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Thu Dec 31 19:20:31 2009 +0000
2e580c431f4e63feef1dbfaed37d9178a1cf5c01Boris Zbarsky — Bug 528306 part 3. Hook up restyle processing to nsRefreshDriver. r=dbaron
6ef8b28b0d9bb82bdb368303049bf8e9a5b75b7cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 528306 part 2. Make nsCSSFrameConstructor reference-counted. r=dbaron
88dd8acfbc0568291754f4c3a1d221f27118db4eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 528306 part 1. Don't stop the refresh driver timer on observer removal; instead just stop it if it fires when there are no observers. r=dbaron
c410241f9d1c1271f2acf4650296b8f7a37a5371Boris Zbarsky — Bug 536623 and bug 537141. Don't attempt to maybe-create textframes for kids of parents that have xbl childlists on insert and append: we know we didn't skip creating any frames that didn't need skipping unconditionally in that situation, and trying to create them can put them in the wrong place. r=roc
ab3e23cefccee9963b7a00014a6101b98b5455b2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 536716. Make BuildScrollFrame not set the primary frame on the content, fix letter frames to reset primary frames to 0 before resetting them to the new value as needed, fix things so <area> never gets a frame of its own, and reenable the SetPrimaryFrame assertion when the primary frame is being changed from one non-null frame to another. r=roc