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Tue Sep 10 21:39:50 2019 +0000
0e0e9c22321ed9f284744cfeb3507710b2d5d606Marco Castelluccio — Bug 1577105 - Request a longer timeout for antitracking browser mochitests for code coverage builds. r=gbrown
35e9f24cc4c92b6e829dbc974c649c2399da8932Razvan Maries — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1568227) for perma fails on paint-order-001.tentative.html. CLOSED TREE
0c991aa12fce7ba58a1a532bdfe8a83087f62be6Andreas Tolfsen — bug 1580265: geckodriver: remove unused Travis CI config; r=webdriver-reviewers,jgraham
f57e70feeea0a7e470f314fa6387b935265a598bSam Foster — Bug 1579539 - Part 2: Always provide autoSavedLoginGuid to promptToChangePassword when available. r=MattN
d52c05e448ff5b14fb6833bb8ae7f669bb5a69d3Sam Foster — Bug 1579539 - Part 1: Share some form test helpers. r=MattN
216d19f500f2bc4f65a5e0202eb3bdcba5f20120Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1567642 - [mozbase] Fix flake8 under py3 lint errors r=gbrown
c6c32350b0c13edf6bb6b1896e2a5920784ae4f9Nathan Froyd — Bug 1578876 - add exception for Decimal code to; r=njn
a50282c943a535dd4d29418d9445e0d27b4c0d03Dorel Luca — Bug 1557985 - Disable browser_orientationchange_event.js in Linux opt for frequent failures. r=gbrown
6368f6953a8f1d617588ad00e9e7eaa909dd9b2eMorgan Reschenberg — Bug 1277201: Fire a STATE_CHANGE event when a details element is opened or closed. r=eeejay
f1bcdfebf34ca7405d7643c747134d584262d8b4Alexander Surkov — Bug 1575138 - remove setting of non existing event listeners in places-menupopup widget r=bgrins
ef0853d4ea98c72ce4ded982e1759adfa1716243Luca Greco — Bug 1537753 - Drop support for the extensions.cookiesBehavior.overrideOnTopLevel pref. r=Ehsan,mixedpuppy
78886081d45b09987c1825cc5a160fd6bec61cb8harry — Bug 1578434 - Create the DOM and styling for the new TIP result type. r=adw,dao
bc13f45c239fb39542cf52579464cb268b27cdd3Jonathan Kew — Bug 1577578 - Make font-list IPC messages include a release assertion that the gfxPlatformFontList has been initialized. r=jwatt
8f20684a3fcd5c73f94bca0506182564a9cfb41fCoroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset 3ed264b9dc87 (bug 1556347) for Gtest failures at /build/src/toolkit/xre/nsAppRunner.cpp on a CLOSED TREE
2dcb78435500065fa898aae8fe1c311929a8b63fLuca Greco — Bug 1543639 - Fix svg-glyph-extents reftest timeouts when running on Fennec with webcompat extension installed. r=heycam
8e9904f026ee59f7b3afbc2070685f138506d0f6Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1577857 - Free memory before LifoAlloc cleans up memory owner r=tcampbell
6f60141452d16f99801c029bfe3642d974e4013cMatthew Gaudet — Bug 1577857 - Add a tag to TraceNodeList to disambiguate types r=tcampbell
6bedd2e286af46b0ccb82c6a0a85a78cbe9e49a1Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1577857 - Create ParseInfo class to manage Parser related information r=tcampbell
a67d5dbc29ccb7422fba3ab27fecbe1f17618eddMatthew Gaudet — Bug 1577857 - Hoist FunctionTree into its own header r=tcampbell
af0ca36ae592d4bcb648f1f82a0d1de990f11f0fMihai Alexandru Michis — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
982bb9015f79d0c34c57cbd5ea7c61cf9420633eDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1576888 - Stop using px values for #urlbar-contextual-tip's and #urlbar-contextual-tip-button's font sizes. r=dao
e3fac96f56d3e67d5a7e63260d820209dbbc1348Dorel Luca — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1575974) for MinGW build bustage. CLOSED TREE
7df49da41ea1988ee7957a97789f992e4d8d86f5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1580222. Let double buffering ride the trains. r=aosmond
64109c67702a94f24944aef6f76343a054af97f7Ayrton Munoz — Bug 1575219 - Remove unused failure path from BaselineCacheIRCompiler::emitCompareStringResult r=mgaudet
3ed264b9dc879feabccc1699ba05b3a87ee84bf8Christian Holler — Bug 1556347 - Set MOZ_HEADLESS for gtests and headless fuzzing. r=froydnj
cd0ea6dafa051426035949cfbbfdeb04c1c05661Ryan Hunt — Bug 1578075 - Increase stack size of paint thread/workers on OSX Catalina or higher to workaround crash from recursion in CoreText. r=jrmuizel
fef155ac9c6039de75923334a75c03d7aa5ab156Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1568227. Use the visible rect as the display items bounds for fallback items. r=nical
bb324781c1e3ac2d006636ac0842d804a10878c3Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1568227. Render blobs at visibleRect.x,y instead of 0,0. r=nical
9dd37b1e1cbb13ba70f5a3badafd64253655d669Christian Holler — Bug 1580128 - Simplify required env variables for fuzzing interface. r=froydnj
155794d2768106b07f5d021db8ad916fb49fdee7Jared Wein — Bug 1579818 - Move focus to the origin input when tabbing from the login-list to the login-item in the Create view. r=MattN
d07909564f855bbe5723fdde5438b99b51123315Jared Wein — Bug 1579260 - Clear 'copy' state of button when the other Copy button is clicked. r=MattN
cc4a002262292311a9f92a89bbd22775ac084c25Tom Ritter — Bug 1575974 - Report any non-zero exit code as a process failure in nsIProcess r=gsvelto
225d858fe3351bbd37841fe29d22c5f3a8d97b2fTom Ritter — Bug 1575974 - Add tests for pingsender url parsing r=gsvelto
1dc0b5a41dc8a112955dc5c1640eb6511f2f9b86Tom Ritter — Bug 1575974 - Restrict pingsender to an allowlist of destination hosts r=chutten,gsvelto
cc25750fd9e8b0015f6a693f87d87b2fc3e0a29dDavid Heiberg — Bug 1577504 - Replace single match with if let r=jgraham
abda0958db89df7fed0a30476de200a532373ba3David Heiberg — Bug 1577504 - Remove redundant closures r=jgraham
ed5978118f064f37f84a5bbf1a4c9c984519aad9David Heiberg — Bug 1577504 - Remove explicit lifetimes that can be elided r=jgraham
e52b51cf65699dccce7e0b7f25ba3863b36f6930David Heiberg — Bug 1577504 - Remove redundant field names r=jgraham
0d53fda7ac1e2aaf1647714d92520135c142a7b4Dão Gottwald — Bug 1577472 - Always use position:absolute for the megabar so it doesn't get reframed on focus r=harry
9e7b7e9c3d61eee4ae2e391589e879fa0fdf9becMartin Stransky — Bug 1579823 - [Wayland] remove __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ from wayland logs as it produces too long function names, r=jhorak
90d9e9be37138da5721acfac318e7efda87f72ddSimon Giesecke — Bug 1575479 - Add support for STL iterators and range-based for to nsBaseHashtable. r=froydnj
4f6f99cfc655d1046ca8dab36ea9bd3532c0db9dSimon Giesecke — Bug 1575479 - Encapsulate mBaseHashtableET::mData. r=froydnj
d48638c8ba416588b24eafaa29b260f003133b54Mike Conley — Bug 1568318 - Make sure tab-icon-sound indicator uses appropriate fill colour in all cases. r=dao
53afc5ffa7cc86d233ac6031c13e7559ef8479faNathan Froyd — Bug 1579484 - don't needlessly construct strings in VisitedQuery; r=Standard8
4eca2af6d2d5a850c7f61e27eaf052936fee0b2fKershaw Chang — Bug 1577196 - Create a new load group if GetDocumentLoadGroup failed r=baku
c5836cbc0b3e4b50de759928f10ead6ae0a0ae3fMartin Stransky — Bug 1579794 - [Wayland] Explicitly enable/disable direct rendering to wl_buffer, r=jhorak
4ac77b1b0aa896cd3a72c8fa5859f5c355960fe8Martin Stransky — Bug 1579794 - [Wayland] Use wl_surface_damage_buffer() and require wl_compositor v.4, r=jhorak
445defbb3ebbf30b00327ffe753e21d7ecdab747Martin Stransky — Bug 1579794 - [Wayland] Copy pixel data for cached images, r=jhorak
79a89720bd4512303ec450ccca852f137e82cedeJonathan Watt — Bug 1576465. Fix nsDeviceSensors's cross-origin check for Fission. r=kmag
db8bb69c4e664be524154efc2f7f82c2e49dbdedCoroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset 53f941b09ee9 (bug 1572030) for xpcshell failures at toolkit/components/search/tests/xpcshell/test_engine_selector.js on a CLOSED TREE
af59efe476494f754fc58d2beec7d6280d6d2a28Johan Lorenzo — Bug 1573751 - Fix geckoview nightly signing on try r=nalexander
faeb5ef49f86a5291e9dda806bccab1e7c40860cJulian Seward — Bug 1579661 - js/src/wasm/cranelift/src/bindings/ FuncTypeWithId::args: use SmallVec rather than Vec. r=bbouvier.
0a4a96cafc73ec65d1e94164ce8f1cd22c549d10Itiel — Bug 1579955 - [RTL] Fix the "Custom URLs" textbox input and autocomplete popup direction in about:preferences r=johannh
f387ae76f2a1daab1585efaf4eb2102422a1ab01Johann Hofmann — Bug 1579010 - Expose new certificate viewer to localization. r=flod,fluent-reviewers
9fedd8400ab2e09ff6e462419d6a5274510006f0Paul Zuehlcke — Bug 1574480 - Updated browser.js and OfflineAppsChild.jsm to use PermissionManager principal methods. r=johannh,smaug
53f941b09ee9c3bc7cf42a56a63f44224591634bDale Harvey — Bug 1572030 - Add support for experiments in modernConfig r=Standard8
4b49e732271d00f85019e4cc2dec91191af911a2Kris Maglione — Bug 1576187: Don't set closed flag on discarded BrowsingContext. r=nika
f1e70619e12d69bb7de344de10eb677a788abedfJan Odvarko — Bug 1578215 - DAMP Perf regression in netmonitor har export test (+12%); r=nchevobbe,jdescottes