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Fri Dec 14 16:18:46 2018 +0000
a01ad4f60152ddfe5f158c4aea91c7003c7fbb33Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1489094 - Properly demangle build-specific LLVM signatures on Windows r=ted
e3d27539c265e2e34d52bd0ea9b284798ba71c98Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1511820 - clarify private browsing tabs for quit warning, r=flod
b67b31f6a81b009c2ed964d39d6b01ad15cbf620Jan de Mooij — Bug 1469082 - Always allocate CCWs in the compartment's first realm. r=jonco
f759957ac2e30e27637897af7f01e5fe0ecc22faWR Updater Bot — Bug 1514177 - Update webrender to commit 22f3f356ea1a9fe2760cd4a609cba78614e428c4 (WR PR #3407). r=kats
d43466f74cb3e0c3026903bad82283852327e57eFlorens Verschelde — Bug 1492008 - Remove devtools --theme-*-image CSS variables; r=ntim
ed1922dc3e888fd6442b2d311b75abc2b29ef593WR Updater Bot — Bug 1514019 - Update webrender to commit e9ea9d894b2a1c99dabd117ecd0597df796f8c84 (WR PR #3411). r=kats
43dffe328a3bfee80a9cfddac7a671e145bab79eJulian Descottes — Bug 1514058 - Restore color of selected about:debugging category;r=ntim
fb1b1c8b13ba1d7f691898b1e59b4a468489a344Coroiu Cristina — Backed out changeset a145a897c94c (bug 1469580) for lin failure at /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/tools/lint/wpt.yml
a145a897c94c14d74e1642d7335f1ca0efb44d8aHenri Sivonen — Bug 1469580 - Ignore charset= in <meta content> if followed by unmatched quote. r=mrbkap
5b6104d22323376144c9c60021a34407a4783d38Dão Gottwald — Bug 1514139 - Quantumbar: Allow moving the cursor by clicking in the address bar while the results popup is open. r=mak
3679d55d36ff66a52a1fd34ed502b9640c971ff9Razvan Maries — Backed out changeset 15f8b27f1305 (bug 1511557) for build bustages on a CLOSED TREE.
974da7ec60a9996bb1b864b692e478c73c87b526Marco Bonardo — Bug 1513469 - First entry in the urlbar dropdown is no longer highlighted by default. r=adw
ec4b2e77d69341eed89711561d3cbabfbb7402ddGabriele Svelto — Bug 618185 - Switch the default URL for sending crash reports to the * domain r=ted
15f8b27f13054b6c1029d2b2c47968a63cbd9c93Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1511557 - Do not leak the pipe used for sending crash annotations when hitting errors during startup r=jld
8faacdfed47bcb050f41089197a67425b706a81fmatthias — Bug 1512887 - Fix category styling by overriding button background. r=dao
38a1a2c9b3b6ade2ed09cc60078fddf776c883a4Marco Bonardo — Bug 1512523 - Limit the number of returned matches in the Quantum Bar. r=adw
4efb0957f56bbefc8ecdb9c1b75b110b49e92923Marco Zehe — Bug 1512411 - Don't expose broken label children accessibles on a XUL toolbarbutton which specifies the label attribute, r=Jamie
66a1ed62e2d80b05c408db5c7ccee073c6ba3f9aAndrew Swan — Bug 1498027 Defer window/browser creation for extension pages r=kmag
e4571515944b055e39b4d9906013af6df221ee22Matt Woodrow — Bug 1490702 - Verify values read from the input, even when we decide we don't need to draw the current command. r=jrmuizel
836f752852c5c94caf33d5c4d7e9958c43e700f5Nico Grunbaum — Bug 1495446 - fix timestamp of WebRTC RTCP stats r=jib