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Thu Feb 28 01:36:21 2013 +0000
8cb9d69819783558ec4fc67c43ad59208682987dHubert Figuière — Bug 845095 - Disable mochitest states/test_tree.xul on Mac. r=dbolter
3d20e0577cbf7d5bcdf7b29affb64b41d1dbab55Timothy Nikkel — Bug 845337. When we are looking for the parent prescontext we may not have a root frame so use the root view instead to get the parent prescontext. r=roc
ae360bf4bc473dffe40da66400d9d8f9dcee0756Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 841651: Implement PR_SetThreadPriority() on Linux-based platforms
1444bada530a0122cb0e68bb862a8e4516726faeTrevor Saunders — bug 842078 - fix iteration of mChildrenList r=smaug
58c7e618c860b6d37e8c55178b60c74e0c879ebaRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset b7473553fea1 (bug 844530) for B2G test bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
3c22e7998e22325b6a2111da7c9c965595e5e18cRandell Jesup — Bug 843971: Add MediaManager function to report what a window is capturing r=smaug
e125dce45cb734475fff25e1823202b3494ccc87David Dahl — Bug 673432 - Implement window.crypto.getRandomValues for FirefoxOS r=khuey
a87453b34058710274990a26b0cecce1897eab4dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 7a79ddc7bedf (bug 834672) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
b7473553fea140debdd7574cd9d174b0507e9ab6Justin Lebar — Bug 844530 - Paper over error in BrowserElementPromptService.jsm on B2G. r=khuey
7a79ddc7bedf213d15b67f052c7bb06d36fd275dFabrice Desré — Bug 834672 - AppProtocolHandler.js should never throw r=jduell
d5cba11c8204b1edb64e62fdb95e11e727b8a424Justin Lebar — Bug 844970 - Use a grace period for all process priority downgrades. r=cjones
f3476411480a383c84e017a99af2f9222cd5ab77Joel Maher — Bug 845887 - upload new to capture recent talos changes. r=aki
4bccbdd03dea827b24802a33de75f47b7c3ffc89Marco Bonardo — Backout ac2581b910b6 (bug 823547) and f50b8afa272f (bug 820834) for bc failures in browser_aboutHome.js
e85c2b64d0ed581189e37f7d4324791fa3590c88Gary Kwong — Bug 845569 - Land tests for various bugs. r=terrence
c7cedc21bdf2ef82cbb615cfadbffaa080ef6f9aL. David Baron — Bug 404077: Adjust annotations of expected assertions.
5433594e6d4c4e34f61549852d38af1caffacd4fAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 839735 - Disable bugs/478811-*.html, 637852-1.html, 331809-1.html for intermittent scrollbar not being drawn on b2g, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB
3c7362d7d885729823263f18c331c8c582651b47Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 845785 - Disable dom/imptests/webapps/DOMCore/tests/approved/test_Range-mutations.html for intermittent crash on b2g, r=jgriffin, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB
e73692553d1f752532a30408023d272f890862f5Raymond Lee — bug 839034 - move markPageAsXXX methods to nsINavHistoryService r=mak sr=gavin
ac2581b910b6a824084c74d8e2c234d3701ff11cMarco Bonardo — Bug 823547 - Store the snippets version along with the snippets.
f50b8afa272f4bc754474fba8be3663856f154f2Marco Bonardo — Bug 820834 - Abstract about:home storage and make it async-ready.
d5ca304d657d35aa5d7a211d2047168d913e1bb8Chris Peterson — Bug 845688 - Add "Helvetica" to the en-US dictionary. r=ehsan
ecc7941f57acc8a06f7c656150250f61b82ef69cSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 816457: Make sure the Bitmap is accessed in UI thread in LWTheme. [r=mfinkle] DONTBUILD
7addb08b2e931ce2dcec8137678eaca7681ec41aSriram Ramasubramanian — Backout of 0046a607a915 due to wrong bug number. [r=me]
c24a33c1330128f2061622c5c5b3af167fea42eeJim Blandy — Bug 841998: JS GDB support: Make prettyprinters.lookup_for_objfile cope with non-SpiderMonkey objfiles correctly. r=sfink
0be161a453bed1520af5749a4e158e9331c68893Daniel Holbert — Bug 845524 part 2: Make nsSliderFrame::CurrentPositionChanged() return void instead of nsresult, since it only ever returns NS_OK. r=jwatt
b5a0506b326d62a901e40721a27a9bd613a3f654Daniel Holbert — Bug 845524 part 1: Remove unused arg 'aPresContext' from nsSliderFrame::CurrentPositionChanged. r=jwatt
e1a74396082edb2290e54cab1402645b55095b9eNathan Froyd — Bug 844146 - make JS and C++ codepaths for adding histogram values identical; r=taras
79db8bedd0aa7ffbff1ae661bbe8a49a827f0b30Nathan Froyd — Bug 844146 - add BooleanHistogram::Accumulate to properly canonicalize values for boolean histograms; r=taras
7d3714833b58d2adfd26cecc73261433faf3c483Jim Mathies — Bug 832957 - Temporarily trap zoom double tap events and send them to content. r=mbrubeck
0ad8a9bf306a2912605d7a4af3d65f4c9f95bc77Jim Mathies — Bug 832957 - Various fixes for selection due to regressions from bug 794621. r=mbrubeck
6b2a53188ca12f57115e2a3535547ff09d62d609Jim Mathies — Bug 832957 - Fix for dom bug 835175 in selection overlay. r=mbrubeck
33dd2de9984f47821ff359ad1a9159d33409cd35Jim Mathies — Bug 832957 - Remove unused copy messaging from ContextCommands.js. r=mbrubeck
a2c6dda9543e8f693629c6bbc32f203169d75336Jim Mathies — Bug 832957 - Fix selection overlay issues with context menus and touch input, and clean up Content.js elementFromPoint. r=mbrubeck
026f901ab4177471f7c37f6f71552dc58ecd0e64Brian R. Bondy — Bug 841480 - Metro sync UI changes. r=mbrubeck
e5c769a2741a28645e6d249934d0d91056df11d6Brian R. Bondy — Bug 841480 - Add Sync to Settings charm pane and move sync prefs to a new Sync panel. r=mbrubeck
fa7820b84e2fdd7e8c3105b5ef40d4f5ac8d7f61Chuck Lee — Bug 830264 - 0006. Send CDMA SMS. r=vicamo
c94decbf663f5165bb0eba9268ca87fd344c7ee1Chuck Lee — Bug 830264 - 0005. Receive CDMA SMS. r=vicamo
a4f3ab746de8867534184dc6826e19e6111c3512Chuck Lee — Bug 830264 - 0004. Refactory GSM SMS flow. r=vicamo
310f40bb3b6a8632585aa668aae1828450d28d9aChuck Lee — Bug 830264 - 0003. Add CDMA PDU helper. r=vicamo
e0dbbe8a3afc80140589e0cb7d309450ad68c010Chuck Lee — Bug 830264 - 0002. Add buffer with bitwise read/write capability. r=vicamo
6bb31f0b063ffddbb4de32a87ebf86dd870906f1Chuck Lee — Bug 830264 - 0001. Add constants for CDMA SMS. r=vicamo
8e174d6ad4a8233c8671cece922b257d76ab9881Jose Antonio Olivera Ortega — Bug 837755 - [b2g-ril] SIM is being reported as 'absent' when airplane mode is on. r=qDot
168340d9684b295392f11d5ebe9376e52179d70bMounir Lamouri — No Bug - Backout bug 375008 (6c59b73c8c4b) and re-enable test_focus.xul. r=distress
a28ab17cb0c05737acec405391f3f67d0063d5e5Mounir Lamouri — No bug - Disable test_focus.xul to fix broken test. r=me
ff43e3133f5a9cef574f9e4ff2b596849c3eae03Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 844169 - Part 3: Make sure that all callers of HTMLIFrameElement.mozbrowser have chrome privileges; r=bzbarsky
4cc81e04c718065583eb0bec03ba7d4c747b1fceMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 845743 - Support Big5-HKSCS as a separate encoding again. r=smontagu
86811c639071fa14a0045711698a60ede7fb0bc4Geoff Brown — Bug 845806 - Log robocop waitForText, waitForTest failures; r=jmaher
a7dec45d971d195b463bd5a629e384e3996d78b9Geoff Brown — Bug 844239: code cleanup in robocop BaseTest; r=jmaher
f118eb2326f7a80806d137bf760de63cb7da800eMike Hommey — Bug 444440 - Prioritize mailcap application over others in nsMIMEInfoUnix. r=bzbarsky
95d500777957227364701ae252e0ce9202046483Pranav Ravichandran — Bug 836816 - WebIDL parser should enforce spec restrictions on dictionary member types. r=bzbarsky
c87c6b23794ead3fa0da02225d3c835b2736cc6aBob Clary — Bug 845767 - Create an Autophone specific version of the robocop manifest, r=jmaher.
49f7fb2093482852942e97522ea4901b2f02c0f5Bob Clary — Bug 845770 - Change fails-if(Android) js date tests to random-if(Android), r=jmaher.
3c89126b87dea2f866a111b17582b126d863bd25Bob Clary — Bug 845778 - Skip content/canvas/crashtests/789933-1.html (bug 833371), gfx/tests/crashtests/385228-1.svg, image/test/crashtests/694165-1.xhtml for Android, r=jmaher.
055d662405a53cfab51143f69356c22fdf2c6a32Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 830247 - Make sure NEON version of some libraries gets built. r=jesup
ddd9cd9685bf2cc2a52195a510b8567856d35cdaSteven Lee — Bug 845711 - Fix EXTRA_GYP_DEFINES for arm on non-bash shells. r=ted
41458ff35cedd4cec9dd0f7ce11fa0eb48a90caeJesse Silver — Bug 833388 - Add a div to the video frame for track elements to use to display captions. r=roc
e1cab7e106c4fc167b7620ad521534b1d3340ce7Cykesiopka — Bug 267598 - Fix some comments and arg names in nsISupportsUtils.h. r=bsmedberg
ef0c622197dde770537e329973c67714d8c04dbbMounir Lamouri — Bug 766546 - Attempt to fix intermittent failures in browser_bug561636.js. r=edmorley
ebbcf3fc9240804d10da3164cad6e2612e5db3efMounir Lamouri — Bug 230474 - Bug 829606 - No longer scroll to the beginning of the editor when the value is changed in a text field. r=bz
6c59b73c8c4b908e2defbafce28b75636563da75Mounir Lamouri — Bug 375008 - Clicking a disabled element should not cause a focus change. r=Enn
f223a4961926e7feed750ea41df1466c39fef185Markus Stange — Bug 845595 - Make nsIDOMWindowUtils::selectAtPoint coordinates relative to the DWU's document. r=jimm
36b60ec153af1319f15a4ad0454ed0d8b8656218Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 845342 - Move about:memory and related dump files to the downloads dir on android. r=njn
e78cc3311ad3fda058d119a8323b1b97df344d02Robert O'Callahan — Bug 843214. Make SourceMediaStream::AddTrack/AppendToTrack/HaveEnoughBuffered/DispatchWhenNotEnoughBuffered/EndTrack smoothly handle cases where track does not exist. r=jesup