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Wed Nov 20 01:33:12 2013 +0000
a549ddceda0a550e3c65a7df1a62c3a04b23637cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 934532 - [Australis] clicking in a blank area of the panel shouldn't close it, r=jaws
15e0829b8c48c1f0b55105f2bf4164414a874a0dDrew Willcoxon — Bug 937380 - Fix forgetaboutsite/test/browser/browser_clearplugindata.js failure when browser-chrome tests are split into chunks. r=bsmedberg
facbde351c728e76e89524de3d720ac74afe9319Jared Wein — Bug 938980 - [Australis] Restore Defaults will not reshow the address bar if it has been hidden through channel switching. r=Gijs
4d9671759976252a7a66c8c602a026070f404ed8Matt Brubeck — Bug 940451 - Fix intermittent failure in browser_urlbar.js [r=rsilveira]
0e97ac5259679d95046b7e872956ff2b8672349fMatt Brubeck — Bug 940451 - Enable tab scrolling in Metro urlbar autocomplete popup [r=rsilveira]
6e4a58c24a46787cef3264f5982587d2e0b6f38fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 26df3bab1ab9 and 3c9dbe653a4e (bug 768667) for Android test bustage.
dc4911c44a8692b2d8757e528349d857661bf98aMark Finkle — Bug 939680 - Implement nsINetworkLinkService.linkType on Android r=blassey
7eaa1a0d3fe1d51ccf1160c4ac0c16fe70dd78c0Brian Grinstead — Bug 862558 - Web Console should always be available / visible;r=msucan
bb1a8915f98034dd30990c9ca99da4e46565a6c5Jan Beich — Bug 939527 - Make OS.File.stat() use correct type for file size. r=Yoric
eb1b72a569881fb5086a8ab6777b846394950977Steven MacLeod — Bug 918024 - Remove the synchronous fallback for reading in Session Store initialization. r=Yoric, f=ttaubert
26df3bab1ab93d23a9c4d5686bdaee3c9fed7a5eWes Johnston — Bug 768667 - Use an actionmode for text selection. r=margaret,sriram
3c9dbe653a4e731aaf9c65bfc181d026e0ef2c50Wes Johnston — Bug 768667 - Provide an action mode for compatibility with old Android versions. r=sriram
bf562f4eb54614dded581dd5dc7dfbfafaac15a2Jared Wein — Bug 935753 - Fix test comment. DONTBUILD. r=me
6fae9d6feec8c6610c2fe4c6beaecf85d081427aJared Wein — Bug 935753 - Firefox displays the "This is a secure Firefox page" indicator on pages served by addons. r=MattN
a9cede6f40c849fe7db325703b2278133252c773Sam Foster — Bug 926036 - Extend the label bindings to assign to textContent to get normal line-wrapping when attached. r=mbrubeck
5f45833d636c3ce093d561399469fd94a799f9daRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team.
867ba794e043a7f8f581d106fb8b92123719e4adAnton Kovalyov — Bug 920570 - requestLongerTimeout for browser_codemirror and re-enable it on Linux. r=me
1260d25e5c27410cf60cfbfbefb1c0e3f2d3c66fPanos Astithas — Black-box self hosted functions (bug 933738); r=fitzgen