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Wed Feb 02 03:46:14 2011 +0000
a55b45fb3d7c3753c4e240ccd2f239795abec46dGavin Sharp — Bug 623110 - prioritise the loading of user-installed search engines over app-shipped engines. r=dolske, a=blocker
76b361ae1c3a5c78d59dc6c911d8de2be71ef41fPaolo Amadini — Bug 620615 - New tab-modal alerts can make Firefox unable to quit (part 2). r=dolske, a=blocker
835b313007b49d24a8243dbddf070e65c9e59c01Justin Dolske — Bug 621764 - tab-modal prompt in Gmail eventually triggers slow-script dialog for nsPrompter.js. r=mrbkap, sr=jst, a=blocker