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Tue Nov 13 16:29:34 2012 +0000
d56d537a1843c0b5d8e112d1a2dc301e4728e054Ed Morley — Backout bcb591d32bd6 (bug 809674) on suspicion of breaking B2G marionette-webapi
246c565c9da975309db53bbf2aa3e67eb74d7366Masayuki Nakano — Bug 805767 part.3 Remove hack for bug 496360 r=roc
1f4c0a90aa2c39370dde7951d89f31b4eb63f5ecMasayuki Nakano — Bug 805767 part.2 Implement nsIWidget::GetIMEUpdatePreference() on Windows for TSF r=emk
cc77a4ed08bdb8e4c1753aeb62eeda3e501ada78Masayuki Nakano — Bug 805767 part.1 nsTextStateManager should use nsIWidget::GetIMEUpdatePreference() instead of the result of nsIWidget::OnIMEFocusChange() r=smaug
2543054f04d984b1ffb1afc1541e5a17cde14c86Ed Morley — Bug 798848 - Disable test_MozEnteredDomFullscreen_event.xul on OS X for intermittent failures
631a985ea362f51a03cf54196872af795e79ccb1Ed Morley — Backout 55a71c654aac (bug 798848) since wrong platform
55a71c654aacfb0a2dc04c88eb3f968b78cf6ca8Ed Morley — Bug 798848 - Disable test_MozEnteredDomFullscreen_event.xul on Linux for intermittent failures
0489f7174ead959aa047649d6c95aa156fb8bd90Ed Morley — Bug 728834 - Disable scrolling/fixed-text-1.html on Linux for intermittent failures
93461546766e6192b7ca11a77f421587bda284b2Hannes Verschore — Bug 806298: Follow-up fix to unregress kraken-dft, r=jandem
51533e35127de613651c32689220f0b354a2c347Jacek Caban — Bug 810262 - Updated libsoundtouch to r160 r=padenot
470acc9eaa36c312a0ac712243801d74ef7411e8Hannes Verschore — Bug 806298: Disable recompile check for constructing JM calls, r=dvander
92cb4a2c1ed4d51eb37d9ccf467fa7abacdd5772Boris Zbarsky — Bug 810618. Make sure we don't allow layout statics to go away while we're still trying to use them. r=khuey
2378c3dd095d6a27e5ae93a2f8bfbdabb8098045Boris Zbarsky — Bug 810520. Correctly handle static methods and attributes in the NativeProperties structs that Xrays use. r=peterv
a1e3296bcd218d8e284e800acbe71325eaeab0b1Gavin Sharp — Bug 811102: bustage fix #3 :(
d55265a9730401d794c02f029507b551c0109c67Mike Hommey — Bug 809806 - Make more importable. r=ted
6d47e2bedc07475b59f32cbc49dc30f70e0116f6Mike Hommey — Bug 809803 - Move strip flags in STRIP_FLAGS. r=khuey
2b31de6440468683e51c55314fd81ac34d1d6cb9Mike Hommey — Bug 809798 - Don't use BOTH_MANIFESTS. r=pike
a06a34a849551211c9352c79d09678f31faa1e06Gavin Sharp — Bug 811102 followup #2: add some clean up to tests from bug 804910 exposed by the fix for bug 811102, r=markh
a2cdd1e642672e54533648fabb01c2f4a20c4122Alexander Surkov — Bug 807911 - whittle mutation events processing, r=tbsaunde
34903538f4588b0f6174970bfb1d64a592ad30a7Chia-hung Tai — Bug 788441: Add alphanumeric parsing. r=vyang
24babe39cd7e49b531f003478eab98f9e29060bcPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
76509d0847ecdc30ccf1cbc9b8cabe8866a1efbbJonathan Griffin — Bug 810517 - Check for valid listenerWindow, r=mdas
cab9c764a898e00de2c7242ccafe537d41b49f5bGavin Sharp — Followup to bug 811102's followup
2e23d71714b4be422335257351615c7d4454396eGavin Sharp — Bug 811102 test followup: terminate worker to avoid leak, r=markh
359b234648375ba78bc4135ef18a314f1a65c310Mark Hammond — Bug 807935 - social chatbar should be hidden in full-screen mode. r=jaws
f60b494448f881a35c5a1d7806bdd2aabb8d436dRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out de9fff3a523, c567df2244f5, 8e3d976d5dc5, and c7499faaec23 (bug 800915) for bustage.
cd854e9fe7c1261507c8c0de712bdddbdb1898f4Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 810933 - Fix regression in bug 809199 caused by incorrect order of parameters. r=Cwiiis
039875aeaf2b4d6c7096a38eec630e5b6f2b74c5Jonathan Griffin — Bug 811175 - Don't install mozbase packages from github, r=whimboo
0e05ac6ac23d0d71ecdd304c3bb0300e13a3d734Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 809603. Simplify border radius drawing. r=roc
34e2424d10442b234b713f04b596c884160753d7John Schoenick — Backout e12e84a82fa3 (Bug 787778) for orange
85b3e7667edc32526740f1391709b730d63f6ba5Shane Caraveo — Bug 811102: fix two bugs with worker reloading, r=gavin/markh, tests by markh/gavin
0d124d4f28b0d3365ae7c4ec0ab4b2a99e399405Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 757593: update NSPR to NSPR_4_9_4_BETA1. Also includes the fixes for
de9fff3a523240b175c0aca822911011b926d64dBobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Remove the cx parameter and simplify various APIs. r=sfink,bz
c567df2244f59d53a71467afa461a12adad8ba7fBobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Reimplement PUNCTURE consumers in terms of isSafeToUnwrap() and remove PUNCTURE API. r=mrbkap
8e3d976d5dc5c0029cf810a83f7f5bcecf0aeac9Bobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Add infrastructure to flag security wrappers as unsafe to unwrap. r=mrbkap
c7499faaec23ae05c3031ae248f5f8a5d8d313a3Bobby Holley — Bug 800915 - Clarify and refine the semantics of SecurityWrapper so that it is used if and only if unwrapping is unsafe. r=mrbkap
8c5ad849146fdb57760cda69cf11bea0f8b92c33Makoto Kato — Bug 810661 - Turn off PGO of Ctypes.cpp. r=khuey
e997348bdeaa20335a2fbd1169166055a6f830abAndrew McCreight — Bug 792090 - Ignore unused result in CGProxy...PresenceChecker. r=bz
0c3592db8b447ac3a6a6dba2e0fa0f7434e5bb96Jed Parsons — Bug 811095 - (Re)enable identity modules. r=benadida
c958c734e3d3580033d33fb406db26e53c646c94Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
e08357289bedc9c2ba253c7d5b3b82ac40402624Kannan Vijayan — Bug 803730 - Fix boxing of object input in instanceOf checks. r=sstangl,dvander
e12e84a82fa34d7da870b700c04ea7bc09a08c18John Schoenick — Bug 787778 - Add test. r=josh
3de447b1c39655778504203e2b3e8547b726d199Chris Peterson — Bug 785663 - Wait for keyboard to stop resizing before scrolling text input into view. r=djf a=blocking-basecamp+
bcb591d32bd65872c8ed7fe46fdbc4a3d6467f89Bobby Holley — Bug 809674 - Fail at call time when invoking an XPCWrappedJS method with [implicit_jscontext] or [optional_argc]. r=mrbkap
9d13fb8bd7f5187a0d76380d619e56e45d2e69e4Bobby Holley — Bug 810743 - First check for pending exceptions, _then_ examine the invoke result. r=mrbkap
2ee6655b6da14dc23eed51bb26f680a1b310dcd2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 811132 - Avoid some wasted space by making XPT arena chunks bigger. r=khuey.
26c2e6c1c22e157ec05625d42929bef364fb4204Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 810764 - Catch and handle various exceptions that can be thrown if the user pinches in a narrow window before Gecko is ready. r=jwir3
ae60a01fc2626590b5d01976f25ab22c58228ffcEitan Isaacson — Bug 810372 - don't add app urls to utterances. r=davidb
543413e0df7007b2b516f401cbfaef7d9589c7dfEitan Isaacson — Bug 810359 - Introduce haptic feedback. r=davidb
908a6c66f03dcb807889e19de3818368cd357ad5Eitan Isaacson — Bug 810364 - Use startX as current X in touch adapter. r=davidb
7c4212c1e583c7b154a6bcc4a4fa2ee1c9dc35adLuke Wagner — Bug 810192 - don't require a default constructor for Hash{Map,Set}; only construct objects for live elements (r=terrence)
866e9c7d656d7a95c564fbd24b40a6da0ef5d442Bill McCloskey — Bug 810560 - Followup (r=luke)
a10481c78d8e4d4a179b25f4aab47c3dec9c2a4cBill McCloskey — Bug 810560 - Fix scheduledForDestruction assertion (r=luke)