528940 - convert NS_STYLE_FLEX_DIRECTION to an enum class in nsStyleConsts.h r=emilio
38d48c5261aa495655c1d4c27deb68bee0719911scharing — Bug 1528464 - Convert NS_STYLE_MASK_MODE_* to enum class r=emilio
93a4c9ff0cb515dc5ee5963675cdea4199c0a491Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1528563 - Initialize mFrameBrowsingContextID inside LoadInfo's copy constructor; r=nika
9b783af3efddadd9e9206430e9a1e1d0c621e46eRainier G — Bug 1504634 - Added tooltip to refresh button of storage inspector section. r=miker
56e28681fc9bb2995e2e53d0c0030451c03d4bd6Jonas Allmann — Bug 1523813, Remove new Function from utilityOverlay.js, r=Gijs
67fac975c2f81c99e40b137f9c41bba8c1cb4d85Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1517210 - Stop always loading DevTools modules in fresh compartments. r=jandem,nchevobbe
240f53dcb5e6ed5a770b854be6c242c1bae4d75cSean Stangl — Bug 1528869 - Enable IonMonkey in the ARM64 shell, but keep it disabled in the browser. r=nbp
e4b9ec1beb2cb2368a1e481b5ae106e731327e74Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1528727 - Lazy load wasm utils in source editor; r=yury.
9a8e4a445e0c8eee6b052576f911aa1c4d06cb02Nika Layzell — Bug 1528360 - Enable httpResponseProcessSelection by default r=qdot,valentin
2b107d251cf5b2344ceb8dfa045a90f160a55b15Henrik Skupin — Bug 1527842 - [web-platform-tests] Use "preflight_run_cmd_suites" in mozharness config. r=jmaher
8c892403c16f7e27965028804f680f7f36352d70Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1528910 - Remove unused externalScripts from source editor config; r=gl.
e2c779112d082ee5fa7f8da768af19d3f008e8fcJustin Wood — Bug 1522111 - Followup, Use better SETA transformation which reads high value list and applies opt high value tests to heuristics to prevent them from being optimized out on pgo. r=jmaher
d3e2e32d61eac98d5e25c798b985cd270df995baJustin Wood — Bug 1522111 - Followup, ensure test sets align between opt and pgo. r=jmaher
176bccfac2c72d694aa66ad0d6334dce40e46400Justin Wood — Bug 1522111 - Make l10n kind depend on -pgo where available instead of opt. r=tomprince
96f0749660073b8d39009cd6fef21f83939e425aJustin Wood — Bug 1522111 - fix SETA to account for new tests, so we still filter them out even if SETA data doesn't include them. r=gbrown
85456690910d4b1fbcc3405523c5f65446a2edb0Justin Wood — Bug 1522111 - Make -qr tests depend on -pgo where applicable, leaving old -qr sets in place. r=gbrown,jmaher,kats
4d3c12d6fd14f0fe7001a89ec5d4502679d582fajmaher — Bug 1522111 - disable opt builds/tests when we have pgo builds/tests for integration branches. r=ahal
82f5b41594d88cb09dc0c41752836cf34f4b4304Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1521549 - Move (de)serializePrincipal from sessionstore Utils to E10SUtils. r=Gijs
a7520dc06af06abf110bfdb5223220203725a158Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1528596 - Devirtualize accesses to nsUrlClassifierUtils, r=dimi