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Thu May 19 16:03:14 2022 +0000
cc776278c4ea98788c42b90a53d1c6c37fdf47e7Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1769468 - More updates for some fetch/metadata/generated/ tests. a=testonly
3cc7243bc3740820c86a3ac2cbebc53141820869Cosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset aaaed875acb3 (bug 1766469) for android mochitest failures on test_midi_message_event.html.
63c68776cca8ef7039db25782ecac1bdf2e24054Joel Maher — Bug 1392106 - remove obsolete reftest win7 conditions. r=aryx
0ad35291cbf14d48e2b312e1dcd8a4bb12578a6bcriss — Backed out changeset acc3d38ec70b (bug 1768360) for causing build bustages on nsWindow.cpp. CLOSED TREE
acc3d38ec70b021f4869b043e0b7174a4dbf5429stransky — Bug 1768360 [Wayland] Don't use move-to-rect with invalid/missing anchor r=emilio
974bc11d251bea2ac2b119ee368ee4f9528c4225ffxbld — No Bug, mozilla-central repo-update HSTS HPKP remote-settings tld-suffixes - a=repo-update r=RyanVM
454e9dcf44198c0d4d43facd7839dd3a411b779eKagami Sascha Rosylight — Bug 1659025 - Add `dom.streams.transferable.enabled` r=smaug
848b3025ef7c540246db27ddc3c287d4266d20cfKagami Sascha Rosylight — Bug 1659025 - Fix tests using delay(0) r=smaug
6c2ff5402279cb099802ddb42efa8e8135bf7631Kagami Sascha Rosylight — Bug 1659025 - Implement [Transferable] for ReadableStream r=smaug,sfink
aaaed875acb35024eb955fca92ba50ae244be85cGabriele Svelto — Bug 1766469 - Handle empty data fields when creating MIDIMessageEvent objects r=padenot
83e7545f5c54ea1ef61be523cb5f6d9ba00cecadNorisz Fay — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1766469) for causing mochitest failures on test_midi_message_event.html CLOSED TREE
4d2390d6d742112bdb03f4c8565db97970e09be2Norisz Fay — Bug 1766469 - Fix lint failure in test_midi_message_event.html r=fix CLOSED TREE
0822a76e35d2c7ad13a537fa63faab612894c937Jonathan Watt — Bug 1769999 - Remove the last of the nsPrintJob::mPrtPreview code. r=emilio
52649d6014b8cf4227d336ba4495b1219e4f857aGabriele Svelto — Bug 1766469 - Handle empty data fields when creating MIDIMessageEvent objects r=padenot
12b36415ea9261876f1325eb236fdd6b16b35fdccriss — Merge mozilla-central to autoland on a CLOSED TREE
f4e4de791d7fdc9cd6707fe28798a1c6d2d1ce58Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1770126 - Make WindowsLocationProvider::Watch() not try to watch for events if already watching. r=gcp
16856951218b2c0148382d12645cc690ceb19039Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1770126 - Make WindowsLocationProvider::Startup() deal correctly with already-initialized instances. r=gcp
f4df29fbfa9597d4482d5bc66ff3bc04fd0928c2Nicolas Silva — Bug 1768829 - Mark two intermittent tests. r=hiro
4947f165b1b049e452be80f689cace188e40b90cCosmin Sabou — Bug 1770037 - Update metadata on Android for referrer-policy/gen/srcdoc.meta tests. r=aryx
63df7f3252e9d7206c4b529f5e0e20f3051cb8c8Edgar Chen — Bug 1749663 - Get rid of dom.webcomponents.formAssociatedCustomElement.enabled pref; r=smaug
fec5550d39906b2a58d1a31bfcf5b3068b757a68Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1769468 - Remove extra bracket in fetch-via-serviceworker.https.sub.html.ini. a=testonly
3e7cbc8b1b366f04141ebee987fc2141b2e873eaEdgar Chen — Bug 1745058 - Get rid of dom.webcomponents.disabledFeatures.enabled pref; r=smaug
fed95db5980319412ad84c1f3089f48a60b83663Edgar Chen — Bug 1745054 - Get rid of dom.webcomponents.elementInternals.enabled pref; r=smaug
d75fac0be37526a568c1601ddbcc7839dfa94bcbCosmin Sabou — Bug 1769465 - Additional tweaks to preload-error.sub.html.ini. a=testonly
3c058a1405e429eda049fb2b9817fd079b29ec79Cosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 9fe7e79e2e01 (bug 1722228) for browser-chrome failures on browser_siteData2.js.
3666e4a93f79f15d1241d870b2cb626d36c72ddacriss — Backed out changeset d13c0a1c7a19 (bug 1769499) for causing bustages on GLContextProviderEGL.cpp. CLOSED TREE
e7b7ffcf6096fbe62d38df553a1b491a2c14dc6fJonathan Watt — Bug 1769993 - Bring some sanity to nsPrintJob's scaling/shrink-to-fit logic. r=emilio
9fe7e79e2e01283e1de3b4df674ec6b5578d8e0eHannah Peuckmann — Bug 1722228 - Fix backspace triggers clearing of site data on macOS. r=pbz,preferences-reviewers,Gijs
d13c0a1c7a19860435622b1786d6059a701ab5d1stransky — Bug 1769499 [Linux/EGL] Create GBM based surface for headless GL context r=jgilbert
f2785babe2486e89b2a92fb40a2042eeecf9eeb5Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1769465 - Remove unnecessary lines. a=testonly
5c3d7c0dfd3ed79fa590d141e915817d55d934f1Andreea Pavel — Bug 1769465 - Update medatadata for /preload/preload-error.sub.html. r=jgraham
65ccc56c4fd4b2d2d986260c5248c93ad569ab82Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1769585: Introduce Nimbus variables for autoFillAdaptiveHistoryMinCharsThreshold and autoFillAdaptiveHistoryMinCharsThreshold. r=adw
66e9853fa8c033a4a268693a560eeb47fe0d34a0Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1769585: Introduce a pref that the minimum char length to enable adaptive history autofill. r=adw
e34d221b6f46e9bd5f10d76bc7668ba5f1311f3fDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1769585: Change default useCountThreshold to not handle input history passed 30 days. r=adw
04bc8e2ce305df53bde127a52e392229142cf605Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1769585: Make the input history that the user input starts with to be a candidate. r=adw
a2f76cf50611116d7c3e7072858ab54b072dbd12Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1769468 - Further update metadata. a=testonly
77f99cc6d00ff43c976dac483cfce650e4a6516cui.sayuree — Bug 1007656 - Have Log.jsm handle nsIStackFrame instances. r=markh
09fe65a1355444a3789af9e994f76e2c7a0a4f0cNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1764347 - [devtools] Add Browser Toolbox test for the Style Editor. r=jdescottes.
aae4df69e66b79c0be40de234872386f5267b35fNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1701862 - [devtools] Enable Stylesheet resources for all targets. r=bomsy.
ea32c4c1d987ddef9f831edbb1c4cb187930dc16Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1700092 - [devtools] Add supported targets and resources to session context. r=bomsy,ochameau.
ee2ca87ef3d6d503a4a1ed79d501fc8cd29dd701Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1769935. Only do partial bg image drawing in content process. r=aosmond