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Thu Mar 14 12:21:10 2013 +0000
96af92fa87fda4ddb69cd85162996c65668bf7e1Fernando Jiménez — Bug 843309 - paymentSuccess sometimes does not appear in scope (payment window does not close); r=fabrice
fa2ffdf930beaa12b929fe04851f02dada1591e9Daniel Holbert — Bug 841827: Mark flex container frame as having a relative height, if it's abspos w/ auto-height and top,bottom both set. r=dbaron
c5e8cbefa8c822c30ba26fc697dd852d1d9093f5Makoto Kato — Bug 850957 - Update injection test for some functions. r=ehsan
8af239e2e57c6dbe7a1e013201f8b6089887891bFabrice Desré — Bug 848615 - B2G: IPC's nsStringBuffer leak r=bent
06f85e10a40c8c094ae3c029472cf4e8fd4cf84dJohn Daggett — Bug 847272 - avoid userfontset updates within font stream handling methods. r=jkew
e38d0a3fe054f8e55b900c48d9801237258ebc5fBrian Nicholson — Bug 844407 - Make Tabs thread-safe. r=rnewman,bnicholson
6bbd7ce8308e4aeaeca73b2540f557bab3905681Chris Double — Bug 848639 - Prevent DecodeHeader for Ogg Skeleton tracks from failing on valid indexes - r=cpearce
1987fe6f38d5025374a231b79ad1c28817c265a1Luke Wagner — Bug 850548 - fix ion::StackAlignment value on non-GNU (r=dvander)
f7e7835ea89a3c13b5c90e4e519a7813f1934f67Benjamin Peterson — Bug 850928 - Fix assorted JS compiler warnings. r=dholbert,dvander
7c406c24a3aebb557691e2485583a7be6c4996c1Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to inbound
3a2a6239763e3c4f7ae4be61b5d86506dca03717Dave Hylands — Back out 29230c04b932 (Bug 846670) because of broken Linux builds on a CLOSED TREE
8cbb58a451d9db220e0bbb6b086b68fc0d0ba9e6Reuben Morais — Bug 849616 - Use ObjectWrapper.jsm instead of __exposedProps__ in Settings API. r=gwagner
adc0079eeb545d0874df991463a3165047a6baeeMatt Brubeck — Bug 849819 - Enable thumbnails for HTTPS sites when disk_cache_ssl is true [r=ally]
29230c04b932cfa084a1b0afdccb4977e2bce572Dave Hylands — Bug 846670 - Initialize stackBase and stackSize properly for the main-thread when using bionic. r=billm
ac134bae8d29df6a8cbac7bb7c38a43ac0c2a045Mark Hammond — Bug 849216 - open social toolbar popup in setTimeout handler to avoid auto-rollup handling. r=felipe
bd8615bc2be53eb9f1553a5c756971aed02743feBenjamin Peterson — Bug 846984 - Prevent race conditions when USE_ZLIB is not defined. r=jorendorff
d1d5909f3d0224b8277166d6b18a13f7af4e4d00Rail Aliiev — Bug 848978 - Please generate a new Otoro, Unagi, Pandaboard and Emulator snapshot for Master branch. r=hwine
8a34d1952fe80942e6dae0e86cc1f2bce3d8c0adSteve Fink — No bug. JSScript::filename is now a function. r=woof!
df1c39f05b4623ce129b6158b64c61333acefd3aSteve Fink — Bug 850873 - Fix null-checking in JS_NewArrayBufferWithContents. r=Waldo
0b67c5f5cc01da25754e340ac964cd915d48db4eAndrea Marchesini — Bug 850346 - Change inputmode to inputMode for nsHTMLInputElement. r=bz
15e663a7ee41ada3c7970307198ee41cd51e8bd8Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 2e6f598201ce (bug 850346) because it needs a UUID change
8a1ef77e58f66e70ad83b2c409c244c9aa26f737Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset dab2619094d4 (bug 845592) because of broken browser-chrome tests on Linux
030a2c32976579849d82ecaaee3c14b1eb3e8d99Bobby Holley — Bug 849730 - Let objectClassIs through for COWs. r=mrbkap
ac31c2b64d675fdd9cf681bb283a9bdea6aa7e36David Zbarsky — Fix style on WrapNode, no bug
36094d21286a8195440b77b3238572c97bfa78c9David Zbarsky — Bug 832155: Convert SVGFEPointLightElement to WebIDL r=Ms2ger
74ff58a4b51d833f0f2b1c95731c4a4ccf9442adDavid Zbarsky — Bug 832155: Move SVGFEPointLightElement to its own file r=Ms2ger
2ef912e53996b7eaba6c65a61a5884e484417f15Joshua Cranmer — Bug 846540 - Remove dead code from mozilla-central to let comm-central build. r=Standard8, NPOTFFB.
6681cf6b14e61452bed89e1debc91f19ecedd45cOlli Pettay — Bug 847591 - Paris binding for CommandEvent, r=peterv
5cb34f00f6ae4bf8af1b1fc64b165591dfa0872bDavid Anderson — Disable PGO for ObjectImpl::nativeLookup (bug 844580, r=billm).
03c1bff644916196ca3d0a7ffee551b2ea11f2adDaniel Holbert — Bug 849407: Disable flex item style fixup for anonymous content in nsFrameManager::ReResolveStyleContext(). r=bz
f345667b192dd1dcf2c3c2a965f1c6dd48a3d383Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 850814: Align the BrowserToolbar's curves properly. [r=mfinkle]
67d0bd22fe140e12e534b22e2c1c1edae4da6b9eSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 848707: Add focused states for buttons. [r=mfinkle]
b0a6d63bdec6d310d635ceff409544b2706cfedbSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 848707: Change highlight color. [r=mfinkle]
401981c0ea5106f3b2ac986d27c428336eea0624Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 684887 part B - make a SafeMutex which should crash if you try to recursively lock it, instead of deadlocking. r=bent
625ba43c97c6c374d4dfdf9d96eeb7ae9a7c663eBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 684887 part A - Make the XPCOM component manager non-reentrant, and make sure that nsFactoryEntry.mFactory is protected by it, r=cjones
91952c264bcc3d60bbf67e5a9252f887fb15f147Avi Halachmi — Bug 749894: mochitest3: Better spec compliance, stricter test, better slack. r=bz
0fa0bb45aa57cbb9bc1b8b520f1e74fee6d169beOlli Pettay — Bug 847583 - Paris binding for MessageEvent, r=peterv
e8e539fc6d56fd3ba7358a561e885cf7307c0d4aOlli Pettay — Bug 847585 - Paris binding for UIEvent, r=peterv
c7382fcb77a45858c3fc75fa5c793caba2520b6aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 5: Implement the looping logic in AudioBufferSourceNodeEngine; r=roc
ac78a9192951fa2f0f29df4d1deb58f31f22e3baEhsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 4: Refactor the logic for borrowing the output buffer from the input buffer; r=roc
fdb8aa2f50e90044a169a1bc225cd4e25d7c6be2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 3: Set the loop parameters on AudioBufferSourceNodeEngine if looping is turned on when start() gets called; r=roc
3df9da356bdc9596a147dee15a3753b377818248Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 2: Accept the loop parameters on AudioBufferSourceNodeEngine; r=roc
f74273a94c5b2c23df7172daf7966007b4840c06Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849713 - Part 1: Add DOM bindings for AudioBufferSourceNode loop attributes; r=roc
c9bbfe4c72ff94cbca85c0e4a65b79cb73699fb6Brian Nicholson — Bug 850487 - More code cleanup (@Overrides and unused imports). r=kats
459afca0e3918c63780ea449c0d5bb77152d5abeRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
7c3e470dc0ebc1cbc52ab576b8b5a6a0fd1aad31Alessandro Decina — Bug 761018 - GStreamer video buffer handling optimization; r=cdouble
d09a98157090da0ccf0b7e15863f4ae5255adafdAlessandro Decina — Bug 760140 - rework canPlayType in the GStreamer backend; r=cdouble
baa11ab9988ce47e5574e44ae26b8a866f70ec2cAlessandro Decina — Bug 833628 - GStreamer backend has shutdown hang in content/media mochitests; r=cdouble
b65eb98101d5e0958ff4c142d9fb44ca8036bf39Lucas Rocha — Bug 818079 - Don't allow entering awesomescreen while animating (r=mfinkle)
f3fd0c85eccbb0fdf66495b4d098afd522a0833eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 849422 Allow plain text document word-wrap to be turned on after the fact r=bz
2e6f598201ce27de53c76ce8ea0f9a4cfa5a30f7Andrea Marchesini — Bug 850346 - Change inputmode to inputMode for nsHTMLInputElement. r=bz
6e8b0f074720ddb58cb8dec5ff8d0c55b6e01517Ethan Hugg — Bug 845372 - remove some debug stats from Signaling code r=jesup
896fca472831ad7e504918c62a219d393c8114e0Sean Stangl — Bug 850446 - Fix NULL deref in StartOffThreadIonCompile(). r=bhackett
dab2619094d433c76f1a7e2d3b4a97ef9357baceEhsan Akhgari — Bug 845592 - Adjust the New Window menu entries in permanent private browsing mode; r=gavin
fdc2a6bf577bfa852582cce8fc0bc07e22d0d231Frank Yan — Bug 850730 - Do not add browser handlers to about:blank. r=gavin
3dac95162a78e56901f778febb344c04f982fd31Frank Yan — Bug 849460 - Use image-rendering: crisp-edges when upscaling favicons in Awesome Bar and bookmarks menus. r=dolske
2ca452c42502fec99a24930e962e918007771868Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets da71d1eb9521 and a174d3a0ce2e (bug 848939).
2a450024df4e2d116418bcc3ec49e324e66a270aEhsan Akhgari — Bug 849995 - Build with -Wsign-compare on clang; r=glandium
e3a247547c357dde5453887cddd943762e3c0305Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e0a7ac3aee3d (bug 848939) for mochitest-1 failures on a CLOSED TREE.
0531bbbb0ee13a0af433061cf2a0c2b22b3c8be1Chris Peterson — Bug 850408 - Part 1: Remove Snow Leopard OS checks in gfx and xre. r=joshmoz
5d58b6d250d56de5196bdb84b7ddedffb3880d7fJeff Walden — Bug 843402 - Make all always-inlined methods just inline, and let the compiler choose how to optimize. r= is a wash
d0ad849d2bd0722205fc6cabdf5a70ffee535274Chris Lord — Bug 850396 - Disable single-tile paint path in BasicTiledThebesLayer. r=bgirard
738733ab166d0f48f15691191cdbd5536c3f659eHannes Verschore — Bug 848319: IonMonkey: Enable hoisting of MRegExp, r=sstangl
ba0ef31a1726be61921ffb4fe34b76093ab67743David Zbarsky — Bug 842201 - SVGUnitTypes interface object is not being instantiated r=bz
f77559dc68c39576ef59f07859139f095f009b40Daniel Holbert — Bug 850539 - Make nsSVGTextFrame2.cpp include its own header first. r=jwatt
8e9c48cb651dc87af5b3879df97e801bdd3511beAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 848999 - change topsites grid count to 8
9f39547cfab344ff0b6e98364ad9f019bff90636Hannes Verschore — Bug 850534: Various Yarr performance improvements, r=dmandelin
d97ecf9f9b842698c698d848da87dbf60c717437Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset e44bc308642a (bug 813901) and changeset 19f154ee6f54 (bug 850000) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
acad61792b530761337b2394107509a361ed564cJeff Walden — Kill off unused-function warnings for all the ICU stubs temporarily in Intl.cpp when the Intl API isn't enabled. Followup to bug 837957, r=warning-spam-up-the-wazoo
4006800a51db2d93c221b0f3863d00b50c31b28aJeff Walden — Bug 846976 - Move CallArgs into its own header for better readability. r=jorendorff, f=bz, f=bholley
f12fc82440c643a20914ac8dd4240013e8b9ddfeJeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Convert DeprecatedAbs uses on nscoord to Abs as appropriate. r=mats
de1e0f4b4db551c79f5ec13d605caf8aea3f0a7eJeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Remove DeprecatedAbs uses from the SpiderMonkey ARM backend. r=mjrosenb
b4d6dd6b06d14038ed7b11168347cbadd4315305Jeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Remove all DeprecatedAbs uses from range analysis code in SpiderMonkey, fixing a couple bugs and adding tests for those bugs. r=nbp
0780edf29bf1eae5143159433904db306c8c859dJeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Convert DeprecatedAbs uses that can relatively obviously be changd to Abs, to Abs. r=Ms2ger
1338c63a370bb2c030b73276a72eedc835eceb01Jeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Convert DeprecatedAbs overloads taking floating point (except for nscoord uses, when nscoord is optionally a floating point type) to Abs. r=Ms2ger
eb393a9ef207cc8de47d100bdc2ef7ed5a42dfd0Jeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Make mozilla::Abs return the unsigned type, for the integral types. r=bjacob
a92b863e4fbd43f3ff3bffcb14cffc3413975454Jeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Blindly convert all existing mozilla::Abs users to mozilla::DeprecatedAbs. Individualized conversions to the reformed mozilla::Abs will continue until mozilla::DeprecatedAbs is unused, at which point it will be removed. r=Ms2ger
7c26a953082dd0b861f1dcaccb700cf970c37fa7Jeff Walden — Bug 847480 - Copy the existing mozilla::Abs as mozilla::DeprecatedAbs, to allow mozilla::Abs to return an unsigned type when possible. r=Ms2ger
1b6a570e134564677d0aa9171365283e4a092e48Jeff Walden — Bug 848747 - Detect a likely-overflowing case early and bail on it. r=nbp
53d3d33713c26015e3c0a0fa28200c1b10caac75Gregory Szorc — Bug 845127 - Record Telemetry for wire size of Bagheera documents; r=rnewman
acada241cc5d43207ef1f897b7a0aa2d7b8f3531Gabriele Svelto — Bug 850607 - Properly react to changes to the 'memory.free_dirty_pages' preference. r=jlebar
62a6fba29defa98ddc5ffe811b469fe11597ccd2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 849495: LWTheme bitmap should be at least as wide as the device width. [r=mfinkle]
da71d1eb95214d5cfd263056dd1323c1449a5cfbBobby Holley — Bug 848939 - De-field marquee. r=jaws
e0a7ac3aee3dcd7954264bec00d8e402cebde0f8Bobby Holley — Bug 848939 - De-field videocontrols.xml. r=jaws,dao
a174d3a0ce2e763d59c9a6e9e364a5d8e7bc2fc7Bobby Holley — Bug 848939 - De-field scale.xml. r=jaws
e44bc308642a4528251952f1a5d7aa88498bf641Bobby Holley — Bug 813901 - Tests. r=mrbkap
19f154ee6f54284a782caaa351ca11b597e7a972Bobby Holley — Bug 850000 - Don't clobber exceptions set in security wrapper check() hooks. r=mrbkap
be29491ad188aa7edf4df08ea4d199e98dbd4298Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 846949: Cleanup browser toolbar animation. [r=lucasr]
f5f4ef33fa067bb4a3ffaa4031b476767d7ace58L. David Baron — Bug 804944, patch 2: Also condition @-moz-keyframes parsing on the animations preference. r=bzbarsky
8d62f3d758b7417d9910ea68bb3fff6f8dae81beL. David Baron — Make gAliases be just an array of ids. (Bug 849656, patch 4) r=bzbarsky
c3b5d2b711527bb399bca000d5f6260169ec05f1L. David Baron — Move enabled state for aliases from gAliases to gPropertyEnabled. (Bug 849656, patch 3) r=bzbarsky
fa369a860f47db7e3a8f8fb5b0980b4424039853L. David Baron — Move names for aliases from gAliases into kCSSRawProperties. (Bug 849656, patch 2) r=bzbarsky
e246322a8026fceba73ea329b41628d22bcc80d9L. David Baron — Add ids for CSS property aliases to the nsCSSProperty enum. (Bug 849656, patch 1) r=bzbarsky
7259179ac442df55ff9e5e5a550fcabe61bd5b36Kyle Huey — Bug 788999: Disable the test on Mountain Lion.
7190b9dd7f51d118ad1c11d57af4adb56314c19fGregory Szorc — Bug 841568 - Timer for daily data collection; r=rnewman
dc86bd63b953e39575380f904a277dc194ee59c9Brian Nicholson — Bug 835022 - Switch to correct tab when a tab is closed. r=mfinkle
d6e2267744e360128d56bce6cf2be59c75150614Bill McCloskey — Bug 846890 - Disable security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy for reftests (r=dbaron,dholbert)
2bcb4a9e46df75b22d9c5dd9d198e81dde91a95aBill McCloskey — Bug 846890 - Fix leak from cycle between parser and XULContentSinkImpl (r=smaug)
b313f1eab148659a15714b4ff24c7b0c3f64d847Bill McCloskey — Bug 846890 - Avoid check for native anonymous content when possible (r=bholley)
f54de2bc565b608bc9e7057abe1dea65fa6f3290Margaret Leibovic — Bug 772598 - Use "Site settings" instead of "Site preferences" in clear private data dialog. r=mfinkle
905682481543b7f0060aa97a6e72a6980b7d66f4Margaret Leibovic — Bug 847849 - Hostname in site settings dialog is misaligned. r=wesj
5f8529b5ffb9179f4d7e2e8e98a07bcdca2212fbMargaret Leibovic — Bug 850307 - Get rid of unused strings in r=mfinkle
0c6630dfce4cbc0537173667d825e3ca97aac0aeFernando Herrera — Bug 612331 - nsIAccessibleText getText related functions test in multiline text, r=surkov, tbsaunde
dc9c8f3f4f3b04cfe62da7ad2091c67fa74815a6Gregory Szorc — Merge mozilla-central into inbound
85a2fba45e5b623cea25b16407cbbb18279724baJonathan Watt — Bug 849524 - Avoid reflowing when <input type=range>'s thumb position needs to be updated due to its value changing. r=dholbert
0081c622b8390a6ab7730810ac6485c632f58b6dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 827347 - Allow force-downloading and installing of updates from about:firefox. r=snorp,blassey
7b65f38865b9590ded043b3f7620f799067cd048Randell Jesup — Bug 848401: switch from ReentrantMonitors and PR_Lock/Condvar to Monitor. Fix {picture:true} for desktop r=khuey,dao
b871dfb2186fb5750284d5c05771b3d7bca8292bTed Mielczarek — bug 751673 - fix Windows assertion stacks. r=dbaron
057b2bcbf33ef0d85a8fa8b93425a3136343e881Ted Mielczarek — bug 824396 - implement mach buildsymbols. r=gps
75c22901329302603466c59cbaa92f287df57a3dNathan Froyd — Bug 850377 - fix opt-only unused variable warnings in accessible/; r=tbsaunde
5ab2ea763be2e60b5b251e05e447ae4d6ae18081Mark Finkle — Bug 849211 - java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: bookmarkdefaults_favicon_support r=margaret
ee634efa5f4b4218d511a9cc918ee073fc90e793Mark Finkle — Bug 844872 - All addons and search engines present an option section even when the plugin does not have any options r=margaret
0cb671b3125b88ef9f9e88da27d5164ed4242270Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 849916 - Part 4: Don't rely on things still being around when we run PannerNode's dtor, use a weak pointer instead; r=roc
8f91725a3005c7da6e2d794615869c39909e57beAlexander Surkov — Bug 845134 - enable focus logging for accessible/focus/test_focusedChild.html
ceb7ccdb7a30e470da2365e029a5251c8456980fJim Mathies — Bug 850422 - remove some old fennec cruft from content.css. r=mbrubeck
4dd54f8f80f4043c9191b76118575771b1c782f1Mike Hommey — Bug 850625 - Remove MOZ_DEB_TIMESTAMP from r=ted
80944f3666425d534cb92126d30744bce90feca7Mike Hommey — Bug 848770 - Choose the best compression settings automagically for seekable zstreams (szip). r=nfroyd
bbde2235d308bda9d99cb1da8d8accbca59b214bRobert Longson — Bug 849688 - Crash with getStartPositionOfChar when argument is out of range. r=dholbert
b9c6db9049cd9fc49a8b6bde9182e2dace137478William Lachance — Bug 816694 - Add support for device temperature monitor to agent;r=jmaher
4ba9f5462656ce191564a58c05e4c1c11e8c93c5Jim Mathies — Bug 844362 - Don't invoke various interfaces during shutdown if GetActivationFactory for a interface fails (crashfix). r=tabraldes DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
43412c1b770bb5b0e696c8bdeeda9b49f45b3b85Jim Mathies — Bug 844362 - commit backout changes. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
8ec75663a560ae63bb1a8c569f58db297c9df119Jim Mathies — backout 7416ba3eb977 due to a bad bug number in the commit message. DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
3c3f560a2a5caa2c4171c3baa2ab3e5c188c15ddEd Morley — Backed out changeset 34f280f8fea5 (bug 849524) for crashes on a CLOSED TREE
0a02276859d1d0d90755641330db0a6b91d5966eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 1c19d2a03d90 (bug 827446) for packaging bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
d50cbeebba114de414996b7de2851ef3edabcb88Alexander Surkov — Bug 849496 - crash in mozilla::a11y::DocManager::RemoveListeners, r=tbsaunde
fd51fe9f7236edcca21bbb9c0e6e567cee2eb2d5Julien Wajsberg — Bug 836708 - [B2G RIL] Validate the numbers that are passed from SMSManager.send. r=vicamo
6ce961aa9996a39389d6842ab792d4225e906a93John Daggett — Bug 849976 - use HTTP(..) for reftests that require it. r=dholbert
ed808dbcf9512fd23d9f8956b828187afd87274cRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
34f280f8fea54a6f2e3349f0fa4daf4503433086Jonathan Watt — Bug 849524 - Avoid reflowing when <input type=range>'s thumb position needs to be updated due to its value changing. r=dholbert
08449d84f18d853488788a239372530ea851d6c1Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 849955 - Put the quit menu item back for non-touchscreen devices on ICS and up. r=sriram
1c19d2a03d900cef52914ff4c9d4306bd173c508Joel Maher — Bug 827446 - update mochitest, reftest, xpcshell to use mozcrash. r=jhammel
281971e111cd586f632c8ead7a01726ab29684c3Jonathan Kew — bug 844604 - default to auto devPixelsPerPx setting on windows. r=jimm