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Fri Feb 07 03:55:51 2020 +0000
7dcafc3988760d66a5587f04cf6b55c25be886a6Mike Hommey — Bug 1525218 - Use minidump_stackwalk toolchain artifacts instead of tooltool packages. r=froydnj
9187e110c0e59429d45f808585c2b04d35a2ebe9Shane Caraveo — Bug 1603227 enable removing sideloaded extensions from Firefox r=aswan,zombie
5972260469ab75790524477cbdfc84f2ca544182Shane Caraveo — Bug 1602840 test that we don't sideload when rebuilding XPI database r=zombie,aswan
7d4df29b69bae21df28853303477d418310c90d5Shane Caraveo — Bug 1602840 add pref to disable adding new sideloaded addons r=aswan,zombie
acbb75628d35bcc6431a6fc867ae3596e9e1c01cShane Caraveo — Bug 1602840 add build switch for sideloading addons r=zombie
76e89be089dac2e4a34d8bf5b5e317e4734ebd56Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 6495336fced4 (bug 1612723) for assertion failure on ErrorResult.h CLOSED TREE
7e33d3dad250fec71c31963d1445ab96595f589fAndreea Pavel — Bug 1611171 - Update expectation on linux18.04 for shared-worker-import-blob-url.any.html. r=jgraham
cc42afa7919731d9d183b2af651367fe84a96040Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1613006 - Update smallvec. r=heycam
ac19d46c04f904d124df1e3dbfc966d9f6022642Logan Smyth — Bug 1610682 - Time out of eager evaluation after 100ms. r=jlast
f1568adc54fd89d2cdc0ac4ff1e586272bcf07beGlenn Watson — Bug 1613316 - Fix panic in TileCache::pre_update. r=Bert
3a02cc6f98eab83cdb48c8e5344d9b8b46050808Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1613659 - Remove network listeners and reset TRR mode when enabled pref is rolled back. r=dragana
de6073b8bea66799a564d166c8361fb2575008b4Mike Hommey — Bug 1613601 - Remove browser/components/build/ r=dmajor
6495336fced43235df5856ee42f081bbacd67862Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1612723 - Move reader mode l10n to use keycode. r=Gijs,fluent-reviewers,flod
ab6076376754329fa270cab3417631a5d22e5f05Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1606300 - escape filenames in tab titles, save as... dialog and as used by webbrowserpersist, r=valentin
d173f2084efa22065d6c993e2785c139ee2df315Tom Prince — No bug: [mozharness] Remove unused antivirus release script; r=nthomas
acb1fa0ef8abd9cc009d8495815026759387fc8cTom Prince — No bug: [mozharness] Remove unused `graph_selector` config; r=nthomas
3a2b9a92fb242491f42623ecdf3b3246f49664baTom Prince — No bug: [mozharness] Remove some remaining references to the build/tools repo; r=nthomas
7afd7e7e531fc94b30ed47af3957949aaf2e2971Tom Prince — No bug: [mozharness] Stop removing `mach_build_properties.json`; r=nthomas
5d3e1eab99b8bdfba6e53f5615ceba7330138894Tom Prince — No bug: [mozharness] Remove unreferenced `releng_infra_configs` config files; r=nthomas
66d07ba43d6def0cfb7a344e5784aca055856b81Nika Layzell — Bug 1557739 - Be more consistent with IPC Transport APIs, r=jld
1d190ee669ee3d1ef14ffd79b001dacdc801994dBogdan Tara — Bug 1582832 - Update expectation for closed-attribute.window.html on fission a=test-only
ec33b0bf8c04ac254af3a491934228f9e50ae070Mike Hommey — Bug 1613561 - Remove check_test_env from mozharness configs. r=dmajor
91db369c965a3316a495dfc013d9884d3f9416ddTim Nguyen — Bug 1606018 - Make sure edit context menu also appears on inputs inside shadow trees. r=bgrins
c76d8b822e3c503565560f4f73e1ca5d04621e35Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1611701 - Tweak NODE_IS_EDITABLE flag handling for NAC so that it works consistently for <input type=number>. r=bzbarsky,masayuki,whimboo
5a866419f68917aa52ede96a700f94307c6614a5Nika Layzell — Bug 1611457 - Respect script blocker in JSWindowActor, r=bzbarsky
0dad93b4c73d2d11bf4ea7e84a1b1b55a545434dNika Layzell — Bug 1612724 - Part 2: Use NotifyWhenScriptSafe for MediaManager notifications, r=jib
e39d469b0c0d2cadccc0e2f91b24f95ec55c4a80Nika Layzell — Bug 1612724 - Part 1: Add a NotifyWhenScriptSafe helper method to nsIObserverService, r=froydnj
8ac8dc6e0638063e97fc5ccb9b14ab0522fbb8f4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1613013 part 3. Annotate TypeErrors and RangeErrors from WebIDL implementations with the method they come from. r=peterv
d396725817cdda2418b4fa43f487f334653067e7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1613013 part 2. Change ThrowErrorMessage to be templated on the error number. r=peterv
c9ac45b91718d501e59fe09f7963ba9413e65512Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1613013 part 1. Annotate DOMExceptions from WebIDL implementations with the method they come from. r=peterv
319b53c8e3721449943b9ac01d645c38e888ef91Ricky Stewart — Bug 1604667 - Handle case where relativesrcdir doesn't exist on Windows r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mshal
542f59024db299c10db5faecef1b05b57737dfa3Mihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out changeset b0e6dad6ff01 (bug 1606018) for causing failures in BrowsingContext.h
51250763258f4f25aeefbf32259981adebf50645Mihai Alexandru Michis — Backed out changeset c9f4dd3ed78b (bug 1606628) for causing failures in ImageLoader.cpp
c9f4dd3ed78b916078cbc1ce5028c12e737c2fbfEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1606628 - Remove nsStyleImageRequest. r=tnikkel,heycam
de38640b1c7b8d9d3e35a160f07681ee88c0f6d7Punam Dahiya — Bug 1593310 - Add support for clearing all messages impressions by a provider in newtab devtools r=emcminn
e2543a95ade00c7dabda2c2da5cd0fb13a33ec52Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1613571. Align service worker invalid-script-url and invalid-scope-url checks better with the spec. r=dom-workers-and-storage-reviewers,perry
ab5b62d4f830e802811632d929971b43fbcdf597Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1610423 - stop graying out socks settings when sharing http/ftp/tls proxy settings, r=mkaply,jaws
b0e6dad6ff014080801ac2720b2b99c472677751Tim Nguyen — Bug 1606018 - Make sure edit context menu also appears on inputs inside shadow trees. r=bgrins
467077aa6e8d853c06d9cb984d6958eefccce4ebSylvestre Ledru — No bug - Update irc links to point to riot/matrix r=emilio
df7d2d9e1042eb1216b3fae66d95e4b522914395Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 28a9e4b075af (bug 1613659) for doh-rollout related failures CLOSED TREE
c5eb0a8293b28a9a22c15a898bbd3c6aec1d154dBogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 9a86b638ad8a (bug 1613422) for test_missing_intermediate.js failures CLOSED TREE
aea4783f8b4867167607f8ba00eadc4aaa45d61dKris Maglione — Bug 1582832: Part 3 - Correctly handle windowless BCs created for printing. r=nika
cefac6461948d6b8ef6cd6b1f563a2e487e0bbacKris Maglione — Bug 1582832: Part 2 - Don't attach a BrowsingContext before a FrameLoader is initialized. r=nika
6fd57b83bb52e9683bade8cbfb5f8ba6575ac6afKris Maglione — Bug 1582832: Part 1 - Make FrameLoader owner rather than DocShell responsible for discarding a BC. r=nika
28a9e4b075af8c2e5d5d912d8d284c12870d4be3Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1613659 - Remove network listeners and reset TRR mode when enabled pref is rolled back. r=dragana
9a86b638ad8aefe8a6082877a6618bb137226ba4Dana Keeler — bug 1613422 - test fixups to avoid skipping regenerating some expired certificates r=jcj
0c9aa737628db6d02bd9c55c7f77a6bce36c7350Aaron Klotz — Bug 1613700: Replace LSP annotation thread with background task; r=mhowell
ae0b66604393fcd75a6107703b3aa695afeee37fDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1613423 - Make sure AsyncResoleWithTrrServer does not depend on confirmationNS of the default server. r=valentin
4d978161c8a3a450b230559e94809369c7663d02Kris Taeleman — Bug 1611240 - Adding telemetry for gecko build id and version r=Dexter
3e3e0930d279f8f25130926803ba5cbd1badabeeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1612529. should clear form state from the SHEntry. r=smaug
ccd3f1b09bfa94eebf2039ea062318365647db25Boris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset ec4e3e080c1c because it introduces linting failures.
ec4e3e080c1ccaa196b973713657acec5fa97a0cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1612529. should clear form state from the SHEntry. r=smaug
ef9ca2da9e697105072e72f321785e08665d2fe7Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1613069 - don't trip over null mousemove tasks when destroying PictureInPictureChild actors, r=jaws