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Tue Apr 06 19:43:29 2010 +0000
aa2b262d938a21f0787962899ed826c1c5229d3dL. David Baron — Add test for background image loading behavior for :visited links. (Bug 557287)
363849c0170b1493960b7ed527cef775401ec43bL. David Baron — Don't start image loads for the if-visited style contexts. (Bug 557287) r=bzbarsky
8eba981e2c9f1291cc5cb5c933b548d1a5d9a7a4L. David Baron — Make style contexts know if they are the if-visited style. (Bug 557287) r=bzbarsky
3f7faac350f1b2fc905b5675f76421536f376be5L. David Baron — Exit loop when needed. (Bug 497256) r=roc