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Wed Nov 24 18:37:38 2010 +0000
a6d06ecdfde141aa4692cf75f012e26dab250ee1Chris Pearce — Bug 611994 - Fire timeupdate based on time change, not timer. r=roc a=roc
53f49c89634b03a533bbe65997ce9ecc26c42d80Chris Pearce — Bug 604885 - Reftest to ensure video controls don't overflow outside of css dimensions. r=test-change a=blocking2.0
8d54b45a181e67d878bca1d22055746f304e60ecChris Pearce — Bug 604885 - Ensure video controls resize correctly when showing and hiding status overlay. r=dolske a=blocking2.0
00cabcc7d1821a7440baa82ee671a61afa07c223Chris Pearce — Bug 604885 - Don't render video controls outside of css-specified width/height. r=roc a=blocking2.0