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Thu Jun 10 06:01:34 2010 +0000
68ec1fa60b861f69da0b28229bdad4b68dbcadeeChiaki Ishikawa — ThunderBird part of Bug 567191 - LOCAL_INCLUDES in layout/base should not be conditioned on MOZ_MEDIA. r=jst
b9f53bbd44de837f78d72566317b17a4c2fa5b75Ms2ger — Bug 566776 - Some nsINode methods defined in nsGenericElement.cpp return nsnull as an nsresult. r=jst
a0f157a6cac5db3fe5754191b7cb83c621fae031Tero Koskinen — Bug 563737 - [QT] Detect when Qt plugins enter a nested event loop. r=cjones
a3eb83c7e3864e52c946f892c1d5d7a3a503c072Colby Russell — Bug 563558 - inDOMView contentRemoved implementation doesn't take into account hidden whitespace nodes. r=roc
984f89cada7c09e1bf7f4772e045c965f3141589Oleg Romashin — Bug 558308 - More GFX optimizations needed for Image Layers. r=vlad
f9aceff48e1bbd8a0efb0ee3a06aadbb477e879aHanspeter Niederstrasser — Bug 520098 - Darwin build fails on new quota check from bug 72892 (nsLocalFileUnix.cpp). r=bsmedberg
99271495668e32d612220b4edd018bf65c2ca245Paolo Amadini — Bug 485196 - Web page generated by POST is retried as GET when Save Frame As used, and the page is no longer in the cache. r=smaug, r=gavin
31fbc861bcb9ce1cad074ce5b71c5f26598ec2b6Justin Wood — Backout disabling of browser_bug471962.js since Bug 565199 is actually fixed. rs+=gavin
34464e02b5755c1ed914bd02fdf1c8e282cfaa35Justin Wood — Bug 467051 - Introduce GLOBAL_DEPS to build system (gfx/cairo) r=vlad, feedback+=ted
536b86bfc05fe649d7e79b2a7060b79c37c18f88Justin Wood — Bug 553815. browser_Services.js and Services.jsm shouldn't fail if MOZ_TOOLKIT_SEARCH is undefined. r=gavin