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Thu May 30 09:44:16 2019 +0000
7e901c73992d5b6e2a4111a69abc3af8a3491561Dão Gottwald — Bug 1554038 - Make UrlbarInput::pickResult and UrlbarController::recordSelectedResult take a UrlbarResult instead of an index and remove UrlbarView::getResult. r=adw
333800d40691afd8b721ee3b5f72df9ae6234fd6Tom Prince — Bug 1549889: Add support for displaying WNP conditionally on build-id; r=nthomas
efa9757078d03a4cd36e5ead44703e6184d64addMike Hommey — Bug 1554063 - Move decimal to mozglue. r=jwalden
53ac7ce00afab4a9aa83bd1b4058bea8a0d2d3a3Dzmitry Malyshau — Bug 1554502 - Configurable lookback count r=gw
bb49389d34ba661c503f8e5c3c88807c18fe2320James Teh — Bug 1543307: For out-of-process iframes on Windows, return the embedded document as a child of the OuterDocAccessible. r=eeejay
aa4c140e21929e3efcdfd69ad8aba2aacc508a62James Teh — Bug 1543298 part 3: For out-of-process iframes, send the embedded document accessible's COM proxy to the embedder. r=eeejay
02b71771b27b0e2955b1a4692ffa14834333135aJames Teh — Bug 1543298 part 2: Add PBrowserBridge::SetEmbeddedDocAccessibleCOMProxy so the parent can send the child the COM proxy for the embedded document accessible. r=eeejay,nika
eed17a01f44fd2477e6acf2f9ff7d17c1a6a2c6bJames Teh — Bug 1543298 part 1: Add a stub AccessibleWrap used in a Windows content process for an embedded document residing in another content process. r=eeejay