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Fri Feb 12 05:46:47 2010 +0000
c5ca3076da1bd0ff7bd0afb8e47304dc893ffdfaChris Jones — Bug 545757: Don't post replies to the IO thread after a connection error. r=bent
d991b15840a852f63db0b00e2421adf1d0bdffecChris Jones — Fix windows build
19d9c18c2a7ab0f1983ddb348d764034f8fd98d8Chris Jones — Bug 544345: Mochitest of plugin hangs. r=bsmedberg
391018912b6c1c6b211cbfce720a648c4ff54e4dChris Jones — Bug 544345: Kill plugins if they exceed the hang timeout. r=bsmedberg
f066f3094a92363134d6241a3a164faff3f49c9aChris Jones — Bug 545053: IPDL/C++ test of hang detector.
cba33ae77144197b904a705c4c2f772a6fc8bf74Ben Turner — Bug 545053: Implement IPC hang detection for windows. r=jimm
78a7cd998a1429f47aec3a2f45176fc3edc51c5bJim Mathies — Bug 538918 - Fix for bug 545338, don't drop into WaitForNotify() when spin loop unwinds. r=bent.
7b3fc127f9bdd088f71b172d970aa89c2c69269eJim Mathies — Bug 538918 - Move Init() above mutex unlock - attempted test hang fix.
6aa060daa47b26320e77f4cb13d557c121c22666Chris Jones — Bug 545591: Temporary workaround.
dbda8d810627a7982187687d319e2e3c9c8bbd06Jim Mathies — Bug 538918 - Don't delete gNeuteredWindows until the stack unwinds.
56f48f413c1101472ef79b0b32a7d99bd6dd8ecfChris Jones — Bug 544882, bug 545312: Only tell glib that work is pending if there has been a pollin or timer expiration. Merged from chromium latest, r=chromium
b92403a45979312ef647ac45ebb5ed10a5c245a8Jim Mathies — Bug 538918 - Don't test the stack depth on entering WaitForNotify(). r=cjones.
699df0a7b625d304e239cf02dcf921db28e082aaChris Jones — Log "schlepping drawable" messages as PLUGIN_LOG_DEBUG. no r=, trivial
35394656718894a3b46f41c36e690bf3ef8ce0fbBenjamin Smedberg — Followup to bug 538918 - Don't leak gNeuteredWindows, r=jimm
d19be3f707cb6d35848dd8eb5dc04451bb362b2bChris Jones — Bug 545338: Make the IPC hang detector tolerate spurious wake-ups. Possibly temporary. irc-r=jimm
425bd6cb3e216fdbea85b1920c0070e0b6abfc5fJim Mathies — Bug 538918 - follow up patch: IsMessagePending should use PeekMessage, not the stacks for detection.
cba43f45ed9e0ac98543a67127ffdaaaf9866eb3Ben Turner — Bustage fix
1fd68671241e6b7aca8ab6d26b843af56534df22Chris Jones — Bug 540004, part 3: Add a ShouldContinue() interface to IPDL actors that allows them to decide how a hang should be treated. r=bent
e70a61a00dad7d797a3e2d9de3e26c40535edc1fChris Jones — Bug 540004, part 2: Detect hangs while awaiting synchronous IPC replies (on POSIX). r=bent
81ccf85816bc05f39c6a5413dfec807185bc0746Chris Jones — Bug 540004, part 1: Various and sundry trivial refactorings. r=bent
6cd32ccca1fec0bda9427e07a6275c94d9f1eea6Chris Jones — Fix linux bustage.
acdee57eefffc867cde8d82387860456e990922eJim Mathies — Bug 538918 - [OOPP] Modal system dialogs cause UI freeze w/windowless controls. r=bent, cjones.
bb789c6c77132b9b4551fe2d5f79f6d98ad59450Chris Jones — Follow-up to bug 540886: address review comments I forgot to before pushing.
db49481bae2f924218ec9cb08c0d7bb41d282b9bChris Jones — Bug 540886, part 3: IPDL/C++ test for BlockChild()/UnblockChild(). r=bnewman
b89339a2523d8ace64c6ce60fa38fc8eb2067c27Chris Jones — Bug 540886, part 2: Offer a BlockChild() interface to RPC protocols that allows parents to prevent children from sending messages back of their own volition until the parent calls UnblockChild(). r=bent
07ed72e5400b3bc715ec6d48e9d39ef14e3fcdb0Chris Jones — Bug 540886, part 1: Refactor "special message" dispatch in AsyncChannel. r=bent
26ee15150bf703b614cec5aa00a83a5f69382140Chris Jones — Bug 540111, part 5: IPDL/C++ test of multi-managers. r=bnewman
2353ec631528f08cd352c4753766e20eaceb4662Chris Jones — Bug 540111, part 4: IPDL-only tests of multi-managers.
8ab53a49fadfb783dd8eed95b33ae41e4288bf43Chris Jones — Bug 540111, part 3: Allow IPDL actors to be managed by one of a set of possible managers. r=bent
b8fcf1bfa808c6d848d711b2a344629436f061a5Chris Jones — Bug 540111, part 2: Subsume direct calls to manager->Dealloc*() into RemoveManagee(). r=bent
31474bd89a11ca4029eaf02bd3300801427f0accChris Jones — Bug 540111, part 1: Add a new IProtocolManager::RemoveManagee interface to break reliance on the |Manager()| interface. r=bent